Get Paid on YouTube with These Easy Steps



YouTube has been the biggest video storage area for the whole world. After Google the largest search engine. A miserable platform for terrible comments. Apart from other things it’s a great place for earning.

It is undoubtful that a lot of people make their living on YouTube. Although hardly few number of people relays on this for earning.  Those accounts that make money here are mostly large corporate accounts, like Vevo, which deals with all musical accounts. Vevo is basically a combined project of Google, Sony, Universal, and Abu Dhabi Media. One thing is common among them and that is money.

Sorry to say, but I don’t have a valid answer about dollars and views. This is a very choosy industry and the numbers are constantly changing.  Somehow the bad thing is it totally depends on us. Its relies on delicate estimation. Moreover it depends firstly on the commercials running on the channel, secondly on the signed   corporation and lastly on your own position.

Ads on YouTube basically provide the standard means of monetizing. The process is somehow same for other internet.  Above all I can’t explain how much you can make at different levels of page views. If you are interested in making large amount of money than don’t rely on view-based ads. It’s the same thing that ads on any blog that pay on each single view to the ad that pay on single click.

The subscriber count and the video views count both doesn’t matter; what matters is the revenue that you generate from YouTube. For instance, if a video has an ad that pays per click, and that video receives a million views but no clicks, the video ultimately earns nothing.

The Mechanism of YouTube Monetization?

You can earn quite a bit of money from YouTube, if you establish partnership with them.  In this way you can monetize your channel and especially if you want to run any ad, start a partnership with that network. Moreover, there are other methods to monetize but that would be discussed later and those methods not rely on any kind of partnership. On the other hand, the money comes from other sources that Google won’t check.

To entitle yourself for monetization, you have to fulfill certain criteria.  You have to own at least one video; your account should be in good position without any copyright allegations. Your work should be adviser-friendly. You need to abide by YouTube rules and principles.

You need to retain proper standards for monetizing by focusing on YouTube’s copyright materials.

Here are few guidelines that you can follow to learn more in this regard. One of the fastest ways is just to try and click and check the result that either you are enabling or not.

At the individual level you can monetize your videos. In order to monetize a certain video, make sure that it fulfill all the standards as well. You need to create it at your own otherwise get the permission to commercialize it and complete the documentation process. Lastly don’t forget terms and principles of YouTube, from here you can enable your videos to run smoothly.

Reasons behind Channel De-Monetization

There are so many rationales on which your account disabled for monetization.  We will see each one here.  It needs time and struggle to recover from this position. You need to prove YouTube that you are learning from past experiences. In case of so many mistakes you would permanently banned from revenue generation.

Money making would be immobilized until you dealt with copyright strikes or worldwide content ID blocks. Copyright strikes expire after six months otherwise your account would be in good position.

The video that you monetize would be reviewed by YouTube and than ads would apply to it. YouTube has all the rights to discard any content for various reasons. If any content or video is rejected permission, you are unable to post it for earning.  But if you submitted that same content again and again your rights to monetization simply cancel.

Any illogical snap activity can also block your right to monetization. All the ads run on YouTube are powered by AdSense so every single ad needs to follow the terms and conditions. Moreover, if you have an AdSense account and a YouTube account with the same user name, and if any of them is violating a policy it will automatically cancel your access to other account.

Kinds of Ads

Search results ads

YouTube provides a number of ads to viewers based on different things that accompany your needs as a marketer: and parity for the course.

Firstly, we have CPC ads which mean cost per click. Whenever someone clicks the button you get paid till the validity of the ads.  You would get the amount that the adviser pays for the ad excluding other dues. These ads are basically pop-up ads that set up at the base of videos.

While CPV ads are the substitute of previous one that based on video views not just on clicks. These views have to fulfill certain standards to count.  These ads should be viewed for at least 30 seconds by the viewers. On average these ads run as videos before the actual videos. But most important of all these ads don’t work if any ad blocker is installed by the viewer. Here the payment is quite less than CPC ads as the view is easier than the click.

Moreover, some ads often run as promoted videos, some run in the related videos area, these are basically methods to earn money from YouTube and not to monetize the channel.


Pay Per Click Marketing PPC Marketing

As discussed earlier the best possible way to get handsome payment from YouTube is engagement or commitment. This is a two-way relationship as you rely on viewers to watch your ads while viewers need good contents to watch ads.

Advertisers also play an influential role in this regard.  It’s not easy to catch the attention of advertiser until and unless you have something good to show. Just posting daily blogs, funny videos or typical music won’t get you their attention. You need to be very creative to judge from the perspective of advertisers.

Basically you need to have a slot or a purpose. This can be done through two different ways; either figure out your own position or be assertive in targeting the already present one.

Slotting your own position requires a lot of time and effort and to making it in such a way that others take notice of. Initially may be people won’t appreciate you but with time when you achieve certain level of popularity the same situation takes a major U-turn.

Another noteworthy thing is that does a lot of research work before starting the work. Once you come to know the market of any video you surely go to make that one. Here the important thing is that you have highly pertinent content for companies to offer so don’t go for critique either on insurance or relevant to shopping. Just maintain your own position once you adopt it.

Make More Videos to Get More Engagement

 YouTube Engagement

When you have your own position you became YouTube prodigy (I am not talking about the band). Only you need more videos, more viewers and more commitments.

