Get Maximum Engagement on Your Facebook Photo in 12 Easy Ways



By Nazia Khan-Ahmed 

Want to boost your Facebook page with maximum number of likes try using more images in your posts than the context. Posting images can be useful for you to attract a large number of audiences in a very less time. You can easily do it with the help of EdgeRank. With the help of EdgeRank you can give individual value to all of your posts and they are shown in your news feed more often. As a result of this everything that you post results in a higher and wider audience reach.

I recommend that you should try out the following tips if you want to give your Facebook an instant boost by using the images.


  1. Post HD Photos

Using high quality images are useful in order to attract a maximum number of audience in a very short period. It is one of the best ways that you can use to increase the number of followers on your Facebook account as well as it increases the number of likes that you get by the audiences. You can use professional cameras for this purpose. Use the professional DSLR camera if you want to. Or otherwise if you require you can also hire a professional photographer for this particular purpose. I suggest that you should try to be creative and go for some good shots that can attract people. If you are running a business, for example a business of shoes, you can post the pictures of the branded shoes by combining it with the changes of weather. Like boots can be presented in connection to the winter season that you can show in the background. Similarly, you can market the images of sports shoes or snickers if there is a soccer world cup going on. You can post the images of your sports shoes brand with the players of different teams wearing them. In this way you will be able to attract a number of audiences.

Make use of some sharp and bright images. It is because the wavy images do not look good and people do not like them. As a result, it is very likely that they might delete your post that contains a low quality image. So it is very important that you should post some high quality images on your Facebook post in order to get a maximum number of likes.


  1. Run Like/Share Contests

You can increase the number of engagements on your Facebook post getting more likes and more shares. For this purpose, you can find EdgeRank to be useful for you. It helps to display the image in front of the audiences many times that you posted on your profile. It works in a simple way. As more and more audiences interact with you Facebook page, they start to see more of your posts again and again on a timely basis. Whereas, if your followers engage less with your page then as a result they will see very few of your posts. Moreover, if the audience get engage to the bottom of the barrel click bait then they will be able to see your related sales post.


  1. Support a Common Cause

One of the simple tactics that you can use to get the maximum number of likes is by supporting a common cause. In this way you can draw the user’s sympathy towards your post which results in getting the required number of likes on a particular post. For example, you can support the cause for proving homes to many people who are homeless. You can ask people to support the cause by liking or sharing the particular post on their Facebook timelines. In this way many people will show their sympathy towards your post and support it by clicking on the like button.

Similarly, you can also post regarding something tragic to gain the user’s attention. For example, posts regarding a natural disaster like a flood or an earthquake can be posted on your account. You can ask people to join your page by liking it as a symbol of support to help the needy. You will see that a large number of audience will like your page in order to support the cause.

All these things which I mentioned above are a great idea that you can use in your posts. It will also get you the maximum number of likes too but I recommend that you should not use these kind of tricks very often in order to get more likes.


  1. Images with Text

While posting on Facebook try using some informative and interesting contents. This is also a great way to build up the interest of users towards your posts. Post some motivational quotes, inspirational statements and interesting contents. In this way you can automatically draw the attention of a maximum number of users. Try to avoid the use of any degraded contents. These can include hate speech, abusive language or harsh words that could hurt any of your viewer. I recommend that you should also try using any of the specialized themes like science themes, technological themes and many others.


  1. Contest of Best Caption

I suggest that you try using the Caption Contests to get some better results.

These contests are effective in a way that it draws the audience to give their comments on a particular post. You will see that there are many users who give their authentic feedbacks in reply to your posts. For example, you can suggest an opinion of yours in your posts and ask the users to give their views whether they agree with your suggestion or not. In this way many of the users will comment on your post and give their feedbacks. This is one of the effective ways to get your audience engaged to your post. On the other hand, there are some users who post a spam post in the comment section of the post. So I recommend that it is important that you should monitor all the comments that appear in your post and delete any irrelevant or ambiguous comments. You must also remove disgraceful comments too that includes violent comments, abusive language or any similar comment.


6. Extract Most Comments by Asking for Opinions


you can encourage your audience to answer questions on your posts. this can be mainly done in two ways.

