How to Get Paid on YouTube

YouTube is known as the second largest search engine after Google, it is world’s largest online storehouse for videos. It is also a never ending platform where people exchange comments about videos which sometimes get out of hand. For very few people it is known as a source to make money.

There are quite a huge number of people who make a living by posting videos on YouTube. The accounts which make most money are huge corporate accounts for example Vevo, it runs every musician’s account on YouTube. Google, Sony, Universal, and Abu Dhabi Media have ventured it together making it a corporate giant.

There is no way of knowing how much money you can make.  It is a very fussy industry with changing numbers all the time. Well the thing to keep in view is that this industry doesn’t depend on you but the ads that are running on your channel



The usual way of making money on YouTube is from ads, just like everywhere on the Internet.

There is no way of knowing how much you will earn when you reach a certain number of views. YouTube doesn’t pay much for view-based ads.

Nothing really matters no matter how many subscribers you have or how many people have watched your video. If any video has an ad that pays per click, even if the video gets thousands of views but nobody clicks on the ad, the creator doesn’t get paid.


Become a YouTube Partner

If you are looking to make money on YouTube, the first thing to do it to become a YouTube partner. This will allow you to monetize most of the videos you upload. This is necessary if you want to run ads or want to be partners with a network.

There are other ways you can use to monetize, which will be discussed later, it doesn’t involve being a YouTube partner. However, Google will not be paying you; the cash comes from another source.

There are certain criteria to become a YouTube partner, following these rules will make you eligible for a partnership


  • Having at least 1 video
  • Your account in a good standing, no copyright issues
  • Uploading advertiser friendly content
  • Comply with YouTube’s terms of service and community guidelines

It is essential for you to stay educated about YouTube’s copyright tutoring materials. Proper standards should be maintained to stay monetized. The quickest way to check whether you’re able to monetize is just by clicking  the monetize option in settings and see if you can enable it.

You can monetize your videos individually on this point. The video has to comply with certain standards in order to be monetized. The video should be advertiser friendly and you have to be the creator of that video otherwise be permitted to upload it. It is necessary to have all the documented proof. You have to fulfill the terms and services of YouTube and its guidelines and copyrights.

The next step is to just click enable ads on your videos and you’re ready to rumble!


Disabled Monetization: Reasons

There are a many reasons why your account might be restricted for monetization. It takes time and a lot of effort to become qualified for monetization. You have to make sure that YouTube sees that you will not make the same mistakes again. If you make too many blunders you will be banned from monetization for good.

Copyright strikes and worldwide content ID blocks are the basic culprits that contribute to disabled monetization until you deal with it. Copyright strikes will expire after six months. This means that your account was in good standing but the only issue was copyright.

YouTube will carry out a review of a video before ads are applied to it. They may reject a video for various reasons. A video can’t be monetized once it’s rejected. Keep on submitting the same video and you will have your monetization rights revoked for good!

Invalid click activity can also ban you from monetization. This is due to the ads that run on YouTube, these ads are powered by Google AdSense, that means you have to comply with the terms and conditions of AdSense ads. Additionally, if you have an AdSense account under the same name as your YouTube account, and the AdSense account is not following a policy, it will revoke your ads access on YouTube.


Kinds of Ads

The ads that run on YouTube come in a number of variations and places, which is expected by a marketer in general.

CPC ads. These are ads pay when a viewer clicks on them, so the click has to be valid. The amount you get paid is the volume the advertiser pays for the entire ad to run on your video, Google and YouTube will get their cuts. These ads typically pop-up ads at the foot of videos.

CPV ads.  These ads are based on views on a video. Views have to comply with certain criteria to be considered. The viewer has to watch the ad for 30 seconds or half of the add. These ads usually run as small video before the actual YouTube video plays. It is obvious these ads don’t do the job if the viewer has an ad blocker installed. They pay much less than CPC ads in general, because a click is difficult to get, a view is easier.


Targeting specific areas

Engagement is the key to getting a good payout from YouTube.

You need viewers who clicks on the ads and usually users don’t click on ads if the content is not interesting enough for them.

Find out the niche for your videos. Carve your own or target an already existing one.  You are putting a lot of time and energy into growing your own niche, you have to go a bit farther and become unique for people to notice you.