Creating more videos is not so difficult you only require a proper schedule for posting your videos and once you achieve that target everything meet you up on time. Once you became aware of your audience, your content and the originality of your production making videos on weekly basis would no more difficult. Innovation is the best solution so people keep their interests in you. It might seem difficult but in actual it’s not. For instance, some players play the same profitable game again and again because the game changes every time and provide the player with new ride. Focus on different tactics to achieve the ultimate success.

This same thing is set up in other industries as well. Just make estimation about your work and go for it. This is the best way to target and raise your audience, once you became able to attract audience’s attention it would become easier to keep them from coming back.

Commitment is somehow risky and delicate. All guideline should be written about the subject. Despite all the other things you need to encourage and motivate audience to start discussion, for that provides them a base to begin with.

Partnership Networks  

Network is another important subject that need to taken into account to attain a certain level of success. There are dozens of YouTube partner networks that range from minor level to most useful and rewarding.

A network partner is very effective and it acts like a middleman. They own multi-channel accounts and they offer other producers to join with their account. Although they monetize the content but they don’t produce them. They deduct from your cash that you submit with your content.

Consequently, they offer you a lot of benefits depending upon the kind of network you own. They might give you access to royalty-free music to use in your videos without risking a copyright strike. It is a possibility that they will help promote your videos, through their own ads and through other partner channels. They might give you access to advice, coaching, and professional-level tools for video production and audio mastering. Some might even have product sponsorships and can hook you up with equipment.

Networks are very valuable and constructive but one needs to be very vigilant before sign on with them.  Few networks rely on unwanted and fake messages to kill those YouTubers who don’t know any better. They catch you in few years’ contract and take a massive deduction in your profit and moreover give you little support in return. So it’s better to always properly inquire any network before using it.

Use Sponsors to Monetize

 If you remember, in the very start of this post I taught about some alternative ways of monetizing. Now let’s put a limelight over it. These and other related method depends on successful engagement with your viewers and not just on being a YouTube partner.

Sponsorships are yet another method. Sometimes it happens that when you have large following for any product, the related brand would pay you for their product placement. For instance, I witnessed a tech channel get paid to review related new pieces of hardware. A food review channel may send samples and a check.

Unfortunately, this is a long-shot type of monetization option. As there are not much possibilities in the way of tracking and ROI information that goes into this from company’s viewpoint. Firstly, they send you product to review and later send payment but you are not aware of the data about the people whom you send. In short you have to be very high profile to go successfully with that sponsorship.

Use Products for Monetization

This is the most common approach for channels who run different sort of businesses. You can sell anything with the help of video. For this purpose, you simply display case your product in that video, put down on the marketing language, and do whatever seems interesting to you to boost up other’s interests. New product launches, opponent reviews, comparisons, lesson; it’s all worth. You can advertise with links in explanation, in images, and in the video itself.

It doesn’t matter either you own a company or belongs to any that offers something to sell. Instead you may have one option in a moment. Another option is to produce your own product. There are companies for instance, Cafepress or Society6 that permit you to generate a design and have that design printed on various products, from t-shirts to mugs and iPhone cases.

The kind of product that you make depends on your content. Among the most common places where people show cases their work are community centres. If you want to sell your design focuses more on catchy phrases and iconic items in your videos. Although that’s not much specific but at least it’s a bit helpful in this regard.

Monetization Using Patreon

For those artists and content creators who want to earn money without commercializing their work, Patreon is a great website for them.  Individual people can guarantee to contribute X amount of money per month, in a kind of determined Kickstarter-like fashion, and each month the content creator assemble money.

Moreover, it offers two methods of payment; one is monthly and the other is on creation.  Mostly artists rely on the first one as creation can change and it’s less reliable. Patreon also tolerate artists to set up bequest level, much like Kickstarter again, with a variety of plunder. At certain level to achieve their goals many digital artists offer just minor commissions.

For instance, For YouTube content creators Paypal is a good way to attract people. A special comment stream can be set up which is accessible to certain level of donors.   Here you can share those videos that are still under the pipeline or not publically posted yet. It’s a kind of reward for those who give you money when all other options are disclosed.

Use Affiliate Marketing for Monetization

Affiliate marketing is another alternative you have with selling products. Here you don’t need to sell at your own or require a third party hub. You simply take up the product and sell it through something like Amazon’s affiliate program or any of the many affiliate programs accessible for chiefly the whole thing.

Your position and your content are extremely important. You often don’t have a lot of elasticity in topic if you want an associate video to be found. Unfortunately, you may find dozens of related videos already promoting what you intended for. In order to step up these users you have to produce a much high quality video or product.

Its paramount to study the industry before you try to dive in. moreover keep in mind that affiliate marketing is a competitive world, and it acquire a lot to struggle with reputable marketers.

 Exercising Stream Subscriptions as Alternative Monetization

 This is the third system of monetization but in practice its functions are slender. Twitch T.V is the most suitable example here.  Twitch is a site mainly intended for torrent video games, but can be used for a variety of other streaming purposes. It gives you the ability to contribute once you reach a special level of popularity. Classically, a subscriber acquires an image in chat and some other advantages, present by Twitch. You can complement those advantages in a range of customs. Twitch just takes a certain amount of profit and you get the rest of the money.

All the video game player’s flows and make money on regular basis, this is how they tie with YouTube. They simply save the video and upload their video on YouTube. As a result, they effectively double the exposure and monetize the video.