Get 1 Million Facebook Page Likes in these Easy Steps


By Nazia Khan-Ahmed

To reach the milestone of having a million likes by Facebook users is insane. Nowadays many large businesses as well as the small businesses either emerging or mid-level ones compete with each other in order to have more and more likes. For this purpose, most of the companies use numerous tactics and ideas in order to grow and get viral among the users. As a result, they would get their satisfaction and reward that can be counted by their “Likes”.

In many other cases some small business does not often get a huge amount of business that could lead them to get a million likes. They have to go a long way in order to achieve the number of likes they desire. It may be not easy for these businesses because getting the required likes also require some service standards which they exhibit. It can be hard way to provide the actual satisfaction to their customers by providing their services to them.

First of all, they have to build an infrastructure so that they can fulfill the user’s requirements. Similarly, they would require to build up their brand by the use of effective marketing. It is relevantly not an easy task for these businesses. Even if they try to cope up with other businesses they would only be left with no more than 10,000 likes on initial basis.

On the other hand, large companies like the “Coke” use unique and interesting tactics through which the audience gets attracted easily. These tactics can include effective advertising tricks, their contents, their target audience and many other similar aspects. Apart from this they focus to provide their best to their audience and followers.

Additionally, they also provide the best customer support to their customers and mainly focus on satisfying them. This also helps in attaining the attention of a large number of users. Which can further result in getting millions of likes easily. This may be a slow and steady procedure but with this it also requires a lot of effort. There are various aspects by which you can make your way in attaining a large number of likes. Some of those aspects are discussed below.


Create Attractive Content  

It is very important to engage a large number of audience. This can be easily done with the help of creating some interesting content that you can share on your Facebook page. The audience tend to like the interesting and unique set of contents that can be in the for of context, images, videos or any blogs etc. You can post regarding anything on your Facebook page. You just have to make sure that the context you are posting should be one of its kind so that the audience get easily attracted. There are many different ways to engage the audiences. It can be done by posting some information and asking them to provide their views regarding the specific content. In another case you can start up a contest in which you can ask different questions or have a guess game. This would engage the audience to guess the answers which would result in their active engagement. The more people you tend to engage the more followers you will get which would further result in gaining more “Likes”


Lure by Logo

A company’s unique logo is one way to attract the users. Similarly, if a company’s Facebook page has the images of their products as well as their satisfied customers then this can lead in a massive growth. If we take an example of a company like “Dell”, it provides the customers with some latest technological products. On the other hand, if any of their user face any issue or require guidance related to a specific product. In this case they have a large number of customer services agents who are willing to guide them. They take an action as soon as they get a query from a particular customer. In response to this their customers get satisfied and give their satisfactory comments on their review page. This can lead you to grow your company as well as the company’s profile page effectively.


Ensure Customer Satisfaction

A customer’s satisfaction should be prioritized by any business. It is the most important aspect of any business. Nowadays many businesses rate this point as the first on their list. In reality there are only a few businesses which actually put the priority of their customers first. This would lead them to get engaged with their customers effectively. This would result in a long lasting trustworthy relationship between the organization as well as the customers.


Follow a Schedule of Posting  

One of the most important aspect that you should keep in mind is that your profile page should be actively updated. This can either be done by posting different contents or by posting the images or interesting videos for the viewers. In addition to this, it is also important that you should answer all the related questions that are asked by your customers. You can also interact with the users by replying to their comments or liking their posts. This can make your viewership strong.


Get the Help of Facebook Ads  

Facebook advertising if properly done can help in bringing you a large number of audiences. You can create your brand awareness among the audience through proper marketing of your products. This could make the users to buy your products.

The Facebook ads can be used for two purposes. First of it can be used for increasing the page likes and secondly, it helps to remind the users that they showed their interest on your particular page.


Target Audience  

With the help of Facebook, you can target a large number of audiences. This can include any type of audience whether small or adults or rich or poor. Currently Facebook comprises of a total of 1.3 billion active users. These users are all different from each other. So you have the opportunity to target the specific audience as you want.


Remarket, Remarket, Remarket  

On Facebook the remarketing includes the tracking of all those users who click on your business page in order to get the information of a specific product. You can keep a track of all the viewers who visited your business page and also in which product they showed their interest in. By this process you can get the idea of what your customers actually want. You can offer them their required products.


Test Your Ads  

With the advancement of technology, it has become easier for a person to optimize anything they want. Similarly, one can make the split testing of an ad by running a variety of the ads. You can post different product links on the available websites and newsfeeds. This will result in getting the attraction of a large number of audience who will recognize your page actively and become a follower.


