How to Get Free Facebook Likes?

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Having a social media channel is a very demanding task. You need to manage it, decorate it, deal with people connected to it and build it using your hard work and time. There is no magic formula for constructing a PR or trust in the eyes of your social media followers. Well, on Facebook, you can make a page for your fans and start connecting them via this biggest social media channel easily. After creating your page, the very next step should be to start trying to grow and improve your fan base on Facebook. Every page owner wants to get more and more likes for his or her page, but very few of them know the tricks and techniques to boost your likes. Just like there are methods for becoming famous on popular, similarly there are tricks for saving yourself from falling in the pots of getting suspended as this is a common thing that happens to new page owners on Facebook now. Well, if you want to make your Facebook page a success, you need to get more likes as it matters a lot!

You can consider buying likes from many online websites and improve your fan figure, but that would be just a number. You cannot get benefits from that number as you could by improving engagement among your already existing fans. However, this is a controversial topic, and different people have different opinions. If you think, you need to buy likes, and it can help you, you must invest your money as it can assist you in the short run.

Post exciting contests for your Facebook audience

If you have a Facebook page, you must expect people of every age to visits you here as Facebook has a user activity of teens as well as adults more than 45 years of age. So the audience is variable, and you can target all of them simultaneously. Posting a contest should be your first step if you want to get more visibility as contests can make people go crazy. Your existing fans can get you more fans from their Facebook circle to like your page so that they can participate in our contest. You can post any contest that might be related to your online business or products. As a reward, you can offer the winners a discount, a coupon or any other thing that is interesting to them. Post updates related to your Facebook contest on your other social media channels and your blog so that more and more people can check it out on your Facebook page.

Contests can help you go viral so you should be prepared to deal with a vast number of fans who will start liking you just for the sake of taking part in the contest. Now it is up to you whether you will keep them interested or not. Contests are an excellent opportunity for any online business to exciting the customers and to get more likes.

Avoid spamming your fans

If you are constantly sending messages and status updates to your Facebook fans, they will get irritated, and you might start losing them. So to keep them and to attract more fans, have a strategy of posting on your Facebook page so that you can be regular and post hen required. Nobody likes to listen to your stories when it is 2 a.m. in the night. Don’t post irrelevant links and content that is not related to your page. Just keep your ethics and be decent.

Share visual content on your Facebook page

Visual content is always in demand! If you want to make your Facebook page go viral, add viral videos or images that can attract more fans. The top thing to do is to share your YouTube videos to your Facebook channel so that your YouTube channel viewers can also visit your page and check out what’s going on there. That is impossible that if anyone is not using Facebook because everyone uses this social media website. All you want to do is to direct the traffic of your online customers and followers towards your Facebook fan page. Your fans who like watching videos can share your content and get you more likes using this visual content. Promote your brand in your videos and add simple call to action segment at the end of the videos asking your viewers to like your page and encourage them to ask others to like your page too.

Link your social media channels and your blog with Facebook

It is always beneficial to connect your blog and other networks to your Facebook page. Add details of these channels in the description of your fan page so that if any Facebook user wants to find you on Twitter or Instagram, he could find you easily. Similarly, add your Facebook page link to your YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn and your official blog so that people can easily get your fan page on Facebook. You can share multiple updates about upcoming contests, new discount campaigns; new product launches anything that is going on your Facebook page so this can be a great way to promote your fan page for getting more likes.

Add a like button to your blog and website

Nowadays, you can add a like button linking directly to your Facebook page to your blog or official website. This is extremely helpful in getting more likes for your page as it takes a second to click that button. Many people who follow you on internet can like you on Facebook without opening their Facebook profile and the inconvenience of searching your fan page is also removed as they can just click on the like button, and you will get a like. Feature that like option on your website or blog and ask your internet visitors to click that button. That would help you to get more likes.

Well, these were some of the methods to increase the number of likes for your page on Facebook, and all of these are ethical and legal. Just make sure you have quality content and tricks to engage your audience, and you will get more likes for your page without any need of buying likes or using wrong methods.


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