Facebook and Twitter—The Best Ways to Generate Traffic


These days printed advertisements and traditional marketing techniques have become quite old fashioned. Many companies are looking for new avenues for promoting their business. Social media is becoming largely popular amongst people and it is creating more engagement. There are many applications and networks for advertising your business but nothing can beat social media. Two of the most used platforms used for marketing is Twitter and Facebook. They are really beneficial to generate traffic and business. You can utilize both platforms to enhance the amount of traffic and engagement. Both of them attract different types of clientele so you have a larger range of exposure.

The main thing you have understand is that Twitter and Facebook cannot work by themselves, there is no automatic way of generating traffic. You have to run it by yourself or by your trusted admin. You can hire someone to run these pages for you but one thing should be kept in mind it should seem personal. Personalization is the key for building and maintaining relationships on both the platforms. It shouldn’t seem like you have opened a shop and want the users to buy your products.

Now let’s discuss Twitter and Facebook in detail



Twitter is basically viral and it leads to better traffic. You can look at other businesses only by seeing what your friends have shared on Facebook. Tweets are public and available to all unless someone has set their profile to be completely private.

One thing Twitter has made easier is targeting the followers you want to view your content. Many companies skim their followers and separate their customers from fans because customers will buy their products and fans will re-tweet their posts. it is also good to spreading the word around.

Twitter is becoming very popular for people who are looking for certain goods and services. Twitter has the capability to enable certain keywords and mentions them which are seen by client who are requesting the service.

Now there are downside of Twitter for example you can enter only 140 characters per tweet that is a limitation and you have to summarize your message in these 140 characters which is a daunting task. If you are posting little messages, blurbs or updates that’s fine but sometimes you need more space to get your message through to your readers. On the other hand, you cannot form a personal relationship on Twitter the reason behind is basically the same 140-character rule. You cannot befriend someone when you have such limited space to get your message through. You have to become straight forward and very professional. Twitter is also prone to spam, people create fake Twitter accounts and will follow you hoping you will follow them back. It might look good on Twitter that you have thousands of followers but if half of them are fake they are of no use. You want real customers to read your message and visit your website, these followers have no purpose except you get to show that you have thousands of followers.



Facebook is really effective if you are looking for real engagement from fans and followers. You can give advice with your reviews and comments. This will attract the attention of more users and a thread of engagement will start helping your business in many ways. People will start sharing your content and commenting on your posts, you will get more likes and followers.

If you post an update about your upcoming product and people will anticipate it. Facebook is very good with advertising and you can actually get real followers instead of Twitter where most people purchase followers. Facebook targets the audience based on their demography. Facebook analytics will get you an insight of your audience and you can plan your advertisements around it. You can see what is the highest time for traffic of your users and which age group should you target for example if you find out that your audience is teenage girls because you share pretty backpacks you know that you have to make your ads chicer and updated. No one likes seeing outdated ads on Facebook.

Facebook app are getting more popular and the most used apps these days. The developers make useful apps which are mostly free of cost and business owners can use them to their benefit. The kind of apps ranges from analytical to user engagement apps. You can easily search for them and can use them to your benefit.

Facebook also is a video friendly platform, businesses and people upload their videos and it goes off viral overnight. Which means a certain boost in business as an example in January a video of Turkish butcher had become popular who sprinkles salt on the food in a fancy way. His restaurant got really popular and got a lot of exposure. Now he is being visited by famous celebrities and athletes. All this done overnight by the grace of viral video. There are thousands of example of people gotten famous by videos and Facebook is responsible for it. The thing you will notice once your login to your Facebook account is a ton of advertisements and some with really misleading headlines. You might notice that advertisement is more to be seen on Facebook than Twitter. The more the ads on a platform the more it is prone to spams. Now the consumers are becoming aware of spams and avoid clicking on these random links. Facebook has very strict business page rules, one you have established a page you have to follow the rules otherwise your page will be flagged. If you post unnecessary and excessive ads Facebook will monitor your page and might ban you from Facebook. Another thing you have to consider that it is quite difficult to get real ‘Likes’ to get real likes you have to run several ads or wait for a real customer to search you on Facebook. Facebook is very popular to promote your brand by using word of mouth. You just have to follow the rules set by Facebook.