Facebook vs. Google+

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In this current age of the internet and social media, the competition among online brands and companies has become tougher. Now online brands compete against each other to get more followers or fans on Facebook or Twitter profiles. Social media networks are being used by almost all of the brands and businesses that are present on this planet. Using these websites, you can promote your business, connect with your customers, advertise your products and increase your sales. The importance of social media cannot be undervalued as it has emerged as a powerful marketing tool for businesses.

Social media websites allow businesses to use these platforms according to their needs. If you want to promote your business using images, you can create an Instagram or Facebook profile. If you think videos are beneficial for marketing of your products, you can join Vine or YouTube for promotion of your videos and to get more viewers. If you want to keep it simple and precise, Twitter will be there to help you out. Hence, every web site has its features, and you can use them accordingly. In between all these social media websites, you cannot ignore the importance of Google +. Google recently introduced this social media platform for its loyal users and since then; it has been improving and developing in many ways.

Google + is a social media channel that provides you all the features present in other social websites. It can help you to connect with your customers effectively. It allows you to use YouTube to share your videos. You can share photos, blog posts and anything that you want to share; just by using this simple Google + button. People have been comparing two social media giants; Google + and Facebook for the past year. Well, both of these websites have their features and qualities, and both are unique but they serve the same purpose for all businesses out there; that is to advertise and promote effectively.

There are some similarities between Google + and Facebook too, like both have mobile messengers versions for Android and iPhone. Both offer marketing opportunities to online businesses, and you can advertise using paid ads using both of these websites. So, you can say that for an effective marketing strategy for your online business, you should use both of these social media websites.

How is Google + better than Facebook in managing your business and customers?

Well, Google is the biggest search engine present right now, so the Google + users might have some advantages over users of other social media websites. It is a fact that Google prefers content and videos that are shared via Google +, and you can notice that by searching for any keyword for a video on Google. You will get the results like, YouTube videos will be shown at the top, whereas the videos from Daily motion or Vine will be shown in bottom results. So Google + users could use this preference to have a better search engine ranking for their videos and content shared via Google-owned websites like Google + and YouTube.

The Google circles are another feature of Google + which allow online users to add specific people to specific categories that are called circles. You can create your customized circles like a circle for your customers, a circle of your personal contacts, a circle for your employees and a lot more. This way, you could easily use Google + to manage all of your contacts and customers in one place. There is no need to make extra and separate accounts for every category when you are using Google +.

Unfortunately on Facebook, you need to make pages or groups for every category of people that you want to add. For your customers, you should have an active fan page on Facebook. For your employees and dealers, you will need to have a separate group or Facebook page that you can use just for communicating with them. So you will have to create separate segments in the form of groups or pages on Facebook. So in this feature, Google + is better than Facebook as it does not need you to create a separate page for a different category. You can manage everything on your Google + using the same profile; but different circles.

How Google + is better for online communication?

The best chat messenger of Google +, which is also known as Hangouts is amazing in its features. You can add up to 10 users from your contacts on Hangouts at a same time. You can video chat with them too! Facebook does not allow you to add ten people on a group video chat. The video chat and group chat is also complex and not simple like Hangouts. So in this matter, again Google + wins!

How Google + advertising are better than Facebook ads?

Facebook has recently started paid advertising, and you can advertise your online business and services using paid ads on Facebook. These ads target audience demographically, which means that you can target your potential audience according to your location, interests, and other factors. While advertising with Google +, you have the advantage of advertising your business all around the internet as Google ads are shown on every website and search results that are created using Google. So, you can say that Google ads are offered to a bigger audience as compared to Facebook ads. The cost of advertising is also an important factor to consider before investing your money. So, you can invest in Google ads to save money as they are cheaper than Facebook ads.

Well, this comparison does not make much sense as Google + is a social media website that is created with a purpose of advertising and connecting with the audience and the developers already knew the market terms. Well, in case of Facebook, this website was developed for sharing and caring, and it added the feature of advertising and marketing later. So there is a difference in mindset of developers of both of these websites.

Right now, Google + is more effective and bigger than Facebook in its marketing benefits but who knows when Facebook could cross it in the future.