Get More Likes on Instagram


When you post a photo on Instagram or any other social media network, what you want the most is more engagement.  In the case of Instagram, you need more comments and likes.

There are two ways get more likes and comments:

  1. Engage your current audience with your content.
  2. Grow your audience


Get more Engagement

You can use up to 30 hashtags for a single post and the best part is that using all 30 will get you the best results. Other hashtag-enabled platforms have a lot of spamming while that is not the case with instagram. In fact, on instagram, you are opening yourself up to a wider audience.

You can use a combination of branded and general tags. This will help a wider audience to see your content. Branded tags only target your current followers while general tags open you up to new users.

Your goal should be to reduce the overlap between tags. You also need to stop using filters, this will help you get more engagement.


Why Filter Free?

Filters are used by people who use low quality cameras, should you be doing the same? Well obviously no. You should use a professional camera and a paid editing software that works. So try to stay away from so-called high quality cell phone cameras and apps.

When you are editing, make sure that you don’t overdo it. Cranking up the color saturation does not help. In fact, they look lazy.


Adding a call to action to your description and your image if possible, and ask your followers to tag their friends. However, do not overdo it, ask your friends occasionally. This will give you more exposure in the long run. Apart from the call to action, your caption should tell your viewers a story.

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, so have a caption in it and why not include 100-200 words. Give your picture a personality and emotion with your writing.



Image Composition

You should be using direct angles for your photographs, try to get more contrast, more detail out of your photos.

Using natural lighting is the way to go. Artificial sources of light can have a different effect than natural light but they are stark and glaring. Do you wonder why professional photographers have those white umbrellas? Their purpose is to reduce blemishes; they can soften the artificial source of light and make it look more natural. This is usually done indoors where natural light is not present.

It is crucial that you study your audience.  Your audience has peak hours of activity, find out those peak hours and you will find a way to get the most likes for your images.

Once you start looking in the right direction, you will find out the peak hours where your audience will give you the most likes. That is the time you should be posting but do not spam your followers. Instagram lets you post as many images as you want, there is no cap, and sometimes you will go a little too far than you liking. Most experts recommend to not post more than 2 or 3 images per day.




Scheduling your Instagram Photos

If you have a very interesting brand that people are mad about or if you have a life that everyone wants to know about ,you can post more than 5 posts in a day but if you are someone who has a smaller brand, this strategy may as well not work.

The most important thing here is your core focus on your content – this goes without saying. Research your competitors and see what they are up to. It can be a little daunting at first because everyone is doing something different and has found their core focus on their content – you can find it too, you just need to keep posting.

Studying your actions on instagram will help you figure out what is working and what is not. There are a lot of factors and you will have to take all of them into consideration. Each factor will tell you’re a story about your brand. The timing of the post, the day, the colour composition, the mood and tone and the call to action on the description – all are important variables here..


Your objective for all of this is to acquire as considerable engagement out of your followers as you can, so you will have to check the comments, is it spam? If so than remove as soon as possible because spams attracts more spam. Spambots can even ruin your instragram profile.


Engaging Mention

But there will be comments which are insightful and good, while some will ask questions, others will reply with answers, but where does this put you in all this? For you this is an opportunity to address your audience. You have to be tough with this, respond to your audience, take criticism and learn from your mistakes. Your customers want to know the person behind the brand; they would want to talk to you because they feel cozier.

What you need is a lot of monitoring features – something like Hootsuite, which is an instagram management program. With this management program, you can keep up with comments as they come in. Monitoring  features help you keep up with the competition and help you with time management, you can be seriously thinking of handling all your social media accounts with just a cell phone right?

Try to get more and more followers; this is the name of the Instagram game. The simple advice above can help you attract more followers and more potential customers. There are literally 100s of techniques that you can use to attract followers but on the most part, these techniques revolves around the same things mentioned in this articles. Creativity is also a factor here, you can strive to develop new ways to engaging your audience or stick to old ones. Whichever the case maybe, learn from them and improve them.