  1. You can ask questions that are related to your business
  2. You can ask question about your audience

For example, you can ask your audience which type of food they prefer Thai or Chinese although you are not running a food related business or page. This will spark a heated debate between your followers which is pretty good for you.

There is another option for you to ask question relevant to your business. If you have received complaints regarding your product that it has various flaws you can put up a picture of the product and ask your audience to comment about the product and ways to improve it. Same thing goes for your customer services. By doing this you can conduct market research and getting valuable information without going out of your way.

You can also ask your audience to post about their expectations of your brand. Like which color they would want in your next collection and which style they might prefer. Trust me there are a lot of people who will comment and it will give you a chance to plan your next collection.


  1. Post Images your Audience Can Relate to

You can kill two birds with one stone by this method, this types of post should be made when you have nothing more to post and if you post just one more image of your product you would get a backlash. This is the way to go, posting relatable images will give a chance for your audience to connect with you. Let me give an example you can post image of a funny meme related to the struggles of motherhood if you are running a clothing brand page for infants. This will give your audience a way to relate to you and spark up a debate on motherhood, it’s perks and struggles.

Don’t become too political on your posts for example posting an image with caption that ‘Like if you are Supporting Conservative Party’ and ‘share of you are supporting Co-Operative Part’. For sure it will get you loads of comments but in most of them people will be fighting which is not exactly ideal.

There are many issues that you wouldn’t want to start a debate upon like abortion, gun control, drugs, LGBT Issues etc. Try to steer clear of these issues. Posting in support or against any one of these issues will make you lose almost half of your followers. Internet Annoying Comment Task Force will take the opportunity to post nasty comment to instigate others into using profane and abusive language, which is not a pleasant thing to read.


  1. Post During Highest Traffic Time

Thanks to Facebook’s algorithm EdgeRank it is one of the major factors that determines whether a user on Facebook sees your post or not. Once they click unfollow or Stop Seeing This Post you are doomed and EdgeRank will push your posts farther away from their sight.

If your old posts are not getting the attention you want them to gain probably it’s time to post fresh content.

Posting during peak hours is something you have to schedule in order to get maximum engagement. Just try posting at midnight for a week and see how the engagement rate drops as compared to high traffic time.

Study the audience and see which time they are usually online; teens are usually online throughout the night but elderly people don’t stay up that late.


  1. Post Exclusive Content

How many times you have opened and closed a page just because they have the same old memes from 2014. Nobody wants to see this. You have to post the content that is hottest around the social media. This is time for you to explore your own creativity and come up with content and images you create yourself.

You can post images that were clicked by you, there is no rocket science involve—just use a good camera and take few good pictures, apply filters and voila. It is really beneficial if you hire a professional photographer to take pictures of your products.


  1. Use Less Hashtags

I have posted articles about Hashtags and their importance on Instagram as Instagram runs on Hashtags but Facebook doesn’t. using hashtags can drop your engagement levels another reason is that Facebook hashtags will only show the posts made by your friends and family rather all the posts made globally.  This is also the reason that Facebook Hashtags have a bad reputation.

Twitter and Instagram uses Hashtags liberally and if any user sees a post with various hashtags he might think that this post was automated. Facebook is about human interaction so people avoid responding to automatic posts as they might think that the comment might not get a reply.


  1. Don’t Over-Edit


These days images have become host to so much abuse it is absolutely crazy. Let me start with the selfies they are so heavily edited that it takes the beauty out of the original image. Same goes for the pictures posted on your business page of your products. They shouldn’t be so edited that the users don’t get the real flavor of your products.

Too much color correction, hue change and brightness might appear beautiful but it is not the color of your product. Once the customer receives the product they will get annoyed and this kind of complaint is something that you wouldn’t want for your business.


12. Update with Time

Sticking with the same stale profile picture and Cover photo will get you nowhere. Always spice up your profile with fresh content and fresh images relevant to any holiday season or an event. This will really create a buzz amongst your audience.


About the Author 

Nazia Khan- Ahmed is a Social Media Writer who has majored in Textile Designing. Also Holds Bachelor’s degree in Education and English Language Certification. Finds it impossible to discuss herself in third person but is doing so as per the demands of this bio. She is a home-maker and teaches Textile Designing to degree classes at the same time. Being nocturnal has taught her to manage her work in the night and her home at day time.