Get More Likes Quickly in These Easy Steps


by Nazia Khan-Ahmed 

 Likes are considered as an exclusive and important part of Facebook. At the time when Facebook first emerged as a great social media channel, since then likes have become a prominent part of it. As the time passed by there came many other social media channels like the Twitter, Instagram etc. which had many different features. Nowadays if you consider all of them, you can see that “Likes” have become an important part of these social media channels. It is a great sign because it helps in engaging a large number of audience with a simple click on the like button. As a major feature of the different social media channels including the Facebook, Twitter and Instagram it is considered as a prominent feature among the three social media channels. Some of the main aspects of all the three social channels which include Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are discussed below

Posting Excellent Content

One of the major aspect that you must focus on is to post quality content on your social media profile pages. It is very important and plays a vital role. Nowadays there are many social media channels and each one having different types of users or audiences, a variety of posting styles and also a variety of different context that are used in each of these social media channels. The main trick that you can find here is to post some authentic or interesting context for the audiences. In this way it will surely help you out in getting numerous likes on your posts very easily.

Following are the three major social media channels discussed which can help you in knowing about the importance of posting some good content.

Facebook: You must consider posting a particular content that is relevant and also setting it to a customized preview. The context that you desire to post must contain possibly 40-50 characters as a whole. These post must be relatively brief and to the point. There is no such word limit when it comes to the context of a post but you must try to use selective information while posting. It must be accurate and appealing so that a large number of viewers can be easily attracted. This will result in getting many likes.

Twitter: Twitter also prefers relevant and brief posts. The total characters according to Twitter are around 70-80 inclusive of the links and hashtags that are used in a post. The users are able to retweet in this way if they require. According to Twitter, the tweet must be informative that will further help in engaging the audiences. You can also add several links in your tweet so that it becomes easier for the user to get to the exact page.

Instagram: Instagram prefers images. Here a good content means posting a high quality image. You must upload some attractive pictures so that you are able to attract different audiences. You can make an image look attractive by applying different color correction tools and also by editing them in order to make some good changes. In this way you will be able to have a high quality image which you can post on your Instagram feed. On the other hand, if you want to use the text content you can include different hashtags in your post. By using hashtags your post can become more appealing and it can help you in getting some positive results.

Keep Timing and Frequency of Posting Under Consideration

Timing is important. It plays a vital role when you decide to publish your profile pages or to develop your business effectively through marketing. Due to proper time management, there are many individuals as well as different businesses which flourished in no time. You must focus on the proper timings in order to attract the audiences. Timely posts will also help you in engaging a large number of audiences. If we consider the three major social media channels that are Facebook, Instagram and Twitter the aspect of time is very important among all these three channels as discussed:

Facebook: Timely posts are an effective way to attract a large number of audiences. On Facebook, if you want to market your business or brand you must post on timely basis. It is considered as a slow but steady platform which you can use for the promotion of your businesses or brands. You can set up specific time in which you can post. For example, many users think that it is ideal that you must post two times on daily basis that may be one in a day time and the other at night. The ideal time in view of many uses is between 1pm to 3pm. Similarly, you must post seven days a week on a regular basis. You must also set up your specific timings for posting. Most of the people think that it is also important that you post on weekends too. It is because many people tend to view and like different posts when they are free from other work. It will help you in boosting your business.

Twitter: You must follow certain timings and limitations on Twitter also. On Twitter, you have the option of posting up to 14 tweets on a daily basis. These tweets must range from 1 to 2 per hour. On weekends this option falls to around 7 tweets per day that is specifically one tweet after every three hours. Many marketers prefer making a tweet on Twitter in the peak hours. This helps to attract and engage a large number of audiences. In view of many people, the peak timings for engagement are considered between noon to 3pm following with 5pm that is also a peak hour. You can always post on the mentioned peak timings in order to market and promote your brand or businesses. This will help to attract a large number of audiences.

Instagram: On Instagram, the time management also plays a vital role. According to most people, the peak timings of Instagram comprises of three time ranges around the day. The timings are 8am, 5pm and 2am. You can post on Instagram on these preferred timings so that you are able to engage a large number of audiences. Many people use Instagram before or after their official working hours. So if you decide to promote your business through the Instagram then you can post a video or context in the peak timings so that many people are able to view it.

Apart from the above information, you might find a slight difference in the peak hours if you are using the social media channels. This may be due to the difference of geographical locations or the change in the official working hours. In these cases, you must try and search for the specific timings for posting. Otherwise if there is no difference than you can follow the above provided information.

