Facebook and YouTube Videos how to Equate Level of Engagement



Previously, Facebook took an initiative to present different videos with a touch of their own flavor. At first they gave permission to some of the selected users to do different type of experiments with the videos. When they got some success, they opened their platform for all the users to create their pages, profiles and other things.

In this regard Facebook made up their mark among the other social media channels. It also overpowered You Tube channel in terms of videos. According to most users, the videos on Facebook got more views that the ones on You Tube which have become helpful in engaging a large number of users.

Millions of people use both these channels in order to view different videos including news, information, videos, images and many other things. Both these channels hold their unique place.

Facebook emerged as one of the most famous social media channel. In the mid of year 2016, an average of over 3.9 billion video views were made by the audience. There are a total of over a billions of active users on monthly basis.

This number is still increasing from time to time. You Tube on the other hand is considered as one of the great social media channel which is also the first massive site that is owned by Google. There are over a billion of users on You Tube as well. The You Tube fame can be seen by the fact that the videos posted on You Tube gets around 5 billion views on daily basis.

Facebook is also famous for its other available features than the videos. Many businesses tend to use it for their marketing purpose for which they create different type of short videos and then post them. Similarly, they post different types of images, contents etc. on the new feed. The videos on Facebook are considered as a secondary option which the users use for marketing.

If we consider YouTube, we can see that it primarily focuses only on the videos. You can find any type of video on You Tube in no time. Their videos are of a good quality and can be accessed easily. There are number of videos that are posted by individuals, businesses or any random users. From old to new videos, there is everything you can find on this particular channel.

 What to Know About YouTube and Facebook Videos  

You Tube and Facebook holds a unique place among the existing social media channels. You Tube is famous and useful for watching or uploading different kind of videos whereas on Facebook is a channel where you can share your videos with others. Moreover, the videos that you share on Facebook are averagely somewhat shorter in length but on the other hand the videos that you create and upload on the You Tube channel are not. Similarly, there are a number of different characteristics which you can find among both the social media channels. If we consider the previous time in the year 2014, an average of 44 seconds was the actual length of a video that you posted on Facebook.

This average length is somehow considered as a short one as compared to the videos that are available on YouTube. There are a number of reasons behind this. One of the major reason behind this is the increasing number of mobile phone users who watch different types of videos on their mobile phones that are uploaded on their Facebook page.


The major drawbacks of the mobile phone users who watch the videos on their mobile sets are the video loading duration, the mobile data caps, the issue of low bandwidth etc. and many similar types of issues. these issues create a hassle for the viewers who want to load and see the videos on their mobile phones. In addition to these the mobile phone users mostly do not have the time to load and then watch the videos that comprise on a long duration. So, as a result, a large number of audience prefer the videos that are shorter in length. These shorter length videos are preferred by the mobile phone users as well. This is because these videos are easy to load and then quick to watch rather than spending time on watching the lengthy videos.

One of the important feature of the videos that are uploaded on the Facebook channel is that those videos play automatically on the Facebook news feed. Even if you want to view the particular video or not. It will auto play when you scroll down onto your newsfeed. Whereas, on the You Tube channel, you will have to specifically click on the video which you want to view. It will not be played automatically on the You Tube channel.

An important thing that you must note here is that on Facebook, the “views” are calculated when any of the video is played for a longer duration than three seconds. Many people consider it as a low scale to measure the views of the audience that can be achieved by any video that is posted on the Facebook news feed.

Many people have a great concern on the fact that is related to the auto play of the videos on Facebook. As in recent times, the Facebook claims that they have got up to four billion views of people in total. On the other hand, the video ads that are paid by the marketers mark a view after passing the 10 second view duration. This measurement is somewhat accurate when calculating the view of the audiences.

As a large number of people scroll their newsfeed on Facebook. They watch the video that is auto played on their page. In this way the duration of 1-10 seconds video play time passes by easily. So when this specific duration passes by a view is counted by the Facebook.

On the other hand, You Tube focus more on the videos. The video is needed to be clicked in order to view it and also to mark a view of the audience.

