Get Maximum Likes on Your Photos by Using these 9 Methods

 Facebook is the most used platform of over billions of users. It is one of the best communication mean you can get these days. People from all around the world use Facebook for communicating with each other as well as for various purposes. It is a general concept that on Facebook the using the metaphors or imagery works way better than pure text.

If you are a regular Facebook user or a marketer, then you must be aware of this fact. Many businesses as well as marketers know the importance of using images in their Facebook posts. Thanks to the EdgeRank in particular images and pictures are given more precedence as compared to normal contents or just text. As a result, these images bring out some great results. In addition to this these images also works best in increasing the reach of your Facebook posts to a greater extent.

Nowadays you can see that almost every Facebook post contains an image in it. Some people use images with bright colors whereas some of them attach warm colored images with their posts. You can also find some short text written on different images which enhances its quality. In my opinion it does not matter which ever image you use in your posts. Just make sure that you are using some quality images that portray your feelings or the main idea you that you want to show to the audiences. Well nowadays this has established as a new baseline.

The main idea behind sharing my point is to get more and more likes on your Facebook images. I know that every one of you wants to get a maximum number of likes on their Facebook images as well as your Facebook posts. It is a natural thing. Getting more likes is a sign that you are doing a great job. And most of all the people whom you want to show admire your effort by liking your posts.

Now in what ways can you give a boost to your photo likes?

There are many ways in which you can do so. You simply need to brainstorm different ideas and then use them in order to enhance your Facebook posts as well as to give a boost to all your posts.  I have compiled some of the ways by which you can easily do so and also attract a maximum number of audiences to like your Facebook posts.

    1. Keep HD Photos Exclusively for Posts

Ideally a picture can say a thousand words which words cannot say. I believe that pictures are one of the best and most effective ways of expressing your feelings to others. Well you can simply do this by posting some high quality and attractive images on your Facebook page. Believe me in this way you can attract quite a lot of users towards your post.

Photo Tips

Simply avoid posting some traditional and boring images. No one likes them and this is a major cause of decrease in the rate of engagements on your Facebook page. If you want to get the best out of your Facebook pictures, then I recommend you to first search out for some basic information about image composition and editing and post them accordingly. Trust me this can really make a difference.

  1. Add Texts on Photos

You can also include some informative or interesting text on your pictures. This is quite a good option to make your pictures look more attractive. You can include some text like the motivational quotes, inspirational expressions, messages or any other type of interesting facts. In addition to this you can also set up a specialized theme and then post different types of images according to that particular theme. While on the other hand Facebook does not promote too much text on images. And this rule also applies on ads as well.

Text in Facebook Photo

I believe that using text in your images increases the attractiveness of your images and your images becomes more viable. It is generally seen that many people usually read the text that is written on the images whereas they ignore any descriptions which are written other than that.

  1. Host Caption Contests

Running caption contests on your Facebook page is also one of  the useful options which you can use. You can run a weekly or a monthly contest to attract a number of audiences.  Let’s say for example you can set up a contest in which you can post an attractive image and then ask your audiences to like that image or share that image with their friends and other contacts. While conducting the contest I recommend you to set up a reward for the winner. This is a great way to attract more and more people and make them to participate in the contest.

  1. Post Socially Applicable Images

I believe that posting socially relevant images on your Facebook page is kind of a double-edged sword. So you need to be careful while using it. It can either make your and or result in a major downfall if you do not use it in the right way. Social issues are generally very sensitive. And whenever you post something related to a that you get quite a lot of different responses from your audiences. Some might take it as a positive thing while others can probably have negative views about that particular issue.

So I strongly suggest that you must try to avoid posting anything serious social issues. These can include issues like abortion, gun control, gay marriage, drug legalization and so on. Posting these type of issues can lead you to a disaster which can also lower the number of followers as well as the engagement rate of your Facebook page.

  1. Post During Peak Traffic Hours

Posting your contents during peak can really make a difference. Try to check out for the peak hours in which most of the user’s log on to their Facebook pages. You need to post your images or contents on that particular time. Generally, the peak hours are start at mid-day and then in the evening. So I recommend you to post some of your best as well as your new stuff in these timings.  This can really boost up your engagement rate.