Use Hashtags Effectively

You can use the # hashtags while creating a specific post. Hashtags are signs that are viewed as a #. You can add them in your conversations as well as any of your context. Facebook provides a limited function of the # hashtags. Many people include them in their own context while posting on their Facebook profile. On the other hand, if we talk about Twitter, we can see that the use of #hashtags are important while using in every tweet. These hashtags are considered as an essential part when you are making a tweet on Twitter. These hashtags are also considered as a part of global trend and an open public forum which the users can use effectively. If we consider Instagram, the hashtags are help particularly in different ways to get to know about many different contents. The use of hashtags also helps in engaging with a society that is based on many different aspects. Hashtags has resulted in making a normal post turn into an attractive one which the users can easily use as a source to communicate and also to get engaged with other users. These are many different uses of hashtags. Some of them are discussed below:

If we talk about the hashtags, we can see that hashtags generally have two types in which they are available. Firstly, the branded hashtags and the second type is the generic hashtags.

The branded hashtags are those particular hashtags that comprises of a brand name or a name of a product. For example, #Nestle, #Cow Gate and many others. These branded hashtags can also include the tags that are specifically related to any of the campaign that you are running or promoting.

On the other hand, the Generic hashtags are the type of tags that are not particularly monitored by any specific business or party. These are just related to the thoughts of an individual person or are relevant to the context of a post. For example, #pretty, #small or #beautiful and many other similar hashtags

You can choose to include the relevant hashtags as you like. For example, you can use the branded hashtags related to your business products and the generic hashtags for making general posts or messages.

If you relate the use of hashtags to different social media channels that include the Facebook, Twitter and Instagram you can find out the following aspects:

Complexities of Facebook Hashtags

According to some researches made by experts, you will have a lower engagement rate if you use a lot of hashtags. There are many such examples. These may include the particular posts that contains a total of 1-2 hashtags resulted in having around 600 interactions. Whereas, the posts that contain 6-10 hashtags had around 300 interaction rate. According to these analysis, many experts say that you must try to avoid using the hashtags. If in case, you do use the hashtags these must not exceed from more than 2. This will help you to get more and more likes by the users.

Two Ways of Using Hashtags   

On twitter there are two ways of using the hashtags. In first way you can use the branded hashtags in order to keep the conversation going among the audiences. With the help of hashtags, you will be able to get the engagement rate up to two times more.

Now’s let’s focus on the second way, hashtags can be used in order to inspire yourself. For example, you can get engaged in a conversation that is already in progress among the users. In this way you will be able to easily get the attraction of the users that are available in the particular conversation.

Instagram hashtags work the same way as Twitter tags: You have the choice to use as many hashtags as you want. It is because on Instagram, there is no specific built-in character limit unlike the Facebook and the Twitter. In this way you can simply use up to 5-10 hashtags in each of your posts. You must choose some unique hashtags that will help in attracting the audiences.

Social Media Buttons: Use them

You can find out many different social media sharing buttons on the social media channels. These are of two types. Firstly, the native buttons and secondly the plugins. You can use these while using the Facebook, Twitter or the Instagram in following ways


If you desire to use the native code, you can find a variety of buttons on Facebook. There are a variety of buttons which include the like button which is considered as the major one, also include the follow buttons, code for embedded posts, share button, like box, embedded feeds and many other buttons.

For Twitter

Twitter also contains a variety of buttons which include the share link button, the follow button, the button for specific hashtag or a button that contains the built-in mention. By using them appropriately these may result in effective engagement among the users.


Instagram differs from the other available social channels when it comes to the social sharing buttons. Instead of these buttons they contain badges. One of the major difference is that Instagram is a platform that is specifically set up for the be mobile-first and mobile-only. So you will be required to use their mobile app in order to post some content.

Tag Captains of Your Industry

The process of influencing your audience is called Influencer marketing. It related to finding out the specific audiences who intend to share your posts with others. It can simply be done by posting some particular content and then share that content on your social media profile. Further you must tag those users or mention them in your post. In this way you will be able to easily gain their attention. This will further result in the sharing of your post with other users. You can use these tactics while using the social channels like the Facebook, Twitter and the Instagram in the following ways:

For Facebook

On Facebook you can choose to use the AgoraPulse as an influencer for checking tool. It shows you the trends and topics from the influencers in your niche, and it helps you manage your social dashboards. For example, with the help of it you can schedule posts, manage engagement, and reach out to influencers in one place.

For Twitter

On Twitter you can select the option of Twitonomy. You can even see who is most influential amongst your followers or amongst the people you follow, and in this way you will be able to track all sorts of additional information. It is considered as very useful as an analytics tool.

For Instagram 

While using the Instagram, you may find some restrictions that are related to the web API. Here you can make a list of hashtags for your brand or business. In this way you can see who is most active and influential in these particular tags and also who shows their interest in the content that you post.


About the Author 

Nazia Khan- Ahmed is a Social Media Writer who has majored in Textile Designing. Also Holds Bachelor’s degree in Education and English Language Certification. Finds it impossible to discuss herself in third person but is doing so as per the demands of this bio. She is a home-maker and teaches Textile Designing to degree classes at the same time. Being nocturnal has taught her to manage her work in the night and her home at day time.