How to Get Your Instagram Ad Approved


By Nazia Khan-Ahmed

To design an advertisement on Instagram is similar to making one on Facebook. You simply have to follow the similar procedure as you use on Facebook. The Instagram advertisement system has features that are quite different from the Facebook advertisement system.

Advertisements can be rejected several times. It’s not a big deal when it comes to approving the online advertisement process. You cannot be vigilant about the numerous Facebook rules that they have set and from them which one you have breached. There is a chance It can also be a human error in this case.

Apart from this, you can get a number of options if you face rejection for your advertisement. For example, you can file an appeal against the rejection, secondly you can make some changes in it so that it can be accepted or you can create a new one and delete the rejected one.

In addition to the above options, you can create a new advertisement with the same components and resubmit it. In order to get satisfactory result, you should try to attempt doing this in a different timing from when you did it previously.

You can note that the Facebook and Instagram approval process is frequently changing from time to time in the whole day. It can be your hard luck that you may face some difficulties in submitting your advertisements because you never know who is managing the desk that same day. On the other hand, you can get approved on the next day easily.

You will face no risk and can easily overcome the loss of approval for one day apart from having it rejected several times. For this purpose, you should pre plan your advertisements, so that you may not face delay in your work. Apart from this, it is simply upon your luck that your advertisements may get approved at once without having to face difficulty and opting for the above options.


Appeal Filing


In case you take the option for filing an appeal, in this way you would be able to get connected with the Facebook authority directly. Through this, you can ask the Facebook authority the reason for having your advertisement rejected through which error. You can also ask them for a manual second time review that either it was rejected due to any unacceptable reason of the customer or it was breaching the Facebook rules violation policy.

If the Facebook authority reviews your advertisement the second time after you make an appeal, due to some reasons it is still found to be resulting in the violation according to any of the set rules of Facebook. In this case you will have no other option than to not choose this particular section. After this situation, you will also not have the option of appealing for the second time. In another case, if the Facebook authority reviews your advertisement after your appeal and they found out that that it has no false activity and it can be allowed to get the approval. In this case, the Facebook authority approves your advertisement.

If the Facebook authority approves your advertisement after you make an appeal. Then you should keep in mind that you can run your advertisement in accordance to your business use. In connection to this, if your advertisement is according to your business campaign series then it will begin to work on immediate basis. Furthermore, you will be charged for running the advertisement accordingly. If in case your advertisement is not approved and is a part of your work series, then your advertisement will not run.

In order to make an appeal to the authority regarding the rejection of your advertisement , following steps should be followed

Firstly, you have to click on the link to open the Facebook help center page. On your screen, a form will appear that is   “Appeal a Disapproved Ad” form. After this, you will have to answer some questions regarding which of your ad has was disapproved and the reason for it. After you submit the information form it then sends you the ad for reviewing manually. This particular process can go up to unlimited hours to unlimited days. So you will have to wait for it.

In several cases, it is a possibility that the ad appeal form is broken. You can sometime submit it through several available web browsers. It is a possibility that Facebook has a backend issue in submitting the form. In this case, you can have two options. Either you wait for the response or ignore the appeal section and choose the next option.


Correct and Submit again!

Fix and submit option can be considered in fixing the rejected ad. On the other hand it is a complicated procedure, However It can be done in two ways

Firstly, your dedication in making an ad so that it does not get rejected. Secondly, you have to understand the policies of Facebook ,So that you are able to make your ad accordingly and know your mistake that you made while making your ad.

You should keep in mind that you must try to appeal the system. Even though you do not submit the final appeal. It can be because most of the times you may not see the rejection appeal for the ad. If you do not see it, then it means that your add was not approved due to some violation of Facebook policy. Some of the violation types may include firstly the Age violation for example, if you are advertise your cigarette brand through Facebook or Instagram. It will require you to mention the age limitation for minors who are less than 18 years old. If you do not mention it then your ad can be rejected because this ad will breach the policy of Facebook. A reason might be that your ad can lead young generation to the use of alcohol due to their lack of awareness.

Some of the Factors that can lead you to the approval of ad are mentioned below


Factor Number 1

If you are planning for approval of your ad on Instagram, then you should be aware of these important points. The image that you have included in the ad does not in any case breach the Instagram policies. Secondly, the description or information that you have added in the ad does not have any negative impact that may result in violation of policy. Thirdly, the number of words that you use in your ad along with the image should be limited in accordance to the ad policy otherwise it will be rejected.


