How to Find Good Content to Share on your Facebook age?

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Having a fan page on Facebook is very demanding task. You need to be active as a brand owner and deal with your customer’s complaints and feedback. You have to manage your online traffic and other social media channels as well as look after your blog and sales too. All these things are equally important and you cannot skip one of these for the sake of doing some other activity. Managing an active Facebook page is a full time job and only those will understand this fact who actually have an active fan following. Well, the basic of everything; the content that is shared on your page is no doubt the most important part of your Facebook marketing strategy. If you don’t post quality content, you will not improve your followers figure on Facebook. Online marketing has changed a lot now and those methods which used to work few years back are useless now.

Just few years ago, online marketing was all about spamming your website and your social websites channels with your relevant and most popular keywords as search engines used to rank websites according to these popular keywords. Now these search engines are a lot of more intelligent and you cannot just spam your fans and customers using popular keywords. Now content marketing, video marketing, blogging, and customer related marketing are the factors that determine your ranking on any search engine.

But the thing that matters here is that you cannot create unique content every time you need to post on your Facebook page. You need to get an idea from somewhere and then use your own words as you cannot generate new ideas every day! This is called content curation in internet marketing terms. If you are not applying curation to your shared content on Facebook, you cannot succeed in your content marketing. Content curation is among the top used marketing ways by successful brands and companies. It is a representation of being on top and being successful than others. Content curation makes your own content worth posting and worth reading by internet users.

Well, you might feel overwhelmed by all these rules of Facebook marketing strategies that can make you successful here but wait, here are few more suggestions that you must consider while curating your content on Facebook.

  1. Don’t copy too much

Well, copying is good and bad in different ways! You can copy anything but make sure you make it unique in your own ways. If you are just relying on copying content for your Facebook posts and content marketing, it will not get you anywhere. You can take an example of sharing a link on Facebook that you actually copied from another Facebook page or group. If you will share it as it is, Facebook users will not even bother to open it as they might have seen that link anywhere else. But if you are posting that link with new description and new previews, you can ensure that more people will open it and show interest in it. So just copy a little and add your own creativity later.

  1. Always share valuable content

The importance of sharing valuable content should never be overlooked. If your content is not informative, attractive and unique, why would your followers like it? Think about it from your follower’s perspective and ask yourself before posting anything on your Facebook page that either it is funny or attractive enough to make you smile as a reader or not? If you don’t find anything good about it, skip it from your content curation list.

  1. Never use just one place to copy content

If you want to make a successful and attractive Facebook post for your fan page, always blend more than one source for content curation. This will make your post look unique and the problem of copying will be solved too!

  1. Link up with the source of the content

Sometimes it is best to use the source of the content from where you copied something. This way, you can build trust in eyes of your fans as well as in front of the source from where you actually copied something.

Well these were some suggestion for content curation. You can also take help of some content creation apps that are becoming very popular nowadays. Have a look at some of these below;

Google Trends

Like always, Google is again on this list of content curation websites. You cannot expect to curate your content without using Google+ content curation features. You can get images, links and anything you could imagine on Google Trends. It is no doubt one of the best platforms to check out latest topics and hot news.


You can get a lot of different content in bulk here. This app allows anyone to search popular social media website, Twitter for interesting and trending topics and ideas. You can check out what’s hot and trending and use posts images, links and even Tweets for your content curation of Facebook page.


If you ask about biggest source of online traffic, Reddit will be there! It is a wonderful site with unlimited ideas and topics from where you can choose according to your brand and your preferences. Simply run a keyword search and get what you needed for content curation!


Well, here is another member of the content curation club; Flipboard! It is a platform which allows users to tailor information ways which are specifically designed according to the user’s preferences and choices. More than 30,000 varieties of topics and keywords are incorporated in this app. It is highly effective for the purpose of content curation.

So now, you must be having a list of sources from where you can get content for your Facebook fan page. Just make sure you don’t forget to add your personal touch and uniqueness to the content you curate before posting it for your fans as your style and your personality should be represented by your posts. If you copy and paste links and content posts, you will look like an unattentive affiliate of some other channel.