Get A Customized Facebook Page URL

You can never remember all the restrictions, the requirements, and hundreds of guidelines which the Facebook authority has set up for you. I know it is very difficult to do that. Rather it is impossible. While you using your Facebook page you may face many such restrictions too.

Facebook Page Usernames

Same is the case that is related to using the Facebook page usernames. The Facebook page usernames are basically the technical name which are specifically given for a custom URL. This technical can also be given to the vanity URL for a Facebook page. There are millions and millions of different Facebook pages which are available today. From the last decade, these pages continuously increased in number. And still they are increasing day by day. With the passage of time, there are several restriction and requirements which have changed a lot.

In addition to this Facebook also tries to manage and change its various policies after some time. These can be changed due to some new requirements. These can also be amended due to an uncertain incident taking place on Facebook. Whatever the case may be you need to follow the policies and guidelines of Facebook when you are using your Facebook page for any purpose.

Set up your Username

At first when you create your Facebook page it is important that you set up your user name. You can set the username by yourself too. It is actually quite easy to do. While choosing your username it is very important that you select a unique and different username. After you have created your Facebook page you can see an admin view of your page on your screens. Here you need to fill up some required information. This initial information includes your profile picture, your cover photo, the list of tabs along the side of your Facebook page, and also various tips and information which you will find useful while filling up all the required information.

On the left side of your newly created Facebook page you can see the display name which you have set for your page. Just under your display name you can see a line that is in grey color. This is actually a link which says “Create Page @Username”. At the time you click on this link a box appears in front of you. Now you can create your username/vanity URL for your newly created Facebook page.


I recommend you to always try to use a unique username or URL for your Facebook page. It is important in many ways but most importantly a unique username makes it easier for the other users to search for your Facebook page. Otherwise if you have some common username it will not be easy for others to search for your page. In many cases the users might even confuse your page with the other one having the similar username.

How to set a Unique Username?

This is very important that you first set a unique Username for your Facebook page.

While setting up your Facebook username, you can see a username box. This box has a total of 50-character limit. You can enter your desired or chosen user name in that box. In addition to this, as you type in your user name in the provided box, Facebook automatically checks the availability of the username which you are entering.

Here you must note one important thing. If you see that any page like “” is not active page on Facebook. You cannot claim it. There are some certain restrictions that are related to this. It might be possible that you see a page but it remains unpublished. Many times there might be a possibility that it was an old page which was suspended due to some reasons. In these cases, the old URL remain withheld by the Facebook authority and no one is able to use it in future.


For example, if you have set your selected username before the link of “Create Page @Username”. This will be your username only. You can change your @username if you want to by going to the Page Info section of your Facebook page.

At the top of your Facebook page you can see the General section. In this section the third entry is the Username. Here you can see the Username which you have already entered in it. Next to the user name you will see an Edit button. Now click the Edit button. When you click it, you will see the same username which you used before. Now you can change your username.

What are Restriction Regarding Username?  

 How many times can I change my Username?

Facebook implemented some strict restrictions when it comes to changing your username. In previous times these restrictions were different as they are now. Previously, every user who wanted to make changes in their user name required to have at least 25 or more likes. This was something important for the users to do so.

Nowadays, Facebook has set up these kind of restrictions in making changes in your user name so that no one is able to stub a username. It is necessary for all the users and businesses to grow their Facebook page if they want to take a username. This policy of Facebook made it more difficult for any individual or business to change or steal any username from the other one.

 Which Pages Aren’t Eligible?

You are not permitted to change your username very often. Facebook has set up some restrictions for it too. Only the page admins had the authority to set up or change a username for a particular Facebook page once they create a Facebook page. No one else has the authority to change it in any case.

Nowadays, many things have changed. You are permitted to change your Facebook username as much as you like at the time you are creating your Facebook page.

Here I will tell you one of my own experience. I used to have a Facebook test page. On that page I used to research different things. This test page of mine had zero likes and is not published or visible to any one on Facebook. You can make you own test page on Facebook and test different things too.

