How Fake Twitter Followers Can Ruin Your Profile

Everyone knows how damaging it is for your Facebook Profile to purchase Fake likes. They are usually bots or from Clickfarm that charge you for the useless likes and nothing good can be obtained from this. You get audience which is non-existent and doesn’t engage in your posts.

Another reason fake likes are bad on Facebook is their procedure of organizing who gets to view your posts. EdgeRank might show your posts to fake followers which drastically decrease the engagement rates and growth of your page.

Twitter works on freshness rather EdgeRank, Twitter doesn’t use any of the scrutinising systems for filtering, it is based on time. Log on to your account and you can see tweets that were recently posted, the system gets refreshed when new tweets are posted. So you will view the Tweets recently posted than the ones posted before.

Fake followers are not important and don’t have any contribution in promoting your page because their posts are not shown in your newsfeed, even if you are following them because they are not posting anything.

The point to keep under consideration is fake likes are damaging both on Facebook and Twitter their ways are a bit different.


You like Wasting your Money?

The first predicament might come in the form of wastage of money you spent on buying the fake likes. Usually you can buy 100 likes for 1 $ only and also sold in bulk for example 2500, 10,000 or more depending on how much you are willing to pay. A lot of clients buy these followers in bulk, especially celebrities buy hundreds of thousands. There isn’t a known bot to get you millions of followers, but if you find one this will not be a surprise because people will do anything to get followers in a jiffy.

If you think about it, to buy 10,000 bogus followers you only have to pay $100, it’s not a big amount of money, you might think. This logic is not correct. Paying even $1 for a thing that isn’t useful for your brand is a waste of bucks in my point of view. 50 cents spent in a way with is beneficial for your brand is the intelligent way to go.

Marketing works on chance, a thing might work or not. With this technique there is 100% loss and no gain. Loss in a way that you don’t get any engagement or sharing. Well, this is not the end, spending $100 on a useless method is in vain, it could be spent on something that is actually beneficial for you. For example, Twitter promotes tweets for just $2 and you get a retweet, reply, link click or favorite, it is brand building without the cost along with the boost of your Twitter page. So if you compare in $100 you can get 50 elements of engagement, which is very valuable in terms of your page promotion.

You can even spread this to be recurring. That extra exposure you get is reduced by Twitter screening those posts to bogus accounts. Another drawback is some of those bots are hi-tech enough to sometimes retweet your content, consuming your marketing budget without promoting you in any way possible.


Engagement is practically ‘Zero’

One thing these bots are programmed to do is just Follow pages. These bots do not tweet, retweet, they can’t click favorite, they don’t reply to any of the tweets, they also don’t click on the links. They will just blindly Follow and sit there in the dark not doing anything good. They just do what their server is telling them to do.

Engagement is the ‘Core’ of Social media, without this your page is dead. Imagine you are tweeting and there is just 2 people replying despite you having thousands of followers. Usually the big brands have .07% engagement rates. Which is equal to having 5-7 replies or retweet in 1,000 followers. That is low, I mean really low. So if you try adding more fake followers to this pool the engagement level goes even lower. You don’t want that!

These days everyone is using Twitter and its becoming very popular. You need organic boost for your profile to keep up with the trend. Fake Followers will restrict your account.


People Notice when Fakes Are Eliminated

In the late 2016, Instagram eliminated millions of fake accounts that were boosting engagement and following users on Instagram.

This was a huge event that was called ‘Instagram purge’.

Twitter hasn’t carried out any purge of fake users on such a huge scale. Accounts have been purged in the past for various causes, including plagiarism of content and violation of rules, but they haven’t carried out an enormous fake follower elimination.

Everyone notices if fake accounts are removed at this scale.

You can look at the growth statistics of stars to see when a purge is carried out, though some are more affected than others.It’s too easy to recognise who is under the knife when a purge occurs. When Twitter eliminates a million bogus accounts, and a company’s Twitter account drops half of its followers the same time, it’s not just by accident. It’s obvious. They’ve been Purged!


Fake Followers Destroy Your Business

A mutual setback with bogus followers and fake followers on any Social media platform, be it Facebook, Twitter, Instagram; they’re all the same, They Destroy!

When you post anything to Twitter, you have an objective with that certain tweet. It can be to raise knowledge about a subject. It might be to promote your blog by directing traffic its way, so you can direct people to view an editorial you posted. It can be to direct people to about me page of your brand– this is the function of ad tweets. By engaging them in conversation and tempting them to talk about it, you are just building your brand.

