How to Find Interesting Posts for Your Facebook Page

By Nazia Khan-Ahmed 

Facebook marketing can result in more engagment  if you post your own content. It can turn out to be even greater if you intend to post the relevant stuff that your audience likes that denotes as an extended friend circle rather than a one-sided advertisement. Most of the time you can share your own content or links that you prefer.

Apart from this, there are also numerous sources from where you can search for interesting contents along with creating your own. Some of those places are mentioned below


Consider Your Audience


The first important aspect that you will require is to get a good control on your audience. It will become easier to get engage with your audience if you analyze the main sources of their likes and dislikes that would attract them.

For example, it will not be suitable to share fashion blog posts to an audience who are not interested in clothing or fashion, similarly, you cannot share new car announcements to the users who do not drive, you cannot share the event highlights that will take place in a country that most people would not like to visit or have heard some negative views regarding that country.

You cannot use your Facebook page in order to examine your audience likes and dislikes. You can get the desired information regarding their interest by posting some relevant information and then getting the result from their comments.

if you post content, then it is very important to keep an eye on the reach, engagement, the clicks and any other aspect that related to the post and your audience interest. It will enable you to get a view of what exactly your audience require from you and it will lead you to post laser-focused content.

This can always result in more engagement of your audience. You can compare it to targeting with a gun. If you know the exact point, you can target it easily. It will help you post content that will click your audience and their interest.


Go Through Comments on Facebook


Your Facebook page is the first place that can be used in order to post the desired content. Here, you can get the idea of what exactly your audience want by reviewing you Facebook page walls and the posts. You can get the comments from your audience in which they will have posted their interests. Similarly, some of the audience have posted their concerns or question that they require to be answered from you.

Some people would be willing to get your reaction regarding any related current event, and then there will be some audience that would post their own content. If you combine all of these, it will lead you to come up with some inspiration regarding exact requirement of your audience.

Some examples are

  • In your post, you can inform regarding your concerns about a company’s product or services.
  • In your post, you can share an informative post regarding a current event that took place along with your views that explain your position and feelings.
  • In your post, you can ask your audience to share the picture of your product and the content. Further, you can make “user showcase” that is a regular feature in order to get more engaged with your audience.

Here it is important to say that in every case, it is the user ingenuity that leads you to post a content. It would have better results if you have an audience that is capable of posting thoughtful or interesting information on your page. Otherwise, your page will not be attractive.


 Screen the Competition

You should make a list of the similar brands that you would find as your opponents. Next, you should examine their posts. In order to do this, you can create a test account to follow them or note their target points. You should be aware not to use those Facebook accounts for any negative activity. This would lead them to be banned.

You can opt either to impersonate them or drift away from their plan. Another way to go is by collaborating with other business owners to go on a joint venture. This is also an effective way to get mutual benefit.

You can impersonate them by covering the same topic but with a different perspective. For example, if a new iPhone is launched and they post an article from TechCrunch about it, you can cover the iPhone but opting an article from Engadget. This would result in same topic but with different coverage having same appeal to different audience.

On the other hand, if you drift away from their plan, then you should manage to review where their post falls flat and then try to fix that point. For example, if they share an article related to the new iPhone, you may get the idea that both the audiences including yours and theirs have their interest towards Android devices. In this case, you can share post about the new Galaxy phone then the I Phone.

It can be significant what content your competitors focus more. For example, they might focus on tech-focused articles with specifications and details about the chip that a phone contains, whereas, your audience prefers posts that you share about the kinds of application compatibility and lifestyle improvement that is added along with a device. Finally, you can come up with the same topic, having different perspective and emphasis.


Follow the Captains of Your Industry

Influencers are important because they have a large number of audience following them. It is always interesting to find people who are positioned at a major point of the industry who can become an important source of gaining the inside perspective, breaking news and the details of new creation.

It is important that you must not follow everything without thinking or share their post without agreeing with it. On the other hand, you can find that they are a good source of finding interesting comments or dialogues.

Some of the influencers may seem as talking about interesting things. The reasons behind this can be that either they are totally self-promotional, post nonsense or personal stories or do not intent to post.


