Get Maximum Followers by Using these Safe Methods

 Followers are considered as the most vital part of any social media network. Whether you are using the social channel like the Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Google+ or any other social media channel it is very important to get a large number of followers. Followers are the users or audiences who like your social media channel stay connected with it.  As more and more followers like and follow your social page it will help you in getting more famous. Without having followers on your social account, no one will know you or your business that even it exists or not. This will lead your social account to become boring and less effective.

In this particular article I am going to discuss two of the famous social channels. These are the Twitter and the Instagram.

These two social networks are very well known as the most famous and effective channels which you can use to get connected with other people. These two social channels have made a great place in a short time.

Now let’s discuss both of them

First of all, I will discuss about Instagram.

Post Clean, Professional, High Quality Media

Instagram exclusively focuses on images as well as all the relevant the data which is related to these images. You can post some high quality images on the Instagram in order to attract the audiences. The text elements which you include in your posts along with your image are known as the footnote. These images can be related to anything. You can post the images of some beautiful scenes, the landscapes, birds, animals, or anything. These can also be related to a general topic. If you are running a business then it is most suitable for you to posts the images of your brand or products. This can be useful if you want to increase the number of your audiences or customers.

Always try to post some attractive images. It is because the users like them. They will not bother to click and see any unattractive or distasteful pictures.

Post Exquisite DSLR Photos

Ideally you can use a professional DSLR camera for capturing some high quality images to post on your Instagram account. It is the most important thing. On the other hand, if you do not have one and you are thinking of capturing an image to post on the Instagram from your mobile phone then it will not have some great results. Never post the pictures which you capture from your mobile directly on the Instagram. First try to edit them by using the photo editor. The pictures taken from a mobile phone will not get matched to the quality which your users want.

Write a Compelling Bio with Keywords and Link

I recommend you to include some relevant links and keywords in your Instagram posts. It is very important because there are many people who search for the required posts by using the keywords. You can also include a link that takes the audience to your website when they click it. This is a great way to make your posts more valuable.

Routinely Like and Comment on Relevant Images

Try to make a routine to like a comment on relevant images. This is important because relevance plays a vital role.

Geotag Photos

While marketing your brand on the Instagram you can use the geo targeting. Geotargeting relates to the term when you post any image that contains geographic information in it. In this way people e nearby can search for it and find you easily. It is very helpful in increasing your number of followers.

Always Reply to Comments

Always try to post some good content. You should try collecting some informative and unique information for posting. Users get easily attracted when they find some good and new material to see. They will automatically like your posts and leave their comments on it.

Follow What Direct Competitors are doing

I suggest you to keep a close eye on the activities of your competitors too. Look out for what contents they post which attract the users. You can use some of those strategies in order to market your business or brands.

Sharing a Photo on Instagram

Just try to post some quality pictures on Instagram. It is a simple trick which is very useful.

You must focus on the image framing, the action, the implied history of the image, and also many similar aspects in order to create a unique and attractive image. It works out best.

Host Photo Contest

You can run some Photo Contests on your Instagram account. This is another great way to make people to get engaged. For this purpose, you can just ask your audiences to submit their best pictures. You can also ask people to enter the contest by using the contest-specific hash tags too. After the deadline is over you can select one of the best images and reward the person.

Remove the Oldest, bad quality Images from time to time

As time passes you should try to remove some of your older posts. Otherwise people will still browse some older links which may not work currently.

Upload Gripping Pictures

As like Instagram, you can also post some images on twitter too. This can give some weight to your context that you post. You must be aware of the fact that whenever you post an image on the twitter, you image gets squeezed down. It further gets cropped from the top and the bottom except when you click to expand it. So just make sure that you include the important part of the image in the middle. In order to save your time and effort you can even share your image directly from your Instagram account.

Post a Dozen Seed Tweets

If you are a newbie and have recently created your account, then here is a useful tip for you. Just avoid to market or promote your social account at its fullest until the time when you have at least a good number of tweets already posted to your account. These can be ideally posted in a few days time. The timestamps and variety of these posts will surely make many people to get an idea of your activity level. This will also make them to know the kinds of contents that you post at the time you finally invite the users to follow your profile.

Don’t Forget to Link to Other Social Networks

You can link your other social networks to your twitter or the Instagram account by including them organically in your posts.