By buying fake followers, you will never achieve your goals. You display a tweet with a link to a fake follower and your fake follower isn’t able to click on that link, because it doesn’t have a touchpad with which to click and it doesn’t have eyes or the ability to read and think about your post. It doesn’t have necessary financial resources with which to purchase your product. It is in every sense of the word ‘useless’ to you and your brand.


Fake Followers: You don’t need them

Bogus Likes on Facebook are hard to detect. You need to use your analytics, still you cannot view the entire reading of your followers. This is done for the safety of Facebook users, since there is a lot of personal information on their profiles.

Twitter doesn’t work this way. A follower’s link can be easily clicked on the top of their Twitter profile and can view the entire list of followers of that account. There is no limit of it and you can scroll for as long as you want.Anyone can spot a fake account, the problem with it that it doesn’t look good for your organic followers.


Beware of Spammers

Every Twitter account will have fake followers unless it’s very assertive, regularly recognising and eliminating them when they emerge. For example, if someone has 20 followers, and two of them are fakes. It is obvious they didn’t purchase followers – they’d have way more than that if they did – but fakes followers just show up.

The main difference is that these followers aren’t the normal bot followers. They’re called ‘spam bots’, which are able to come with fakes. Rather than being idle accounts, they don’t do squat but spam promote a website or page they’re advertising. They have the ability to attack your other followers and try to get them to follow a certain profile or website. Which is also a disaster. You can become the host for a whole lot of spambots.

Well not all your followers can link this to you because they won’t know that they are targeted by spambot because they have been following you. On the other hand, they might just stop using Twitter. I know I would!


They Don’t Stay for Long

The fake followers that you have purchased, unluckily have an expiration date for example for 1 year they will keep following you and after that you will have to pay again to gain them back. It is a vicious cycle and trust me, you don’t want to be a part of this. Even if they are permanent followers they will still disappear. Twitter is very strict regarding the termination of fake accounts, so whenever they come across some bogus followers they will eliminate it, leaving you with a completely wasted investment of your time and money.


Fake Followers Can Lead to a Banned Account!

You are really functioning against the Twitter terms of services if you are buying followers. This can get your account banned, unless you are famous. For example, if a leading celebrity has bought followers there is no chance Twitter will ban them. Because it is generating revenue for them. On the other hand, if there is an account adding nothing to Twitter by existing. They will have a reason to ban it for sure.

Sometimes you see profiles that do not have a profile picture, they are known as ‘Egg accounts’. All new people who register with Twitter go through the Egg phase. Bots do not want to put in more effort in their account so they leave their accounts as eggs.

It has been determined that most egg accounts are fake, so they were eliminated by businesses as a result they started putting more information in making them harder to identify if not impossible.


How to Catch Fake Followers

There is service named Status People’s fake follower check. it can be run on your account or someone else’s. This tool will detect the fake followers based on their own criteria.

Your audience is divided in three categories, The Good, The Dormant and the Ugly/Fake. The dormant accounts aren’t as such bad but they are no good either. Bogus accounts are bad, of course. Bad in way that it brings your account down in the form of lesser traffic and spams.

Now, how can you recognise fake followers, how do you know an account is buying them?

First of all, see how many accounts are following you back. The accounts who have bought followers have very low return follows.

Now the next thing to do is to look at the follower’s list, look for discrepancies in their profiles.

Similarities in Images. For instance, in one investigation I observed, many images would be results for a Google search for “Person in a Suit.”

Difference in username and display name.  Bots have real names as surnames. For example, a username is Jhonson_brown24 but their display name might be Steven Meyers or something equally not matching.

Search for Eggs. It isn’t Easter egg hunt; egg accounts are inactive or fake.

Look for suspicious profiles. These accounts will have no Tweets, if they have them they will be spam tweets.

Warning! It’s a red flag if an account has the same number of accounts they are following. for example if an account has 87 followers and it is following 87 accounts.

 By using a tool like TwitterCounter, you can view a bunch of analytics information obtained from Twitter. Look for daily analysis of any alteration in the number of followers.

For example, if an account has purchased 20,000 followers over 20 days the analysis graph will show a constant growth of 2000 followers every day. It also will not have any growth before or after those 20 days. So it is obvious that this kind of growth cannot be provided by organic followers.

A rise out of nowhere in the number of followers is a strong indication a certain profile has purchased followers. It completely depends on you what you do with all the information.

Through the process of scrutinizing you can find and eliminate your own fake followers and encourage a more organic traffic with higher rates of organic engagement rates. These engagement rates will not only boost your profile but also increase your credibility.