Factor Number 2

In order to approve your ad, Facebook will also have to check that either your ad is compatible with your main page or not. In connection to this they will also see whether your business page is functional or not and is not  violating any terms of conditions.

Along with the above aspects, including some of the technical factors at backend point can be reviewed in order to know the cause of rejection of ad.

Before you submit an ad for approval, it best that you should double check the content. It is a good habit always, after double checking your ad you yourself will know your mistakes and also that your ad does not contain the things that are a breach to Instagram policies and standards.

Some of the violation factors may include the following

Copy right of photos

You should not use the images or photographs used by others. This will lead in the rejection of your ad.

Age appropriate photos

Images depicting nudity or profanity of any form can straightly be rejected. Even how artistic it may be. The Instagram Policies does not tolerate nudity. There are many accounts on Instagram that have been banned due to violation of these rules. You have to steer clear of these kinds of mistakes or your account will be in hot water.

Advertisement of Illegal Services

Some of the illegal services including dealing firearms, sexual services, drugs trading  etc. are prohibited in the policies. In some cases, you may have an exception if you have a written approval for example, dating sites, gambling sites pharmacies etc. You may have the option to appeal in case if you have a written approval and were rejected due to some reason.


Selling tobacco products to underage users

Some of the prohibited items including tobacco products, drugs, harmful supplements, weapons, explosive materials, sexual contents, steroids, herbal supplements, medicine to increase longevity and endurance etc.


Ads That instigate racism and gender stereotypes

The ads that target racial group is prohibited on Instagram. You can never have an idea that what kind of audience you can have. The content related to religion, age, gender or race etc. Also suggesting  any kind of personal attack is not allowed according to Instagram policies.

Instagram contains some other policies too. If you face ad rejection you might be aware of the reason. For knowing the reason behind the rejection you will have to skim through these factors

First of all, you must change your landing page URL to your home page. By doing this you can change some of the issues that would exist regarding the correlation of the landing page with the add. In case the other information that you have provided is correct and up to the mark in accordance with the policies, then it may be possible that the issue was created by the landing page.

Secondly, you can consider making possible changes to your ad text. You can change the whole text format of the ad in order to see that if it was the reason. Similarly, you can use the same procedure as for changing the pictures in the ad.

Thirdly, targeting options can also be an issue. For example, choosing a particular target audience like children for an alcohol ad will definitely take you to rejection. So it is important that you should choose the proper audience to target.

Finally, outstanding payments can also be a reason for a rejection. If in any situation, Facebook finds out that you have not paid for your ad at any point, then they have the authority to cancel your ad. Due to the Facebook Financial Fraud Policy, you can face a ban. So it is better that you should make required payments.In case you have used all of the above options and still you are facing problems, then this can be due to following reasons.

Go Through the Process of Creating a New Ad

A possible rejection can be due to the harsh judgment of the Facebook management authority for your ad. The more changes you try to make in your ad, the more they make it difficult to be approved. In this case, it is not beneficial to make changes in your ad again and again. You should now create a new ad.


Blocking of Business Page by Facebook

It has been seen a number of times that due to the misuse or breach of any of the policy, trademarks or copyrights of Facebook, the Facebook authority blocks business page. In either of these cases, Facebook has the right to block your page. Further in some cases you may only be allowed to create an individual profile page only.

It is often seen that a new and creative ad is approved easily. You should avoid making the same mistakes as you did in your previous ad. After making the new ad if in any case you still get rejected then you will have to follow the same step again in order to get your ad approved. Otherwise you will have to contact Facebook authority personally so that you may know the cause of rejection.

Making an ad is easy but getting it approved it a tedious task. Make sure you read the guidelines carefully before submitting an ad. Trust me it will save you a lot of trouble and time. So it’s best to review your ad before submitting for approval to avoid any hassle.


About the Author

Nazia Khan- Ahmed is a Social Media Writer who has majored in Textile Designing. Also Holds Bachelor’s degree in Education and English Language Certification. Finds it impossible to discuss herself in third person but is doing so as per the demands of this bio. She is a home-maker and teaches Textile Designing to degree classes at the same time. Being nocturnal has taught her to manage her work in the night and her home at day time.