Subscribe to the Best Blogs and News Agencies

You should try to indulge journalist or news agencies in order to get good results. The journalists have vast connections, numerous sources and ideas that would be useful for you. They also have vast information and time to publish their reports which can be beneficial for you. So in order to attract more audience, you can search for interesting quotes, give references of statistics and many different things.


Monitor Industry

Redditt has a great feature of subreddit for everything. It can be useful for all kinds of niches of your industry. For example, you can find a subreddit for gaming including PC gaming, different types of PC gaming, one for gaming with different levels of hardware, one for every individual game, individual pieces and brands of hardware and many others. You can search for numerous subs according to your requirement that you want to monitor.

The audience of Redditt is focused on attaining new opportunities. You can find that it is a vast site as a whole that consists of individual small subs that might not focus on attracting a large number of audience. Whereas, you can find it as a good source organized information or contents. So, you must give it a try.


Memes are the way to Go

Memes can be viral. They can be picked up or dropped quickly. You may not find a meme funny that you picked today a week after. It has a quick turnover rate which can result in having two risks. First of all, if you try to make a meme and then brand it or make a meme from start it would be useless for you.

Secondly, you could pick up an old one that would look outdated to your audience. So, it is important to choose the item that your audience find interesting.

Never post an outdated meme that is been dragged all over the internet for ages, look for something new and post that image. It will really help you to get the attention of more users.


Post Inspirational Quotes  

The Inspirational Quota or Stoop is considered to be the lowest level content that is available on Facebook. If you have a look you will note that a basic inspirational quote containing a simple image or picture along with some mid-level content has resulted in bringing up an ordinary Facebook page to be followed by millions of users.

The pages do not contain some solid posts. The inspirational quotes can be considered better but they are not helpful in drawing the attention of the audience other than some beginner level users. These posts do not represent any industry or brand unless you relate the quotes with your brand to make sense.

For example, a car company that shares something from a movie actor cannot be connected at all. The same car company namely Ford that shares a quote from Henry Ford can be related.


 Search for Great Pictures

The available social media website like Pinterest, Instagram, Google searches etc. that are image-heavy sources might get you numerous images that you can post on your Facebook page in order to get engaged with your audience. On the other hand, you should have the appropriate permission in order to post a particular picture or image on your post.

Otherwise it can result in copyright issue that can further result in a legal action. If you want to post an image, then it is recommended that you should first find the original source and then request for permission if you want to use it for either commercial, noncommercial audiences or for an ad as per your requirement. Another way to find the images is to search for “specifically creative common images ” that are free to use.

To make a post attractive, using only an image is not enough. You should add some useful information, content or a link along with the image in order to get connected with your audience. A simple way to get connected with your audience is to ask questions related to the image. By doing this you can also get to know about your audience.


Host Contests

Finally, a contest is considered to be the most engaging type of post on a Facebook page. It has mainly two reasons.

First of all, a contest is unique type of post that you produce and not a contest that you find and share. if you always share content that is readily available everywhere on the internet then sharing it will be of no use. You have to come up with content that is unique and interesting.

Secondly, to create a contest it requires you to take a lot of development, planning and attention it is not something that you can post to fill up gaps on the page. You also require to set up particular rules related to the contest including judging, selection and also a prize.

You cannot run a new contest every day. You should also host contest on regular basis but not too often, it is best if contests are run on quarterly basis. always giveaway best products, most importantly these products should be yours as it will give you an opportunity to advertise your own products as well.

You can combine all of the above methods in order to set up a weekly or monthly cycle that can include the storing of information, search for interesting information, include amazing contributions that you find worthy, and then finally share the post with your audience.

As you commence, you will come up to the idea of what exactly your audience require from you so you can set up and share posts accordingly. The more you get engaged with your audience, the more you will be able to attract the users which will further result in excess connections. It is considered an excellent place to be.


About the Author

Nazia Khan- Ahmed is a Social Media Writer who has majored in Textile Designing. Also Holds Bachelor’s degree in Education and English Language Certification. Finds it impossible to discuss herself in third person but is doing so as per the demands of this bio. She is a home-maker and teaches Textile Designing to degree classes at the same time. Being nocturnal has taught her to manage her work in the night and her home at day time.