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If you are planning to market your business by using the Instagram, then you must be aware that it is one of the tricky site in order to use for the marketing purpose. One of the main reason behind this fact is that the Instagram is actually not designed for the marketers as well as for the marketing purpose. On the other hand, the Instagram network is not an easy social network to use if we consider using it mechanically.

Every time you want to access the Instagram you will have to switch on to your tablets, smartphones or your mobile phones in order to use it. whereas you cannot use the Instagram on your desktops or laptops directly.

One way of using the Instagram on your desktop and laptop is by using it with the help of different apps that include Bluestacks or the Android emulator for PC in order to run the Instagram natively.

You may also not get some great results using the Instagram because unlike the other social network, the users are susceptible to unfollowing your Instagram account.

In recent times I have come across many businesses which have used the Instagram for their promotions. Some have also succeeded in this while a few have also faced a hard time in promoting their businesses using the Instagram and have faced a negative result.

You can come across these kind of situations in many cases and there are certain reasons behind this fact.

First of all, if I give you an example of some large companies which are running their businesses successfully in the market. These large companies work according to a certain business plan in every field. When these companies plan to market their businesses on the Instagram they start investing on the promotion of their businesses or brands as they start. They start advertising their products or services by posting some quality pictures of the items they want to promote.

In this way many people who use the Instagram will view the pictures of their promotional items on their Instagram feed. Many people who see their posted images will surely get attracted towards them.

When the audience will get attracted they will surely give their feedbacks and responses to the images that are posted in their Instagram feed in the form of likes, comments or shares. As you post more quality images the number of engagement will increase accordingly.

It is just because these large companies know the importance of engagement of the audiences with them. They know that the engagement of the audiences with your posts is a great thing and they capitalize it by promoting their products in order to get a high rate of engagements. As a result, their business will flourish on the Instagram in a very short time.


On the other hand, there are many of such businesses who plan to market their products or brands on the Instagram but fail. Most of these businesses or marketers mostly do not have the idea of how the Instagram works and also in what ways to use it for marketing their businesses. While having no idea how to use the Instagram effectively these business promoters market useless stuff on their Instagram account. Although they post the images of their products but these images are not up to the mark.

Either they use some low quality images or they post images so frequently that the users get annoyed from their posts and mark their posts as a spam. In this way these businesses are unable to attract a large number of audiences. As they remain unable to attract the audiences the engagement rate of their Instagram account stays low. This leads them to close their business account on the Instagram as they remain unsuccessful.

In this article I have gathered some basic ideas which you can use to start up your business on the Instagram and promote it in order to get a maximum number of followers.


Don’t Fall Prey to Scammers

What kind of Instagram Scams Exists?

Avoid running into scams because scams can be dangerous. Nowadays you may see a number of spammy websites that are a total scam. These websites just look same as to some original ones. These spammy websites offer you to have the Instagram followers for free. They also provide you get as many followers as you like.

I have come across many such sites which have different URLs but when you open those links in your search engine, you will come to the same website having similar spammy page under different URL.

These look so good and attractive that a few times I also thought that these are some original ones. So I recommend that you should not become a part of these kind of scams and avoid them as much as possible. Although these sites look like they are original but it is important that you should not open any spammy link.


Concentrate on Your Profile

Instagram is basically an image oriented social media network. Its major focus is on promoting connections of the user and the audiences by using the images or pictures. You have the choice to post any type of image that you like. Just make sure that you are posting some high quality and attractive images on your Instagram account. It is very important in order to attract your audiences. Try viewing the profile of Coca Cola on the Instagram. They have posted such attractive images of their brand that one feels like grabbing a coke at once while seeing their post on the Instagram.

If you want to promote your Instagram profile you can also include your logo as your profile picture. This logo can be related to your business or it can be the image of your brand that you are promoting. You can set it up as your profile picture in an attractive manner so that the audiences are attracted just by seeing it.

You also have the choice to include any short descriptions while setting up your profile picture. Ideally this description should be related to your business that can include a promotion of your products or something related to the brand awareness.


Post Media Consistently

Always try making your image look attractive. You can use some bright colors for this purpose. You can also use the combination of colors in the background of the images that are in your business logo. Try using the color combination of blue with green or red with yellow or black so that your image looks more bright.