How to Test Custom URLs ? 

On Facebook, you are restricted to have only one user name for your Facebook page. You are not permitted to have more than one username.

Most importantly you are not allowed to use or copy any username that is already in use by someone else. A single username is shared across both Facebook profiles and pages. For example, if you run a brand and your brand name is “XBusinessName. On the other hand, some other user also has the same username that is “XBusinessName. Then in this particular case you are not permitted to claim this username in any case. You may find a possibility to file a trademark dispute against that particular user. If you will win the case, you can then be able to use the particular username. Otherwise, if you lose then the other user can also file a case against you and your business.

Use Letters, Numbers and Period!

It is important to note that you can only use letters, numbers, and periods in your username. You are restricted to use the dashes, the underscores, the slashes, the parentheses, and any kind of special symbols. This policy implies everywhere around the world. Even if you are using any language. This is not just specified for English users only. This specific policy implies to everyone despite of their language or region.

In addition to this, there is no need to use any kind of capitalization. It does not matter. For example, if you are using the name CoolAid, coolaid, or Cool-Aid all counted and read as the same username.

Lastly, as I said before it is very important for you choose a distinctive name as your Facebook username. Facebook has set the same rules for everyone. Even if you run a small business or a large business the rules and restrictions are the same. If in case a username that you have selected is not available or is already in use. Then in this case you always have the option to choose another one.

Display Names of Your Facebook Page

The display name is the name of your Facebook page which appears when any user goes to your page. This is not related to the URL of your page. For example, http::// is a URL. When you click on this URL this will lead to the Microsoft page. Here the username is “Microsoft”. Whereas the display name is just Microsoft.

It is really important for you to choose a unique display name. The display name is basically the representation of your business or brand. Try to choose a unique and different name on the first go. It is very important. I am saying this because you cannot change the display name again and again very easily. It is something that is very difficult to do once you set it.

Policies & Guidelines

Apart from this, there are still some policies and guidelines which you have to keep in mind while choosing the display name for your Facebook page. Do not use any kind of hate speech while choosing your display name for Facebook. This is not acceptable according to the policies and guidelines of Facebook in any case. Similarly, never use any abusive word or language as your display name or any type of term that results in violating the rights of anyone by any means. This is also not acceptable too. You must also avoid using any of those symbols or unnecessary punctuations which violate the Facebook policies.

Although you can use any language that you want to use or even any non-English characters while choosing your display name. This acceptable but there are same policies set for this too which I have mentioned above.

Moreover, you are not allowed to use Facebook as your display name as it is already in use by Facebook itself officially. Further also try to avoid using the generic words too. For example, if you are using the generic word like “soft drink”. It is too generic. Your display name has to be the part of your business name or brand name. On the other hand, using the display name “Coca Cola” is more suitable.

How to Change Facebook Display Names? 

In addition to this, if you really require to change your display name then it is necessary that you choose a display name that accurately represents your business or brand. For this purpose, you need to submit your request to Facebook manually. As a response of it someone from the Facebook authority will consider your request and then process it. If they find the newly selected display name in accordance to your business, then it is likely that they will approve your request. Otherwise the Facebook has all the rights to cancel your request at any point.

In order to change the display name of your Facebook page, it is necessary that you are the Admin of the page. Whereas, if your Facebook page is a part of a global franchise then you cannot possibly change your display name. Just like you cannot change the display name for “Pepsi” because it is recognized globally.

Easy to Use

I believe that Facebook marketing is one of the experiences that is exceptionally frustrating.  If you are an individual or running a business you will not find it easy to market your stuff on Facebook. There are various reasons behind this fact from which I have mentioned some of them above. Due to their strict policies and restrictions it is almost impossible for anyone to market their business or brands. Many times a perfect add might end up getting restricted by the Facebook authority due to some unknown reasons. As a result of this, most of the users end up contacting the Facebook support center to know the exact issues and their solutions.