Facebook’s content-serving algorithm also exists to serve the “best” videos to individuals based on their usage. For example, when a user watches a video on a social media channel it shows that they are interested in the content of the video. Any other similar content like this would be preferred by the users they will want to see more of the related posts on their Facebook news feed. All these aspects are influenced by advertising, targeting, and EdgeRank metrics.

One of the important aspect of using Facebook is that it accurately records the data of the audiences as well as of businesses. Here the videos are not an exceptional thing. Among the available social media channels or websites, Facebook has the highest rank in maintaining the accurate data. Social media channels like the Google Analytics are not that accurate when it comes to the accuracy of data. Similarly, if we talk about You Tube, the maintaining and providing of the data lacks in accuracy.

Apart from this, in terms of videos if we talk about some of the drawbacks of Facebook, we can see that the EdgeRank feature just get increased in no time. For example, if any one creates a good video or content to post on Facebook, that particular video or content is shared by many different people to the other.


In this way the particular video or content spreads quickly. On the other hand, if anyone creates a bad video or content to post on Facebook, it can spread quickly. As a result the users will give their negative response to the video creator. In this way the image of a particular video creator will decrease and they will have to work much harder in order to achieve their position among the Facebook audience.

From this point we can conclude that Facebook channel is a one of a hard platform for a newbie content or video creator. It will help to make a place among the audience if they create low level videos.

So, the newbies must focus on creating some high standard videos. That are able to attract a large number of audiences. This is because the videos that you create in the start of your business. They are really important to build up numerous followers on Facebook.

In addition to this, if we consider the other available social media channels. They are also not as easy as one thinks in order to get a good startup platform. As like Facebook, the other channels are also a hard platform for a newbie. You Tube is an example of this.

Due to a strong competition among businesses, many marketers are emerging who are aware of different useful marketing tactics. In this way they use the social media channels as their platform from where they can emerge effectively. and make their position. You can search many different contents or videos that are posted on both the channels that include the You Tube or Facebook.

The audiences give preference to the older videos that were posted some while ago. Similarly, the audiences also prefer the videos which have more engagement rate. This includes the likes, shares or comments of different users. Apart from the new videos that are uploaded on the social media channels having good content or accurate information. People prefer the older ones more.

Let’s cut to the chase and compare engagement level between these two platforms exclusively regarding video.If we compare the two social media channels that are Facebook and You Tube. We can conclude that both these channels are different from each other. Both these channels differ in their features as well as their ways of working.

Many researches and case studies have been done in view of both the channels. In view of those case studies, if we consider the paid ad viewership the performance of You Tube. YouTube has been graded as less accurate than that of Facebook. It is because on You Tube, the cost of videos is more. The videos get less impressions, receive less reviews and they are also not up to the mark.  Whereas, on Facebook the paid ad viewing is considered as one of the best among all social channels.

What you should use for marketing, Facebook or YouTube ?

As for the marketing purpose, you can use Facebook as well as YouTube. Both these channels are considered as a good platform for marketing. A number of users prefer Facebook but on the other hand, those users also prefer You Tube for watching videos. You can post different videos including music videos, movie trailers, entertainment videos, commercials and many others. Nowadays, you also have the option of posting the embedded videos on You Tube. These embedded videos are highly supported by You Tube in consideration of speed and viability. Whereas, the embedded videos are not allowed on Facebook.

If you intend to post short and informative videos, you can post them on Facebook as well as on You Tube. It will have a great impact on the followers because they will be able to view on either channel that they want.

Whenever you intend to create and post a video that is time-sensitive. Facebook can be a good option for in this case. This is because the old videos are not considered as important on Facebook. These videos  lose their value after some time. The audience on Facebook prefers short term videos. Whereas, on You Tube older videos are considered as valuable.

Moreover, if you are producing lengthy videos, then You Tube is the best available option for you. The You Tube audience prefers lengthy videos. On the other hand, lengthy videos are not preferred on Facebook.

Posting the videos on both You Tube and Facebook will help in attracting a large number of audience. This audience can be from different target groups. In this way you will be able to get a large number of audience. As well as fame out of both the social media channels.