Get Alerts for Your Facebook Page While Monitoring

Running a Facebook page effectively is not a piece of cake for everyone out there. You have to work a lot harder to make your place on the social media network.

To become successful on the social media, one of the most important things you need to do is to stay alert of all the happenings around you. Trust me, it is one of the most vital suggestions that I am giving you here.

Staying alert of the daily happenings on Facebook is rather not easy as you may think. Here you might be thinking how to stay alert of the happenings with over millions of users on Facebook?

Let me give you an ideal solution for this problem.

You can set up some alerts or notifications to stay alert all the time. In this way you do not require to check it manually from time to time. This is an ideal thing to do because in this way you do not need to get into the hassle of taking out time and check it again and again.

To make it easier for you, I have suggested some following ways in which you can set up the notifications or alerts.

Native System of Notifications

Facebook is one of the most famous social media channels having over millions of users. One of the great thing about Facebook is that it contains a native system for notifications for your Facebook Page. You can set up these notifications yourself very easily. For this purpose, you just need to go to your Facebook Page and from there click on the settings menu. You can see this located in the upper right corner of your page. Here, one of the options in the left sidebar is Notifications.

This notifications menu contains many types of different options. For setting up the notification delivery, you have four types of methods which are included in this menu. Now you can choose among these methods of how you want to get notified on Facebook. These methods include getting notifications on your Facebook page via Facebook, via Messages, via Email, or via Text Messages.

 Notifications System on Facebook

Whenever any of the user comments on your post or on a particular post from any page which you are following you get a notification on the top notification bar of your Facebook page. The “on Facebook” notifications are a typical type of Facebook notifications. Most of the users do not find these notifications as ideal ones for the purpose of monitoring. This is because you are still required to log on to your Facebook page and then check if you have got any of them or not.

This are two major aspects behind this fact. First of all, you will need to open your Facebook page on a desktop. It is because the Mobile phones are less effective in this case due to the constant pushed notifications. You also need to make sure that Facebook code are working.

If you have set the notifications alerts vis Messages, then every time you receive a message on your Facebook page you will get a notification. Here one thing you should note here is that you will not get a message when you get a notification. You just need to keep it on. This is very important thing to do because in this way you can respond to customer service instantly. You must know that it is not a valid way of getting more notifications on your Facebook page.

Notifications on Your Facebook Page

If you have set up your notification via Email, then you receive an Email every time an activity takes place on your Facebook page. You will also get notified by an email whenever someone likes any of your post, comments on your posts, sends you a message, or whenever your Facebook page posts an important update.

If you ask about me I find the notifications via Email to be the best among all other options. The Email notifications are probably one of the best methods which gives you great and timely notifications if you have a large or fast-moving Facebook page with numerous activities.

You can set up email filters, so that basic emails – those that are sent when someone likes a post – are ignored, while more important emails for comments or messages send a push notification to your phone or just alert you. It’s very effective, assuming you have your email inbox open at all times. Most business owners I know tend to be buried in their inboxes, so this is a good method to keep up awareness.

If you have chosen, the option of getting notifications via the “Text Messages”. Then every time an activity takes place on your Facebook page, you get a notification through a text message. It is just similar to the criteria of getting notifications via the Emails.

There are three options of setting the notifications on your Facebook page. The first option includes getting a notification whenever an activity takes place on your Facebook page or whenever you get an important update. The second option includes receiving of a single notification on a daily basis which includes the list of all those activities which have taken place on a single day. The third and final option is the “Off”.

If you are running a Facebook page and have a large business, then it is very likely that you get hundreds of notifications on a daily basis. For this reason, I recommend that it is much better that you use the digest method of getting the notifications. This will make it easier for you to take a look at all the activities which took place at the end of the day. You will not need to open your Facebook page and see for the notifications after every second. On the other hand, if the case is different and you are running a smaller page or an individual page then you will need to respond to your audiences instantly.

Only in this way you will be able to attract more and more audiences on your Facebook page. Now this is really important. Every user desire to get an instant response from your side. Otherwise they will leave your page and move on to some other page. Which I know you will not want in any case.

