Get More People to Engage in Your Facebook Posts


Facebook is a famous social networking platform with over billions of users. It has several useful features which you can use for different purposes. Among them one of the most important and useful metric is the “people engaged” metric.  If you are a regular Facebook user then you might be aware of this particular metric. I believe that it is actually a surprisingly vital metric which you can use. The People Engaged is basically a type of one-stop indicator. It is used to measure the success rate of your posts.

By using the People Engaged metric you can have a look at the over engagement rate which you get on your Facebook posts.

It gives you an overall picture of the total engagements made on your posts. By this you can determine the impact and the results of the contents which you have posted on your Facebook page. Let’s say for example you post different contents on your Facebook page. On those posts you see people showing their responses in different ways. This may include liking of your posts, commenting on your posts, sharing of your posts, tagging your posts and so on.

When you notice a rise in the number of your people engaged after every week or every month. This means that you are working well. It is a positive sign of your growth. Now once you are sure that you are constantly growing then you have to take a step further. You really need to determine the exact ways from which that growth is coming from. Moreover you must also determine its value that how valuable it is in actual.

How to expand the number of people engaged?

This particular article is just about that. Here I have mentioned different ways which you can use in order to learn the ways of increasing the rate of your people engaged. I have mentioned almost all the useful ways. These are discussed as below:

People Engaged

The term “People engaged” is basically a cumulative number. It is just a simple counter which is directly linked with the total number of engagements. When the number of engagements goes up the number rises with it. Similarly when the engagement drops down the cumulative number also falls with it as well.

Many people think that the term people engaged is just a number which relates to other. Some of them think that it is percentage or an algorithm. All these concepts are not true. As I have mentioned above the term “People Engaged” is just a number.

The people engaged calculation includes some major components. These include the following:

Link clicks of the post.

The Post likes.

Comments on Your Post

The Post shares.

There are mainly two types of limitations which you might face on the number.

The first one is related to the duration. The people engaged metric generally estimates the engagements made in the last 7 days. These engagements are comprised of all the people who engage with your page in some way or the other.

The second limitation is the uniqueness. The People engaged metric just calculates the number of all the users who are new or unique ones only who performing the above actions.

I’ll give you an example over here. Let’s say you have just made only a single post in the past seven days. Well this example is not a good one which I am giving you right now. I know that. Normally you should try to post more frequently than this.  I just thought of giving this example because it is a simple one. And you can easily understand my point from this.

Now let’s get back to the example

You have made just a single post in past seven days. On that particular post of yours about 300 people click on the link which you posted. In addition to this around a total of 200 people like that posted link.  Moreover there are about 50 comments which different people posted in response of your link. And it got about 20 shares altogether.

In order to make you understand the concept more clearly and to keep it more straightforward let us assume that there is not any single user among all of them who clicked on your posted link twice or more. Any of the users also did not comment on your link twice as well.

In the above scenario if you calculate all the numbers which are mentioned against any activity. Then in this case the total number of your people engaged will be up to a total of 520.

Now let us take an example of another scenario. It is a lot different one from the above example. It is rather more realistic one to a certain extent.  Let’s say you make multiple posts in on a regular basis. It can be up to 2-3 posts on a daily basis. This is surely a good thing. You can get a good people engaged result as a response of this. It is because the more you post your stuff regularly the more response and engagement you will get.

Here an important thing which you must remember is that the actual monitored number which you have received on your post and the number of people engaged will differ from each other.


For example, if your post receives about 100 comments. Among the people who posted these 100 comments are the ones who commented again and again in that post. It can probably be a discussion taking place among 5 people or something else due to which they commented again and again. In this particular case the number will be counted as 5 only. This is the people engaged score. Meanwhile the number of people engaged will not increase if any user let’s say a single user to be more precise posts their comments again and again. A single user will be only counted once.

There are many experts who suggest using the people engaged calculation.

