Facebook press: Going for the best

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The Facebook press release that is also known as social media news release is a way to release some update or news about anything. It can be related to your products, your promotions or about any news that you want to share with everyone out there. Well, it is different from a typical press release as social media has a huge audience including publishers, customers, journalists and bloggers so it is published in a different format. This format is specifically designed for the social media, and it can be shared, tweeted, commented on and pinned too!

The Facebook press release can contain facts about any social media campaign, quotes, details about any upcoming event and new contests. The format can also have images and videos as well as there can be back links to the websites that release this social media press release. Hence, all the components of this press release connect back to the original place from where the release generated. The press release is a great social media marketing tool which can be used rightly for sharing messages and products not only with your followers and customers; but also with a lot more people who are not even your regular visitors. It is considered to be the best way to release any news update because it is the right way, and online businesses rely on these press releases.

If you have decided to release a social media press for promoting your new product or any event, you must understand that writing an effective press release is the most important step that determines the overall success of your campaign. It does not matter whether it is Facebook press release or a traditional one as if your audience is not getting the exact message you are trying to deliver, there is no benefit of releasing it. So if the content is not informative and targeted to the right audience, the Facebook press release will be a complete failure. It must not contain the original story that you have on your blog or website, but it should carry the complementary content for promoting and advertising your voice to the outer world. Your social media release is meant for three types of Internet users, which are;

  1. Bloggers
  2. Journalists
  3. Individual customers

So now you should be ready to write a press release for your social media networks using the right tools and elements. Having a basic understanding of traditional releases can make your learning process quicker in terms of social media release.

So the basics social media release must include following parts;

A brief headline and secondary headline

The main purpose, of creating a headline, is to tell your customers and bloggers about the theme of your press release. It should not be too lengthy, and it must focus on few keywords. Adding a secondary headline is always optional, and if you think you can skip it, you should skip it. However, when the information is not enough to be fitted in the main headline, a secondary headline is necessary for your readers.


A small summary

This part of your Facebook press release should contain a summary of your press release. The main reason behind the idea of releasing this document, and it must not be lengthier than two paragraphs. Don’t forget to use right keywords and phrases and avoid idle sentences.

Facts and figures

The next part is of the facts about the press release that is also the body of the document. This is the main meat of your social media release. It is suggested to talk to the point and don’t lose track while covering the three W questions; why, who and where! You can add bullets to keep the reading easy and, in addition, a link to the company’s official profile and social media channels can be included. This is beneficial to the readers who are not customers can also read your release and find you quickly.

Add tags and backlinks

As the optimization cannot be overlooked while dealing with social media, so you must not forget adding quality back links to your company’s profile and blogs and most importantly your Twitter Tags!

Your bios

This is the last and no doubt the most important of any social media press release. Add your company name, your mailing address and your social media channels, as well as your official blog at the end of the document. Make sure you write them in exact spelling as when people will search you on search engines, they can land directly on your page and social media network. Don’t lose this opportunity to grab more followers and customers by making spelling mistakes.

So these were the essential elements of an efficient and successful social media press release. However, you must consider some more factors while writing content and all the details. If you do not care for the pitfalls, your release can go directly into deleted folders of your audience! Your release should never focus on the company that you are dealing with. It must not brag about the products or the services offered by your business as you must give your customers a chance to visit your website and get to know about available services on their own. So if your release has everything and the content is full of advertising, don’t expect bloggers and journalists to visit your website more than once.

Social media are entirely different from electronic media so if you expect your Facebook press release to work wonders for you like that of electronic media press releases, you are way expecting too much!