Get Maximum Return On Investment on Your Facebook Ads


By Nazia Khan-Ahmed 


Facebook is a platform where you can market your products. Many businesses advertise their brands or products on this particular social media channel. Over a hundred million users a connected with the Facebook around the world. Due to a large number of audience, it is considered as the best channel for marketing your businesses. On Facebook you have the option to target different audience locally and internationally despite of their location.

On the other hand, if you are not aware of the right marketing skills then in this case you can end up having a bad experience on this particular social media channel. For example, you can end up targeting the wrong audience, end up targeting too broadly or end up wasting money on advertisements without getting any benefit. Facebook ads can have both effects either negative or positive. It is up to the marketer that they strategically plan for advertising the ads on Facebook which otherwise would result in a disaster.

In order to get benefit out of your Facebook ads, following are some effective tips mentioned which you can use to get some good results. By using the following tips, you can also increase the total earnings from the ads that is known as the ROI or Return on Investment.



If you want to improve your ROI it is important that you should measure it first before you start to post your ads on Facebook. Once you measure your total ROI, you will be informed regarding any particular changes that take place in the increase or decrease of the ROI. You will also get to know the Particular areas that are doing well and also the ones which need improvement. There are many ways by which you can measure the ROI of your business. Some of them are discussed below.

First of all, you can calculate the number of engagements by the total Insights. The Insights are a free and effective way to have a better idea of the total number of engagements that are made by the customers. These may include the number of likes, the number of reviews, the number of comments or the number of shares that the customer performs. In this it will become easier to measure the total ROI that you can get by posting the ads on your Facebook page. You can adopt the same idea for paid post traffic.

Using the Google Analytics and UTM Parameters is another way to measure the engagement of users. These include the tags, tracks and measuring the number of audience by using the particular available links. On Facebook you can find the Google Analytics builder. This facility is also available on Google.

Thirdly, you can follow the raw monetary exchange. In this way you will get to know the total expense that you are spending and also others are spending on you. In this way you are able to make a comparison between the monetary ROI and the social ROI from other streaming data.

You can also follow some of the tips mentioned below


Follow Your Goals

It is important that your ad must be goal oriented. This means that when you create an add you must know what results you will get out of it. There are many reasons behind it which shows its importance. First of all, having a goal oriented ad will lead you to select the appropriate objective. This is important because your ads can be displayed in many ways on Facebook which has different priority for viewership.

Secondly, a goal oriented ads can let you know what steps you must take in order to increase the ROI of your ads.

Thirdly, creating a goal oriented ads will keep you on the right path to market yourself in front of the audience.

You can select a variety of ad objectives. Some of the options are mentioned below

  • Post Engagement: This includes the ads that are particularly designed to get the responses from the users. It includes the likes, comments, share, views etc. that are related to your post.
  • Page Likes: This includes the ads which are made to attract the people. They give their responses through the “likes”.
  • Website Clicks: These are the ads which are designed to make people to click on your particular website. This will lead them to explore other options or links from the website.
  • Website Conversions: These ads are designed in a way to make the users to click on your website and then perform other actions there.
  • App Installs: These are ads which make people to install your company add on their mobile phones of tablets.
  • App Engagement: These apps are designed to get the available users to get engaged with the others.
  • Event Response: These apps are designed for different event through which the users can respond as the hosts.
  • Offer Claim: These include the ads through which the audience can claim a particular discount offer or deal that is provided by the company.
  • Video View: These ads are designed to draw the attention of users so that they watch your video that you have uploaded for your audience.

Make Use of Dark Posts  

Dark posts are an excellent sort of tool you can use for all sorts of marketing benefits. “Dark post” is just another name for unpublished posts, which are posts you make but are not published in the news feeds of people who follow you or in your timeline. Instead, they are only visible to people who click a direct link to the post.

The best way to use these, though far from the only way, is to create several variations of the same post to split test their effectiveness. This helps you test posts without spamming your organic followers. You can read about how to create dark posts here. Fair warning, you need to:

“Dark post” also known as the unpublished posts are considered to be a great tool. If you want to do different types of marketing, then this will be a helpful tool for you. The unpublished posts are not visible on your Facebook page. These can only be seen by the users who click on the direct link.