Always Connect Twitter to Facebook

I recommend that you should try to connect your twitter account to your Facebook account. This is great way to link the stuff you post from one social channel to the other. This also makes people to know that you are available on other channels too. For example, you can include a link which says “join our contest on Facebook”. This will surely make many users to click it to join.

Add Social Sharing Buttons Everywhere

You can also try to include the Social sharing buttons in your posts. Many people use them on the Instagram. Moreover, these social sharing buttons works best on the twitter. It can be effective whenever the users want to quote something or include some reference of your context which you posted. This can greatly help in increasing the number of audiences which can further become followers.

 Post Your Twitter Handle Wherever Possible

Nowadays you can get connected to your social account that is the twitter and Instagram from anywhere. Try posting your twitter handle from everywhere. You can post your twitter handle on your website, on your other social profiles, on your guest post bio, on your personal site, in your email signature, on your business cards, on your mass mailers, in your store, in your TV commercials, and every other place which you like. In a short time you will see some great results.

Find and Utilize Relevant Hashtags, 1-2 per Tweet

Always try to include some relevant hash tags in your posts while posting on Twitter or the Instagram. Twitter has limited the usage of hash tags to 1-2 per post. Whereas, on the Instagram, you can use as much hash tags as you like on every image that you post. You can also use a mixture of different types of tags too. These include all the relevant tags which make up for your brand, the tags used by your industry, and the generalist tags like #sweet.

Become an Active Participant in Industry Chats

I suggest that you should try to participate in the chats that take place. The twitter chats are basically the hash tag-focused discussions which are scheduled at different times. These are specifically set at a time on which many influencers are available around in order to reply to you. This particularly includes the aspects of people talks, weighing in on industry events, and building different connections. When you participate in the chats, people get to know that you are a part of the business industry and like to be treated accordingly.

 Don’t Forget to Respond to Replies and @Mentions

Do not forget to respond to the queries or comments of your audiences. Just remember that it is one of the great ways by which you can get engaged with your audiences. In addition to this, the Mentions are considered as the direct public messages. These are particularly related to your business or brands which needs your brand to get noticed. This leads to some positive responses from your audiences.

If I talk about twitter here the replies are considered as the semi-private messages which allow you to converse any relevant queries or issues with the customer services or management.

Post on a Schedule

I recommend you to post your stuff on a regular basis. You can set up a schedule for this purpose too but try to go according to the set schedule. Believe me in a short time you will see some great results. Many social channels especially the twitter supports posting on a daily basis.  Just try to make sure that you are posting some interesting and informative things. Otherwise, boring and repeated posts can easily draw away a large number of audiences.

 Host Various Social Contests

On twitter you can run different contests for the purpose of engaging the audiences. You can create some contest apps too. These contest apps are a great way to easily get connected by using just a mobile phone. Try thinking of some new contest ideas. These greatly help in promoting your business and also effective in engaging a large number of audiences to your posts. You can think of a unique idea and then start accordingly. Then you will need to promote it on your social channel. As for the next step, make possible ways of attraction for the audiences so that they get attracted to your contest which will surely lead them to get engaged with it. Do not forget to reward the winner. You can do this effectively by using your twitter account.

 Don’t Unfollow in Bulk

Never unfollow maximum twitter accounts at a single time. This act can easily lead you to the suspension of your account from the twitter authority. You can even face a lifelong ban too. Whenever you unfollow a lot of twitter accounts at one time then twitter assumes that you are trying to set off the follow-backs and abuse the system. For this reason the twitter authority suspends your existing twitter account due to an abuse.

Don’t Go on Long rant

Lastly, just try to avoid getting into long frenzy discussions. It is because Twitter is not proposed for such lengthy and detailed discussions.  I have seen many people who post some long detailed messages on Twitter. I recommend you to avoid them. If you really need to have some long discussions then it is better that you choose any other social channel for this purpose.


About the Author 

Olivia Pearce is a Social Media Writer who has majored in Textile Designing. Also Holds Bachelor’s degree in Education and English Language Certification. Finds it impossible to discuss herself in third person but is doing so as per the demands of this bio. She is a home-maker and teaches Textile Designing to degree classes at the same time. Being nocturnal has taught her to manage her work in the night and her home at day time.