Let’s learn more about Coca Cola by taking a look at the images that they post on their Instagram feed. See how they have used the bright red color with the combination of black that is the drink.

They have also given some golden background to make the image look more colorful and attractive to see. Similarly, you can also use such color combinations to create some great images.

In addition to this if on the other hand you are running a business of some antique items then use of bright colors will not be effective for you. In this case you can try using some soft and faded colors like white with silver or white with black so that it goes with your brand.


Consistently Produce Images

Schedule Instagram Posting

Try posting on a regular basis if you want your Instagram account to work out for you. As like other social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, You Tube etc. your Instagram also requires a regular post.

In my opinion you can schedule posting at least once a day. You can choose it to be in the morning, afternoon or evening. Any time you choose just make sure that you stick to it. For example, if you have posted any image in the morning then try scheduling your other posts in the morning on a daily basis. In this way you will see that you many users are attracted towards your posts.

Apart from this avoid posting too often. Posting a single time or twice a day is normal but if you post 5 to 6 times a day or more then this will make the user to get annoyed.


Use Tags

Overuse of Facebook Hashtags is a Buzzkill

Using hashtags on the Instagram holds an important place as it does on the Twitter. If you are using the hashtags while posting on the Instagram they are considered as the backbone of both branding and visibility. You can use different hashtags which brand your post like #Coke or # Coca Cola or you can use those hashtags which are related to a certain topic. For example, #computer.


Always Comment on Posts Related to You

 Let me explain it with a simple Example

If you want to increase the rate of engagement on your Instagram account, try using tactics that are useful to engage the audiences. Always work hard to make your social account as a two-sided experience. It should not just be related to your posting. Engage your audiences by replying to their comments or you can do this by answering to their queries.


Link to Other Social Media Platforms

Linking to other Social Media Profiles in Footer

One of the great way to draw a maximum number of users towards your Instagram account from your other social channels is by linking your social profiles to your current Instagram account. This is also a great way to build the number of followers. Any user who is following you on your Facebook account will surely like to add up with your Instagram account too.

You can use the images that you have posted on your Instagram account and use social sharing buttons to in order to allow Instagram users to share those images.

There are certain ways in which you can link your Facebook and Twitter account to the Instagram also. You can do this by making it a link in your profile description. Secondly you can also share different posts from your Instagram account and then encourage users to click those posts so that they can see more stuff.

Link the Facebook apps directly to the Instagram. This can also give you some traffic.

Do not hesitate to use the image focused sites like Reddit or Imgur. Or social networks like Buffer, StumbleUpon or Google+ for this purpose.


Feature Content Submitted by Users

Examples of content Submitted by users

One common thing that you may come across is knowing the fact that each and every business has its superfans. These include all those people who intend to promote anything your post by liking them, commenting on them or by sharing them in their friends’ circle. They like everything that you post and wait eagerly to see something posted from your end. I recommend that you should always boost up such users by rewarding them in different ways. One simple way of doing it is just by featuring their content on your Instagram page.

Try using the GoPro for the above purpose. It is a great thing. The GoPro feature also helps in making your Instagram posts more valuable.


Contest will Get You a Larger Number of followers

Examples of Contests on Instagram

Try conducting different contest so that you are able to grab the attention of your users. this is also a great way to increase the number of followers on your Instagram account. I suggest you set some reward for the winners too. Most people will get attracted just because of the reward they will get in return.


Team up with Captains of your industry

You can find some power users on your Instagram account which are known as the influencers. These influencers are different from general industry and also from the brand influencers. They have got this special position due to their popularity on the social media channels. They have a large number of followers on their friends list too.

I suggest that you try connecting with these influencers or partner with them. In this way you can easily have access to all those users who are following them. In this way many of their followers will also connect with you.


About the Author 

Olivia Pearce is a Social Media Writer who has majored in Textile Designing. Also Holds Bachelor’s degree in Education and English Language Certification. Finds it impossible to discuss herself in third person but is doing so as per the demands of this bio. She is a home-maker and teaches Textile Designing to degree classes at the same time. Being nocturnal has taught her to manage her work in the night and her home at day time.