Conduct a lot of research before you start making videos. Find out which kind of videos get you the highest paid ads. Have highly relevant content available on your channel for companies to pay you to run the ads.


Make more videos, Get More Engagement

To become successful on YouTube you need a lot of videos, viewers and a lot of people who engage in your videos. Producing more videos in easy, schedule your posts and try hard to meet it, be constant about it.  Set it up for either weekly for fortnightly.

Always have something original and unique to post, don’t post things that are too common. You need to get people interested in you content and videos. You need to get more and more engagement, give them something to talk about and inspire discussion.


Utilizing YouTube’s Partners

There are many YouTube partner networks, some are scam some are very useful and profitable.

A partner network is just a distributor. They have an account and they get various content manufacturers to join with their account. They monetize the content put on those YouTube channels, but the content is not produced by them. They just take a cut of the revenue you draw in.

In exchange for this cut, they offer a number of paybacks, which vary from network to network. They provide you access to Copy right free music to be used in your videos.

They might help boost your videos, through their ads and through channels of other partners. They probably give you access to tools for video production. Some might get you equipment through product sponsorship.


The Many Other Ways You Can Monetize Your Channel


There are alternative means of monetizing your channel. These methods don’t depend on being a YouTube partner. They do, however, depend on successful increase in engagement level.

This is a sponsorship method. When you have higher number of views it is a possibility that a related brand will be willing to pay to run their ad.


Earn by Selling Products

This is the most common approach for channels run by businesses of any kind. If you have a product to sell, you can sell it by a video. You can advertise your product in a video, you can hire a professional to tweak the marketing language, and you can do everything you have to for increasing interest.

You can also post reviews of the products, which can increase the credibility of your products.

What if you’re not a company that has a product to sell? will be. You can create products. There are companies that allow you to make a design and have that design displayed on various products, from t-shirts to jars or mugs and iPhone cases.

You should relate your products to your content. Many people adopt the common trends for example memes. Look for the most popular memes and design accordingly. Make your slogan or catch phrase based on your designs. This way you will promote your brand and something unique.


Earn by Patreon

Patreon is a website that to helps artists and content makers earn money to help their content creation without commercialization. People can pledge to donate a certain amount of money per month and each month the content creator collects the money.

Patreon suggestions two means of payment; per month and per product. Most artists go for per month, because creation can be different and is less constant. Patreon also permits artists to set up donation levels, with various returns.

For YouTube content creators, an excellent way to tempt people to make a donation is with a paywall. You can set up an exclusive comment stream that only donors of a certain level or higher can reach. You can then, say, upload unpublished videos a week earlier for donors of this level, with release for other people coming later. It’s a simple incentive for people who want to give you money for the content you make when there’s no other choice.


Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the other choice you have with marketing merchandises. You don’t have to retail your own, or make customized designs to sell through a third party. You can choose a product and sell it, through affiliate programs that are available for basically every product.

This is where you and your content become extremely significant. You usually don’t have much flexibility in theme if you want an affiliate video to be discovered. It is much worse that you can often find numerous videos already advertising the affiliate offer you’re trying to. In order to perform better than those users, you need to fabricate a video with much better quality, preferably HD.

Keep in mind that affiliate marketing is a super-competitive, and it takes a lot of time and effort to compete with professional and already established marketers. It is best to conduct through research before you jump in it. Once you have conducted all the necessary research it will be easier for you to choose not only your niche but the kind of products users are buying. You can meet their expectations in a much better way.


Stream Your Subscriptions

This is another monetization system that can work with other approaches, but it’s comparatively narrow in function. The first example is Twitch. Twitch is a website chiefly designed for streaming video games, but it is possible for using them for other than streaming. Once you reach a specific level of recognition, Twitch gives you the capacity to offer subscriptions to others. Normally, a subscriber receives an icon in chat and some other bonuses, offered by Twitch. You can complement those bonuses in many ways. Twitch takes a certain cut; you get the rest of the money.

How this involves you with YouTube? The process is that usually video game players stream and can make money through their video streams on a permanent basis. They also save these streams and upload it on their channel that is of course on YouTube. These videos are monetized in way I have mentioned above. This really doubles the monetization and the number of audience viewing your video.