  1. Post Exclusive Content

Posting unique contest can play a major role in increasing the success ratio of your Facebook posts. With so many social media pages these days you cannot figure out which is the best one among all of them. So I recommend you to always try to post some unique and interesting stuff. People like to see and read some unique posts. Nowadays you can find hundreds of pages that contain the same old contents that are repeatedly posted again and again. These are of no use.

So I strongly recommend you to some something different and unique. It is very important to catch the attention of your audiences.

Photographer at Work

For this purpose, you can capture the images of different things and then post those images on your Facebook page. Let’s say for example if you are a nature loving person then you can capture the pictures of landscapes, mountains or even the picture of a rainy weather. Similarly, if you have interest in any other things then you can capture it and post those pictures too. Moreover, try using a good quality camera for capturing the images. If you are not good at it then do not worry you can hire a professional photographer for this particular job as well.

  1. Restrict Use of Hashtags only to Instagram

Try to avoid using hashtags in your Facebook posts. Yes, this is true but surprisingly though.

Basically there are two reasons behind this.

First major reasons is that using hashtags can cause a downfall in the engagement rate of your Facebook posts. And the engagement rate falls down to a surprisingly lower level.

This generally happens because of the initial implementation of these hashtags. Hashtags only displays the contents using those specific tags which you use among your friends or followers. Despite of displaying them among other available user’s worldwide. Due to this reason the hashtags resulted in giving a bad name to Facebook. That is why I do not recommend you to use hashtags in your Facebook posts.

Secondly you must avoid using hashtags on your Facebook posts because they are not meant for Facebook. These hashtags are basically a Twitter thing. These are most commonly used in Twitter and Instagram posts. Let’s say for example you are posting an image on your Facebook page. While posting your image you also include a brief description. Additionally, you also use quite a lot of hashtags as well. Well in this case different viewers might get a thought that you simply auto-posted the contents from your Twitter or Instagram account to your Facebook page.  As a result of this people tend to engage very less with your posts. It is because they generally assume that you are not making any efforts in creating your posts.

  1. Don’t Overdo Editing

Try to avoid excessive editing of your images. Otherwise it might spoil your picture. If you are an expert editor or an expert developer, then you can make the required changes in your picture if you like. I suggest you to only edit your pictures if it is essential. Like just for the purpose of enhancing them or to make them look more attractive by sharpening up the colors. This is the least possible option. On the other hand, if your picture already contains some good and vibrant colors then I suggest you to leave them as they are. You do not need to do any kind of editing in them. You can keep them natural as they are.

I know you might be thinking that why I am saying this. The main reason behind this is because when you try to edit your pictures too much then it does not give a natural and attractive look. It will give more of a fake or animated impact. Your audiences might think that you just ran your picture out by Blingee. And I am sure that you do not want that to happen.

If you are really into editing then I would recommend you to do some basic touch-ups, light filters, and color correction. These are fine. On the other hand, just avoid using the third party excessive picture editors like the HDR filters, the sepia, the color vibrancy, or strange effects. Moreover I would rather recommend you to just show it to any photo expert or any of your friends or peers to get an opinion before posting your pictures on your Facebook page.

  1. Change With The Season

People like “Change”. So I recommend you to change your profile pictures as well as your cover images very frequently. Changing your profile pictures and your cover photo according to the seasonal changes and effects is a good idea. You can also upload the pictures of any upcoming event or holidays and display that too.

You can effectively stimulate the engagement rate on your Facebook page according to the seasonal images. I recommend you to do it even if it is just a small change. Let’s say for example you can change your Facebook profile picture and match it to a rabbit’s ears for which can be specifically set for Easter. Similarly, you can upload a picture of Christmas lights or Christmas tree which can display the Christmas season coming up or you can take a picture of a big pumpkin and set that picture for Halloween and so on. Though you might think that this is a slight change but believe me it really works very well.

Every image that you post helps in increasing or decreasing the engagement rate of your Facebook page. So it is all up to you that how you set and display your pictures according to the moments.