Get Captains of Your Industry to Follow You on Twitter

The social media network is one of the greatest platforms which many people use to get connected with different people around the world. The social media is used by many individuals, celebrities, famous personalities, actors, musicians etc. This is a good source which people use in order to get famous among the people all around the world.

Nowadays the trend to get more fame on the social media has greatly increased among the celebrities and the famous personalities. This fame can be noted by the total number of followers which they have on their social media accounts. If I talk about twitter, it is not so easy to get a large number of followers on your twitter account. You really need to work hard and use some smart tactics to attract more audiences and make them follow you on your twitter account.

In this article I have mentioned some of the ways which you can use to attract a maximum number of audiences on your twitter account.

Follow these Steps

  1. Authenticate Twitter Account

If you are planning to follow any twitter account it is very important for you to make sure of its authenticity. This means that you must first confirm that either it is a genuine twitter account or a fake one. This is very important for you to know before following any of the account on the social media. Whether it is an account on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or on any other network. Nowadays due to great competition among the social media users around the world you can come through many such accounts that are fake and bogus.

These types of bogus accounts are basically run by different impersonators. This means that the people who are running those fake accounts are unidentified. And the source from which they are running their twitter account is unknown too. These impersonators post different kinds fake posts as well as images on their twitter feed. These posts look so genuine that many of the users get confused and think that these are authentic accounts. This can bring out some negative results for you because it is considered as an awful way to be known by a valid user.

I know you wouldn’t want to follow a fake account. That is why it is important for you to check it out first.

How can one check the authenticity of a twitter account?

Many of you might be thinking about this. Well, you can check it out in a very simple way.Have you ever seen a small checkmark in blue color next to any twitter account?

That small blue check mark is there for a reason. Whenever you see this checkmark next to any twitter account it confirms that the particular twitter account is verified by the twitter authority and is authentic too. Now you can follow that account without any hesitation. Here again I am telling you to avoid joining any of the fake twitter accounts.

  1. Select matching Twitter users

You can always choose to follow some of the famous twitter users. This can include following the twitter accounts of some famous personalities or celebrities, some famous sports person, any famous individual, or any famous business or company. This is one great way to get noticed. In this way many other users will also get to know about you. It is obvious that if you are running a blog about women clothes and accessories. Then you will only include all the relevant information about the clothing and accessories which are only related to women.

In your blog you can also include any information that is about the likes and dislikes or what women mostly prefer. On the other hand, you will not bother to add any information about men or even children.  This is just because some of the famous twitter users might provide you with more advantage for following than any others Twitter account users.

  1. Choose active and responsive Twitter users

Always try to follow those Twitter accounts which are active. By saying this I mean that you must make sure that the owner of the twitter account posts their contents on a regular basis. Many celebrities and famous personalities tweet regularly. This is a great aspect which you must look out for. It is important because in this way you will get more noticed by different users whenever you respond on their tweets.

I have seen many celebrities and famous personalities who have hired social media marketers for updating their social accounts on a regular basis. Either that is on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or any other network. This is a good thing by which their social accounts remain updated. Just try to choose all the active accounts. You can check it out whether an account is active or not by seeing the time and date of their last tweet or post. If it is posted just recently then it is an active account. Otherwise if you do not see any post in past days or months then it is better that you ignore that account. Try to avoid following all those twitter accounts which are inactive or which have very less activities taking place on them. It is because you will get no benefit by following these types of accounts.

  1. Search famous people who Communicate with fans

Try to search out for the twitter accounts of some famous personalities. It is considered as a useful way if you want to get noticed on twitter. As I have mentioned above that there are many celebrities and famous personalities who have hired individuals or a team of marketers who regularly update their social media accounts. They update their account with any new information or any upcoming release. These marketers also interact with the other users and answer to all their queries and comments.

If you follow these famous personalities, you can get some great benefit out of it. This is because all these famous people who intermingle with their fans and utilize the hash tags present a huge advantage to anybody who is not so famous or a common user which they follow.

  1. Find Famous People who follow many people on Twitter

On twitter, it is also important for you to search for all those particular account which follow other people too. If you are thinking of following any account that is owned by a famous personality or any celebrity. Then just make sure that they follow other twitter users too. Although the twitter accounts of famous celebrities have over millions of followers on their page but you don’t know whether they follow other users also or not. There is a big different if you consider about both the terms.

I have seen many such cases. Many celebrities and famous personalities run their social account on twitter. They have around millions of users on their twitter account too. On the other hand, they do not follow or add other twitter users on their twitter account. Now this is something which you need to find out because this means that if they are not following any other available user or their fan. Then possibly they will not follow you also. So whenever you plan to follow someone on twitter, you must check out their history of following other users.