Facilitate Mobile Device Users  

Targeting the mobile users is the most important aspect which the business should use nowadays. There are over millions of people who use mobile phones. Many people directly access the Facebook profiles by using a mobile. You cannot ignore the large number of mobile phone users because this can create a negative impact which can further result in the downfall of a business.

Nowadays, many large companies also give preference to the mobile users. They create a mobile version of their websites and application so that the users can find them easy to use. In addition to this, if a website has a mobile version it would also result in a good ranking among Google. This would also help in increasing your site presence.


Get the Help of Professional Copywriters and Graphic Designers  

In order to run a blog or a profile on any of the social media channel, you can opt to hire some dedicated or experienced personnel.

At first when you create a blog or a profile you can manage to run it yourself. As the time passes by you will need to hire someone who can manage your page efficiently. Similarly, many large organizations hire numerous dedicated and experienced persons who manage their pages on their behalf and get paid for their services.

Apart from this many people nowadays hire different freelancers in order to share the workload and work up to maintain their bogs or profile pages effectively. Further they also hire the customer services provider staff so that they can work to satisfy their customers. This all would result in satisfaction of all their customers through which they can achieve a large number of likes.


 Use Facebook Videos Effectively  

Videos are considered to be a great source of promotion. It is also considered as an engagement tool by which many people get engaged easily with each other. There are a number of people who are interested in watching the videos. You can target these types of audience by creating some unique and interesting types of videos. These may include informational as well as entertaining types of videos that can become helpful in attracting a large number of audience. Which would result in gaining large number of likes.


 Like Box is to be Promptly Promoted  

Facebook has created the like box which is integrated with your website. It contains the images of all those people who have liked your page. Facebook will secure some of the images of the specific users and their friends who visited and liked your page including some other randomly selected people every time they visit the specific page.

This gives the audience some social proof of the actual users which leads them to trust you more and follow you as a result. This can become a positive aspect for you. So it is very important that you set up your Facebook like box in the best possible position.



A satisfied user is someone who helps in promoting any brand or a business and can make them successful.

The different user’s testimonials appear on the Facebook review section the posts left on the wall by the users. You can get different types of reviews from your audience by which you can rate your businesses. You can also suggest them to rate you by giving you stars from 1 to 5. For example, if they rate you by giving 5 stars this will depict that they are satisfied by you.

Similarly, if the number of star rating falls this shows that you need improvement in specific areas. Another way of getting the customers review is by asking them regarding their experience they had with you. In return of their reviews you can offer some gifts to them as a note of appreciation. In this way you can get a large number of satisfied users.

Keep Track of Analytics

There are two major ways of tracking the analytics on a particular website or a Facebook page. You can track the total number of analytics on your website with the help of Google Analytics. Whereas, for tracking the analytics on Facebook can be done with the help of insights. You can use it in many ways and can create your custom reports on it. Which can result in providing a variety of important information.

These two options can be further combined together with the help of the UTM parameters, conversion pixels and many different types of tracking system. You will be able to get a variety of data from this. In addition to this, all these are helpful in order to make vast split testing, get the responses of different customers, multiple contests and making different types of improvements.

Be Ready for Big Orders  

A brand reputation is one major aspect through which a particular business can expand or can face a drawback. If you desire to achieve the milestone of getting one million likes, then you should focus more abruptly on your reputation. This reputation can be dignified when you have a great infrastructure. This mainly includes having a large stock of production items, set of deliverables and also the manufacturing of quality products. All these mentioned specifications will result in the growth of your business. It will also lead to attract a large number of audiences.

Most of them you will definitely find satisfied with your services. This will definitely result in drawing a large number of followers as well as maintaining the satisfied customers. In addition to this, the number of likes on your Facebook page will increase drastically.


Always Purchase Likes from Reliable Sources  

Lastly, you can achieve your desired number of likes by purchasing them from some authentic sources. There are a number of possible sources which sell the likes to different customers who want to run and boost up their business or brand. This helps to be recognized publicly in just a short span of time.

These sources run different ad campaigns that comprises on the other social media channels. By using these specific tactics, they tend to get noticed by a large number of audiences. These audiences include a large number of people who are available on Facebook but do not know you. In this way you are able to get some authentic people who like your page which could not be reachable otherwise. You can get some amazing results and an instant boost by buying the likes.


About the Author 

Nazia Khan- Ahmed is a Social Media Writer who has majored in Textile Designing. Also Holds Bachelor’s degree in Education and English Language Certification. Finds it impossible to discuss herself in third person but is doing so as per the demands of this bio. She is a home-maker and teaches Textile Designing to degree classes at the same time. Being nocturnal has taught her to manage her work in the night and her home at day time.