How to get more Twitter Followers without Having to Follow back


Twitter has shown continuous growth since the day it was launched. Twitter has provided an opportunity for like-minded people and business contacts to communicate through Twitter whose market is completely unmatched on all other social media platforms. To get maximum advantage of this opportunity you have to gain followers. The easiest way to get more followers is to follow other people, who will follow you back. This is an ideal scenario but most people don’t really want it. You have to come up as authoritative and influential on Twitter to get more followers, it’s not like you follow more people than the people who follow you. Getting followers on Twitter is a pretty difficult job but not impossible, it can be done by implementing proper techniques. We are going to discuss it a bit further.


Provoke Thought


Twitter is not only a platform for engagement but it is also a medium for broadcasting your content. If you keep on posting year old memes and old viral videos over and over again, it will not benefit you in any way. So what separates you from millions of other accounts on Twitter? You better know the answer to this one. You have to stick out of the crowd in a way where users can see you and decide to follow you. You should be the first one to break a story whenever possible. Keep a folder in the RSS reader of your choice of the stuff that is really interesting to you and check it really early in the morning and late night to see whether there are any new stories. You also can use a scheduling service to make your tweets, always select a time where the traffic of your audience is at its peak. Make sure it’s read by maximum of your audience. So when you post in interesting tweet someone should notice and think that the story is fascinating and retweet it to their followers. By this you can earn more followers and more retweets eventually. People might start following you thinking that you are the person they should turn to when they want breaking news.


Quote people in Your Tweets


Another effective way to get noticed by other is by mentioning their Twitter name in the tweets you post. It is not possible to get all the people you mentioned in your Tweets to follow you back, some of them might actually follow you when the see you posting about their interests.

One thing you can do is keep track of the many discussion platforms in your niche. If a well-reputed person who belongs to your industry is actively participating in a discussion that sparks controversy, mention the discussion in your tweets and make a reference that person’s comments using their Twitter name.

Stay tuned with what’s going on in your field and around you on social media, by singling out a specific rather popular person in a crowd you may get their attention and earn a follow.

At this time, you must have understood that even a small gesture a small technique can earn you a follow, and on Twitter every follow counts. You have to slowly build up your audience to get noticed.


Use Social Plugins


Everyone on social media either using Facebook or Twitter is also running a blog. It can be of personal nature or solely business. All of the trustworthy social sharing plugins for content sharing and management methods like WordPress (the one that We are using) has the option to include a Twitter name of the person who has posted something on the blog.

You have to include this user name so when anyone chooses to tweet your post, the link will be attached to it. People will have to open your link and find out whether they like your content or not to follow you, it will give you a chance to showcase your content even if 10% of the viewers start following you, that’s pretty great.

You can also ask your existing followers to retweet your article. If you keep on nagging them to retweet, it might turn them off and they might start unfollowing you. So the best technique is to gracefully ask them to retweet occasionally.

At the bottom of articles, you should ask them to tweet. The plugin will include you Twitter username, this will be shown to their followers and it will get you brand new followers.


Draw a Line


This topic is also connected to the ones mentioned above, the being interesting part.Never be afraid to have a different opinion about a topic than other people. Don’t become controversial just for the sake of becoming controversial, it could really backfire, but if you truly believe in having a different point of view is the best way. Never be afraid to speak up.

Jump in to conversation with your own views and always prepared to support them, Don’t talk about stuff that you don’t know about. If there’s something technical, quickly Google it. You don’t want to seem foolish on social media. This way you will lose followers. Read your replies before posting them to point out typos and spelling mistakes. Never be rude, disrespectful or pedantic. The last thing I want to see on social media is a snooty discussion.




Last but not least, Twitter is social media platform, it is really important to actually be social. If you are an introvert, then social media isn’t for you. This never works when you are posting blindly and it’s all one-way communication. Mentioning others in your tweets is not enough.

You have to spare some time to look for people with identical interests and post a comment. Give answers to their questions and ty to become helpful.

You have to portray yourself as a useful person that others want to talk to. Although I have said before to stand out of the crown, it’s wise to blend in sometimes so other people can relate to you. No matter how courageously you manage your house with kids, you have to make sure people human side of yours that they can relate to.