6. Locate Less- famous people who aren’t famous on a larger scale just yet

Considerably there are two types of celebrity accounts on twitter. The one which is more famous that contains around 5-10 millions of followers or more on their twitter account. These accounts have a lot of activity taking place on a regular basis as well as these accounts have numerous hash tag tweets too. Whereas the other one is probably less famous which comparatively have less followers than that. Although these less famous twitter accounts have different activities taking place but these activities are not as extreme as compared to the other one.

The reason why I am mentioning both these type of accounts is that you must try to follow the less famous account on twitter. The main reason behind this is fact is that in this way you will get noticed. Apart from this, it is very hard or rather impossible to get noticed on a massively famous account. There are already millions of people who share their posts on it. Due to which probably you might not get noticed at all. So I suggest you to follow a less famous twitter account. In this way you will have the chances to get noticed among them and also you will have some possible chances of interaction with the celebrity as well. In order to search for the required twitter accounts, you can use some relevant websites to find out about them.

  1. Post updates about the celebrity in the feed

After selecting the authentic twitter users click on the follow button to follow them. You can now start posting some informative or interesting information or images related to that particular celebrity in the news feed. Try using some relevant hash tags in your posts too. This makes your post look more attractive. You can post some unknown information related to the celebrity which many people are not aware of. You can post some recent clicks of that celebrity. Moreover, you can also post about any upcoming projects of that celebrity like an upcoming movie, a song or any event so that people remain informed. This can surely bring out some great results for you.

  1. Communicate with the Celebrity

It feels good to interact with a famous celebrity or any famous personality. I like that too. In this way you get a chance to know about them. Nowadays, it has become a trend or you can say a part of a marketing campaign that many famous celebrities ask different questions from their followers. For this purpose, they ask any question from their followers by posting it on their news feed. Most of the time, the celebrities post an image or their thoughts and ask for the responses of their audiences.

Now this is a great chance for you to get noticed. This can be done very easily. You can avail this change effectively by posting some interesting responses or comments in response to their question. You can even respond with an attractive picture too. I am sure that in this way whenever the celebrity will read your responses or comments they will like it. There is a possibility that if they like your comments they will respond to your comments too.

Just remember one thing while responding to them. Avoid posting any irrelevant stuff or exaggerate anything while posting. This is very important. Otherwise there are chances that the celebrity would probably get annoyed.

  1. Request Answers to questions and create buzz

Your twitter account needs exposure all the time. This is a general thing if your are using any of the social media channels. It is important for you to maintain some activity on your twitter feed. You can do this by posting some unique contents that most users are not aware of or you can post any questions and ask people to answer it. You can surely create a lot of buzz on your twitter account in this way which is further useful for your recognition among the users.

  1. Keeping Tweeting and Retweeting

You must always stay updated. This is one of the major things that you need to do. With over millions of users on twitter the tweet and Retweeting trend has increased a lot. You really need to stay updated with the new changing trends. This will also help you in responding to any query of your followers in a better way. A Healthy Retweeting action mostly have some fruitful results.

  1. Ask for a Celebrity to Follow you

In order to get noticed on twitter you can also request any celebrity or any famous personality to follow your page. Do not do it directly. Try to make some interactions with them and then request them to follow your twitter account. It is better that you should request them to follow only once. If you start asking them again and again they will get annoyed.

  1. Followers of the celebrity are better to be Followed

As like other social media networks, twitter is a place having millions of users. It is just like a big spidery network of millions of users around the world. Believe it or not it is one of a positive aspect of twitter. If you want to be noticed among the users, another most effective way is to follow all the followers who are following any famous celebrity. Now this is a tricky one though but believe me it is a useful way. This greatly helps you to strengthen the network among you and your followers. You can also get involved in finding out any of the famous twitter users but make sure that they are somewhat less popular and have some reasonable amount of users on their followers list.

  1. Avoid Spam posting

Ideally you can post 1-2 times on a daily basis. Try to avoid posting more than this. Otherwise your followers will consider your posts as a spam. This can result in getting a ban on your twitter account.

  1. Clean-up the account regularly

Try to manage your account regularly. With the passage of time it is better that you should you should vacuum your twitter account. It is very important for you to do it. You can un follow all those users who have no activities on their twitter account. Also the ones who have not given you any responses.

  1. Broaden your circle outside Twitter

Besides using your twitter account, you can create your own blog and start posting on it if you want to get notices. You can post some unique information on it as well as some interesting contents. Just make sure that a “follow” button is present on every blog post.