Get Maximum Subscribers on Your YouTube Channel

Getting more subscribers on YouTube is not a piece of cake. It demands quite a lot of hard work and some extraordinary skills. For many reasons YouTube has turned out as one of the best video channels among all the others. That is why today it has reached to a total of having one billion three hundred million monthly active users. And this number is still growing every day.

One of the main reasons behind such a large number of subscribers which YouTube has is because YouTube provides a platform to its users where they can easily produce their videos and post them. Generally, video making has become so easier on YouTube that anyone can create their videos very easily. You do not need to be a professional developer or producer to create one. Video making on YouTube has become easy because there are no such hard and fast rules. This means that you can easily shoot a HD video by using your smart phone. After that you just need to edit that video a bit if you want using your mobile phone, or a computer. This can also be done by using some free soft wares which are available on the internet these days. Isn’t it easy?

In addition to this I would recommend you to create some interesting videos and post them on your YouTube channel. It is important for you to do so that more and more people get attracted towards your videos.

In this article I have mentioned some of the ways which you can use to increase the number of subscribers on your YouTube channel.

Utilize Annotation Links to Subscribe Actions

Using Annotations in your video is a good idea. You can easily create them yourself. For some of the users these annotations are turned on by default. If you want to add the annotations in your videos you can simply do it by adding them through the video edit button. You need to add the annotation using a “please subscribe” message in your videos. After that you can link it to your YouTube profile where the subscribe button is displayed.

Use Video Keywords Accurately

Do you know that YouTube has a pure but residual keyword list mechanics which is also functional in SEO? Luckily the Meta keywords field that is available on the websites is a blessing for all the new users. And also for the ones who are not aware of SEO. Here the YouTube keywords field is very valuable to all the users. This is valuable because even Google in unable to index the content of videos without the assistance of other programs and soft wares. Generally, the Keywords are very useful in getting all the required assistance. So I would recommend you to freely plug in as many unique keywords as you can.

Post Quality Content

The quality of your video plays an essential role in deciding its fate that whether it is a success or not. Quality has three major domains if we relate it to the videos.

  • Video quality. Always try to produce a quality video. Don’t worry if you do not have the professional DSLR. You can easily shoot it with a proper HD camera as well. That can also give you a good result. Just remember to focus on appropriate lighting, framing, and editing while creating your videos. On the other hand, I would rather not recommend you to use the webcam from 2003. A little practice can turn out into some great results for you.
  • Audio quality. The audio quality of you video should be good. I suggest that you should not use a mic while recording the audio. It does not give a good sound and your video will sound like a windy play ground. For this purpose, I recommend you to learn some basic audio editing tricks. In this way you can easily filter the noise and lessen unwanted sounds.
  • Writing quality. A good script can also enhance the flavor of your video. It can bring out some great difference. Try to make sure that you use a well written and interesting script while creating your videos.

Keep Your Videos Short and Interesting

You must try to keep your videos as short as possible. I am saying this because people mostly do not prefer watching lengthy videos. If you ask about me I would suggest you to make your videos up to 3-5 minutes long. According to a recent study of the most shared videos done by Buffer analyzed that the most viral and most popular videos which people likes and preferred to share were the ones with a shorter duration. The study suggested that the most popular videos on YouTube were of about 3 minutes’ duration. So it is better that you make some shorter videos with interesting contents. Rather than making lengthy ones with boring content.

Create a Video Introduction and ask People to Subscribe

You can also create an Intro for your videos. It is a good idea though. Generally creating a short video intro for your videos can bring some good results for you. In that intro you can show some highlights of the video contents or you can show some interesting content related to the video so that it increases the suspense of the viewer. Do not waste your time in creating some lengthy intros. Otherwise people will lose their interest. For this purpose you can also use Fiverr by paying some standard amount.

Create a Video Outro

You can also create Outros for you videos too. Generally creating an outro for your video is a little harder. This is mainly because YouTube has set up a specific template that everyone should follow in order to create an outro. In addition to this you are required to make a unique one for each of your video. If you ask about me I prefer using the two-vid-plus-buttons look for my videos. This provides you with two video previews which are side by side. These probably include one for a recent video and one for a popular video.

  • Run YouTube Ads

Finally, you can promote your YouTube videos by running various ads. I believe ads are a great way to attract a maximum number of audiences. You need to run your ads through YouTube as well as Google so that they get more viewership. You can also avail the option of running paid ads for promoting your YouTube channel.