Five Ways to Connect Your Facebook Page to Your WordPress Blog


WordPress has become very popular with the passage of time, and growth is always needed for the popularity of a website.  You have to become patient and nurture your WordPress site in order for it to grow. However, Internet is a world where everything is becoming increasingly connected. You have to keep WordPress site connected with your social media account. This can be done very easily because there are many websites that can link WordPress to build traffic.

Facebook is used by more than 1 billion people in one month, it is also considered the largest social media platform.  If you want to increase your presence you can link WordPress to your Facebook account.

There are five steps you can follow to incorporate your WordPress website to Facebook.

You have work on it to connect because all connections are not passive. If watched properly Website the number on visitors on WordPress can increase, it is also a business opportunity.

WordPress is not only used as a social network it is an opportunity for business for those who are looking to transform their small business into a lucrative business.


  1. Advertise

WordPress offers an option to connect with Facebook directly. These options come with a simple plugin called Jetpack.This Jetpack plugin is valuable for the people who are looking to boost their experience with WordPress. This plugin can make your Facebook profile and WordPress linked and in completely functioning condition.

You can watch self-hosted WordPress domains through Facebook. There are quite a few settings for making a quick connection.

  • Go to the ‘Setting-Sharing’ section on your page. This section is located at the top of the page and it offers several options for connecting to Facebook. There are other Social networking sites that you can link your WordPress to.
  • One you select Facebook by selecting ‘Add New Facebook Connection’, you will get an update each time a new post is added. This is by far the most direct way of publishing WordPress articles on Facebook, there’s no doubt that it’s the easiest as well.

When you select Facebook you are exposing your content to larger number of people both on Facebook and WordPress. It is not very difficult to maintain.

Download the Jetpack plugin on Follow the plugin through its installation. Once you download the Jetpack linking WordPress will become more convenient.  Sign in with WordPress account if you don’t have one sign up for a new one. They won’t force you to use other features available, so don’t worry.

Once its linked, you will see a series of screenshots. They are located under the ‘Sharing’ tab in the Jetpack plugin. They will guide you through a step by step process to link with Facebook and share services quickly. Each and every step is explained with the help of image and a brief description. So it’s not difficult to understand them even if you are not internet savvy.


  1. Posting on Identical Fan Pages

To maintain a WordPress website, you have to stay updated and scope out market by following fan pages.

You have to research the subjects you are interested in, along with WordPress site’s content. It is a vital part of the maintenance of your website. By researching topics other bloggers have covered you can avoid repeating the same content over and over again and make your site effective.

With research you should also post comments to these websites, remember to post extra comments to Facebook fan pages.

You not only promote a topic of your interest you are also indirectly coordinating people to your WordPress site. This will increase your online presence and can steer a lot of reads towards your site.

Sometimes your audience doesn’t know what they want to read, doing this will give them a chance to go through your site and see whether they like the content or not.


  1. Make a Fan Page


You can also take advantages of the ideas people have by researching similar fan pages. They are a great way for the people to respond to content. There are many topics that have been covered by Facebook. You have to select Facebook’s Fan Page Application and take benefit of its setup.


  1. WordPress Website Should Have an Individual Facebook Page


You can also use a separate Facebook page for WordPress users, it will help users to double their share of the WordPress site. It will also let users add update of blogs on the Facebook page while also sharing it on your Facebook Page.

Again think about the big picture, the more you share the more readers you get on WordPress promoting your Facebook Page wit hit as well. Establishing links to Facebook is very important it will increase the chances of more Facebook users exploring your WordPress site.


  1. Post Updates Frequently


This is undoubtedly the most important part. You have to maintain a strong bond between WordPress and Facebook, it will require you to be vigilant and determined.Make sure to frequently post images, updates, links and holiday greetings to users. It doesn’t matter what the content of post is, the consistent updates will uphold a continuous networking pace.

It will let your viewers know you are active within the WordPress world. Overall, this draws more viewers intending to check your blog frequently for updates, and this increases overall traffic to your WordPress website.It is becoming more easy to maintain a WordPress site by utilizing Facebook and there are several applications to make it even easier. You can use them to make this experience even more fruitful for you.

Website popularity is important, and modern marketing tactics rely upon it for a variety of things. By maintaining a proper Facebook location, and by keeping a WordPress site up to date, one can easily connect the two for maximum visibility. Maintain an interesting approach to topics, and remember to survey the field from alternative perspectives. By doing so, you provide unique content for your readers, and people will likely approach your WordPress site through the online venue they frequently visit the most and that is Facebook.