Believe me it will result quite beneficial for you if you use it. Jon Loomer a famous expert strongly recommends using the people engaged calculation in order to monitor the total ratio of how engaged your audience actually is. This audience engagement is taken as a whole. This is simple to evaluate.

You just need to take the total number of your people engaged and then simply divide it by the total number of your page likes. As a result of this you can see the total percentage of your audience who gets engage with your Facebook page regularly.  Now when the number of people engagement rises it will directly affect the popularity and success of your Facebook page. And as a result of this the popularity and success of your Facebook page will surely rise as well.

Moreover you can also use the total score of your people engaged and then compare it with the number of your total post reach. I think that it is much better if you get a higher overall percentage as a result of this. I am saying this because I know that you want more people to get engaged as much as possible when they view your posts.

How to Draw Distinction PTAT

On Facebook there is another famous metric which most people use and that is “PTAT” or People Talking About This. Many people like to measure it. People Talking About This or often called PTAT is basically a Facebook metric which is quite similar to the people engaged. Rather PTAT has some more features as compared to people engaged. PTAT is well known for having some useful features. If you do not know about it then let me tell you.

Generally PTAT is a 7 day metric but this does not have to do anything with it. It is not limited to just 7 days only. Rather you are able to view all previous actions and also the overall number in your insights.  In addition to this with the help of PTAT you can also measure different users in terms of unique visitors as well.

Now here you might be thinking about what components are included in PTAT?

PTAT has a lot of different components or features which are included in it. To make it more clear to you I have mentioned its major components below:

The likes, or follows of your Facebook page.

The Post shares, likes, or the comments of your Facebook page.

Different questions and their answers

The responses of any particular event

The Page mentions on non-page posts.

The photo or image tags on your Facebook page.

The Check-ins and recommendations included in the review system.

The Offer claims.

General: Grow Your Audience


New Fan Notification

How can I increase the people engaged score?

Forget everything. And focus on increasing the number of your audiences or followers on your Facebook page. Believe me it is one of the best suggestions which I am giving you right now.

The PostPlanner statistics are a good option for you to think of. If you are running your fan page on Facebook which contains up to 20,000 to 200,000 fans. On this fan page you get an average number of interactions per post that is around 220. Even in this case a fan pages with over 20 million fans only received about 30,000 interactions. Most of these interactions are surely the duplicates. That is why these are not calculated as the number of people engaged.

So here the main point which I am stressing on is that the total number of your people engaged is a percentage of all the unique or new users.

Now if level of engagement of the users on your Facebook page stays the same it is likely that the number of your people engaged will also increase with it.

For example if you have about 2,000 followers on your Facebook page and you get the ratio of people engaged at 20%. Then in this case you will have a total PE of 200. Similarly as the number of followers on your Facebook page increases to 3,000 at 30%. Then you will have a PE of 300. This is just simple as that.

All these facts simply mean that whatever the situation may be you need to keep the level of engagement to a higher level or at least same. It will greatly help you out in having a good number of PE or people engagements. It is because a maximum number of engagements result in a higher PE.

How to Improve Link Clicks

Optimization of your Facebook posts is a good trick which you can use if you want more people to click on the links which you have included in your posts. I think it is one of the best options. I recommend you to always include a link wherever possible or wherever you feel to include one. It is possibly one of the best tips which I am giving you right now.

The reason why I am insisting on including the links on your Facebook posts is because these links basically generate a preview every time when you plug in a URL. So I think that you must use this aspect to your advantage.

While including the links on your Facebook page an important thing which you must remember is to take out the URL from it if any. This is the first important thing which you need to do. It is because the text post which you make is not cluttered with any other link on your page. So it is just useless to include a URL.

An important thing which you must remember is to customize the preview on your Facebook page.

The second important thing is that you must customize the preview.

All these above mentioned aspects greatly helps in the increasing the number of followers on your Facebook page as well as the number of People engaged.