You can also choose some particular engagement types or ways of interaction to turn the notifications on or off for the following

Page mentions

New Reviews

  • Comments which you get on your posts by the users.
  • Edits to your comments, if you have team members which are able to make changes in your posts
  • Subscribers which subscribe to any of the events which you have created
  • Followers which follow you on your Facebook page
  • Likes which you get on your post
  • Likes which you get on a page
  • Edits to your posts, if you are a team member rather than an administrator of the page

New shares on Your Facebook posts

You have the choice to turn each of these set notifications on or off individually at any point you want. Similarly, you can disable any kind of post edits, the likes which you get on your posts and any other feature that you want. Apart from this, I recommend that you keep On the option of new comments, new reviews, new mentions, and all the new followers.

Third Party Apps that you can Use to Get Notifications

There are many third party apps which you can also use for the purpose of getting the notifications. These days there are many Facebook managers and CRM platforms which have some form of monitoring and alerting features that are built in. I have compiled the list of these third party apps which you can use and find beneficial.

Sprout Social

Sprout Social is basically a social media manager which contains various different features. You can find these feature useful in many ways in order to monitor your Facebook page.

Notifications on Sprout Social

There are multiple management and notification tools which are present on Sprout Social. It contains only one “smart inbox”. This “smart Inbox” accumulates all the messages and comments which you get on your Facebook page in a single place. In this way you can get notified regarding every activity that takes place on your Facebook page. You can even respond to your users queries directly from this “smart inbox”. it does not require you to go to your Facebook page and search for the posts to respond them.

You can purchase the all-in-one social inbox which is available in different payment plans. The Premium plan will cost you around $100 per user per month. From this you can manage up to 10 social profiles.

Hootsuite – If you want to use something more flexible. You can choose Hootsuite. It is preferred by most users around the world due to its flexible features. Hootsuite allows you to manage your basic Facebook solutions as well as you can monitor detailed social media dashboards which contain numerous accounts too.

Phone Notifications of Hootsuite

Hootsuite is available in different payment plans. You can purchase any of the payment plan which suits you. If you want to buy the Hootsuite Pro plan, it will cost you around $20 per month. You can get everything which is required for basic monitoring of your Facebook page. If your business use is a bit more than this and have more than 10 social media profiles, then in this case you can upgrade your Hootsuite payment plan to $100 per month. If you require custom branded URLs, priority support, or certifications, you can purchase $500 business plan. You can even use their free plan if you are just doing some very basic message scheduling for a total of three social media profiles.

BuzzSumo – Another option is the BuzzSumo. This app is not a standard monitoring app. This app also does not integrate with your accounts for posting your stuff. You can use the BuzzSumo app particularly for social listening. You just simply need to enter the required keywords in it or you can enter your brand name and then let it run.

The BuzzSumo displays your current posts in which your brand name is mentioned. From here you can filter out all those posts which are made by your brand. After filtering out the posts you will be left with the list of all those posts in which you have been mentioned without posting on your pages. You can further use this to get connected with your customers, thank the users for mentioning you, and also to get engage with all those users who know about you but who are not directly engaged with you.

Mention – Mentions are just similar to the BuzzSumo. It is also related to the features of social listening but it is more directly connected with your accounts. By using the mentions, you can link your social accounts in order to listen both the aspects of in and out of your pages. Mentions have a central dashboard for answering the comments of your customers. You can also find an app for iOS and Android by which you can monitor everything by just using your mobile phones or mobile devices.

How to Manage Notifications  

If you are running a business, you can manage to get notifications by paying some amount. There are different factors of pricing which you can choose from. If you are a single user, then you can buy the notification plan of $30 per month. This $30 per month plan includes up to 3,000 mentions, and 2 alerts. On the other hand, if you are running a large business and you want something more than this, like more alerts, more mentions, the dashboard, and the sentiment analysis the you can see for more available offers. There is also an available deal for $100 per month which you can buy.

This offer will surely suit if you want more notifications. Now from here, you can set up your custom account which contains the Facebook crawling, historical data, API access, the scalable alerts and the mentions. I suggest that it is better that you must figure out your needs first and then buy the notifications plan according to your requirements. And then buy the notifications plan.


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