Facebook Video and YouTube: Which is better for Video Marketing?

Facebook and YouTube are two most famous social media networking sites. I doubt that there is anyone who does not about these two sites. Today almost everyone uses them for many different purposes. YouTube is a well known video sharing site on which the users all around the world upload view or share different types of videos. Facebook on the other hand is one of the most used social networking sites. It has recently launched its video features too. In this article I will tell you all about them.

Facebook’s Trickery

Facebook just started its video features a while ago. Since then it is working hard and making its way to promote its video features so that more and more people get attracted towards it and start using it. Facebook has set their video standards so simple and easy so that a maximum number of people use it to upload and promote their videos. You can create and upload different type of videos like your personal videos, your businesses promotional videos, musical videos, video advertisements and many others. In addition to this Facebook has also set up some initial amount which you have to pay if you want to create and display some promotional video like advertisements on it. These are categorized as the premium videos.

These premium videos are basically the form of advertisements which many companies or businesses use in order to advertise their stuff. The rate of these premium videos is frantically very high. So comparatively these premium ads are mostly used by the large companies having high resources. Facebook earns quite a lot of revenue by offering the premium ads to the companies and businesses. Apart from the premium ads there is another option which you can use. And that is the normal video marketing. These types of Facebook videos work the same way like the other general videos or as a normal Facebook PPC having a video view objective as well.

Approaches of Advertising

YouTube and Facebook are considerably two different social networking sites. Due to this fact these two sites differ in various aspects from each other.

If you are planning to advertise your stuff on your YouTube account then there are many ways of doing it. The first and the most effective way to promote your business or brands on YouTube is by posting promotional videos on your YouTube account. Nowadays you might have seen many companies including the large as well as the small ones post different videos including commercial advertisements.   This is a great mean of attracting a lot of audiences.

On Facebook you can advertise your business or brands by using traditional PPC ads or by using their premium video ads which is also an effective way of promoting your products and also a way of attracting a maximum number of audiences.

Difference in Advertising Styles

I don’t know whether you might have witnessed the fact that how people use both these social platforms that are Facebook and YouTube. Well if you are not aware then I must tell you that it is one of the major differences among both these famous social platforms.

Let’s talk about YouTube first. Most people consider YouTube as a mixture of home theater and jukebox. And they use it the same way too. Apart from this there are some users who just like to hear different type of music or songs on YouTube. For this purpose these users create their own playlist and add different songs in it too. Then they keep that playlist in the background and listen to the listed songs whenever they want. Then there are some of those users who pass their time using YouTube. I guess that such type of users find YouTube as a best partner with whom they pass their time. These people find YouTube so interesting that they spend unlimited hours in searching for different videos or contents and watch them.

As you know that on YouTube you can type a keyword to search for a particular video and as a result numerous videos appear on your screens having fairly the same keywords. So as a result of this people spend their time watching these related videos one after the other. In addition to this YouTube also has a variety of movies and full series. Many people prefer watching them too.


Regardless of all the above facts everyone who visits YouTube stays there and spends their time to watch different videos. I am not talking about what type of videos they prefer watching but here I am focusing on the rising number of viewers who come to YouTube and watch different videos. YouTube is undoubtedly considered as a time investment tool. You just need to open up your YouTube app and there you go.


Facebook, on the other hand is quite different from YouTube in many ways. This particular social networking site is all about providence and innovation. On Facebook you will not find any type of video library or any video search options. This is a major difference that you will find among both the social channels that are YouTube and Facebook. Rather for watching any video or any of your favorite contents you need to visit different related pages for that.

I have seen many users who search different pages on Facebook just hoping to find any interesting or new video to watch. I cannot guarantee you about it that every time you can find a new video on different Facebook pages on which you search. The Video trend has become quite famous on Facebook these days. Despite of this fact videos are still considered as the secondary factor when it comes to Facebook.


Which video site is better among the two?  Of course, both of these hold a significant place so I am not able to conclude which one is better. It just related to the purpose for which you are using them. These may include your business preferences, your message, your budget, and your video contents and so on.