Make Use of Power Editor  

You can use the option of the Power Editor which is an important tool. It is a free chrome extension that is created and maintained by Facebook. It is specifically designed in a way by which you can easily access the basic advertising functions and an in depth contact to more compound and exclusive marketing features. You may find it difficult to use at first, once you get used to its usage you will find it great and it would become difficult for you to switch to other tools.

On Power editor you are able to use the Dark posts feature. Facebook has made easy the use of Power editor for any type of user. These may include individuals as well as any professionals. Through the Power Editor, marketers are also able to get the access to test different functions on it.


  Target Fans Only with Persuasive Sales

Effective marketing can help you easily get the attention of your audience. You must market your brand in an attractive way so that people get engaged easily and start to buy your products. Most of the people who are not interested to buy anything get attracted to the ads and then make up their mind to buy it. An add should be sales-focused as well as time-sensitive so that you are able to target your followers. It is important that you must maintain the attention of the users who follow you first rather than wasting your time targeting the non-followers. In this way you can boost up your product sale.


Choose Right People to Target

It is very important that you target the right audience. Whether it is Facebook or any other social media channel like the Twitter or Instagram it is important that you choose the right people to target your ads. In this way you can get some great results which can lead you to increase the ROI.


Retarget Visitors that were bounced

Retargeting the audience is a useful option which you can select in order to promote your business through the ads. There are many reasons by which a person may not be able to see your add. It can be due to their busy schedule or it can be the fact that they did not get to see the ad at first time. In this situation retargeting is considered as a valuable option. In this way you can target all those users which were not able to see your ad at the first time.


Target the Similar Audiences

You should also try to target the lookalike audience. This includes all that audience which seem to share same qualities. Just like the current followers on your page, the lookalike users do not opt to like your page. In this situation you can consider their age, gender, likes or dislikes, earnings etc. and many similar factors.


External Marketing Ads Support

By this, I mean types of marketing that aren’t Facebook ads. This includes public organic Facebook posts. It also includes other social media posts, like on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, or LinkedIn. This also includes marketing on your site, like blog posts and landing pages. On top of that, it includes more personal communications like your newsletter, and print marketing.

The key to doing this successfully is theme and consistency. If you’re offering 10% off on Facebook, you should be offering 10% off on your site, and elsewhere. If you’re using black and yellow with a honeybee theme on Facebook, you should be using it on your blog and on Twitter. If you’re advertising a holiday sale on one site, it should be the same broad theme on others.


Modify info.

You can bring many changes to your ad that you created. For example, you can change the main page, the offers, the images, titles, URLs etc. It is up to you that how you want to modify your ad so that it attracts the customers.


Customized Conversion

To get the benefit out of your ad you must try to customize the conversion tracks. In this way you can get a higher number of conversions. It is because of the fact that Facebook gathers the conversions from different available pixels due to which you must administer what you see on your Facebook page.


Aim for a Reasonable Frequency

The frequency of an ad means the total ratio which includes the number of audience who can view the ads potentially and the number of users who see the add in actual. For example, if the ad frequency is 1, then it means that the audience has viewed the ad only once. Similarly, as the number increases, the views of the ad increases. It is very important that you must maintain the views of your ad to the right frequency. This is also known as the narrow targeting. In this way you can target a large number of audience. It is also an economical way which you can adopt in order to shoot your ads.


Landing Page

The main page of your Facebook must high converting. The times when a user gets off-site they should automatically get to the main page. Here the exceptions include the boosted posts that are similar to using the exit popup and also the sidebar CTAs.


Optimization of Your Ad Copy

It is a major thing that you should optimize your ads. You can get some trainings or you can get the relevant information by searching on the internet for how to create a good ad. You can even hire someone who can teach you how to make perfects ads. By doing this you can test your own skills and would be able to make a compelling ad. This will also help you to attract more and more audience and get a significant increase in the ROI of the business.


About the Author 

Nazia Khan- Ahmed is a Social Media Writer who has majored in Textile Designing. Also Holds Bachelor’s degree in Education and English Language Certification. Finds it impossible to discuss herself in third person but is doing so as per the demands of this bio. She is a home-maker and teaches Textile Designing to degree classes at the same time. Being nocturnal has taught her to manage her work in the night and her home at day time.