Get Verified on Your YouTube Account: Get a Badge!


Getting a verification badge on the social media channels is a great thing. Either it can be getting verified on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram or any other social channel. You can always get many different benefits if you get verified on the social channels.

What is Verification ?

A Verification is considered as an identity protection of a social media user. It has a great value in many aspects. First of all, it is vital because it helps your followers to find you and most importantly to identify you. Secondly, getting verified on the social network allows you to become more authentic user as well as it helps out in the safety of your social account by keeping away the imposters of fake account users. I have seen many businesses, brands, as well as many celebrities who face real problem with imposters. These imposters try to steal their fans and followers.

They further monetize those followers in order to get some short-term benefit. As a result, many businesses and celebrities face negative reputation. Moreover, when their false reputation is built by those imposters many of them face disastrous issues which particularly includes the identity theft. In many cases the fake profile users also known as the scammers use fake accounts each one having a different name. They also set up numerous fake websites and business profiles too. In this way their basic aim is to damage the reputation of businesses and celebrities. Many scammers also use fake profiles for the purpose of getting the financial information of many users. This leads them to steal the users on a large scale without getting caught. Many people easily fall victim before the authorities catch them up.

Now mainly for this reason that is protection of the users. The social networks have introduced the importance of getting your social accounts verified. You can see a small check mark which shows that you care about your profile. It is also considered as a mean of trust for the users. This also make many other users to show that you care about your social profile and have made a lot of effort to get a verification.

Example of Verified YouTube Account

Getting a verification on any social network means that you have an authentic social account. A Social verification specially on the social channel like the YouTube is not very easy. Once you get verified on the YouTube channel then it means that you are an authority. Apart from this, there are several different requirements which you have to fulfil in order to get the verification badge on YouTube. Some of these requirements are discussed below:

What are the Requirements for YouTube Badge?

Here’s the tricky thing with YouTube: On YouTube, the process of verification is not done through YouTube by itself. Getting a Verification approval on the channel like the YouTube particularly means that your current YouTube account is now linked to another existing account which you have on Google+ which is verified itself.

Another major requirement which you will have to face on the YouTube channel in order to get verified is that you must have more than 100,000 subscribers. As compared to other social channels like the Facebook or the Twitter this requirement is not that strict. Some couple of hundreds of followers may fulfill the requirements. Whereas on YouTube, there is a strict requirement of having more than 100,000 subscribers after which you get verified. Many users find it difficult to reach this huge number. Many times you may see a message from YouTube while subscribing that “if your channel has fewer than 100,000 subscribers, it’s usually not eligible for a verification badge.”

How to Get the Google+ Check?

If I talk about Google+ here. Getting a verification badge on Google+ is not that easy and simple as you may think. If you really want to get a verification badge on Google+ you are required to meet various requirements. In order to get verified on Google+ the first and the most important requirement is that you must have a total of over 20,000 followers. Well I think this requirement is not so tough.

You just have to try meeting this particular requirement by posting some great stuff so that more and more audiences get attracted. On the other hand, having a total of 20,000 followers is not a big deal if you are having more of your followers on your YouTube channel. You can just link those followers who are present on your YouTube channel to your Google+ account. In this way you will surely be able to increase your number of followers.

Google Plus Verified: Next most important step is meeting the numerous usage requirements which are set up by Google+. Avoid posting the irrelevant stuff.


Avoid Posting Spam

In addition to this, you must also try to avoid posting spammy posts or links as well. I have seen many people use these spammy links and stuffs in order to increase the number of followers. Which in the end results as a useless thing. As the policies of Google+ are very strict so in accordance to this thing, you should also avoid posting every kind of illegal contents or posts.

This can include the contents related to harassments, abuse, usage of drugs, advertising dangerous or illegal weapons and many other things. It is really important that you should not violate the Google+ policies and usage terms. Otherwise the management of Google+ will definitely suspend your account instantly. You can even face a lifelong ban on your existing account too. Moreover, never try to use anything which can be related as the black hat. Using the black head techniques can get you in some serious trouble and it will result as a negative thing for you.


Usage of Google+

You also need to actively use Google+. Always remember to post on a regular basis. it is really a necessary thing. Posting on a regular basis can help you out in getting engaged with your users, their comments, their requirements, their likes and dislikes and many such things. Always make your user feel valuable. You can post many different things like some informative article, interesting information of every day story. Just make your posts more interesting and attractive. This is a great way by which you can attract many users. This will also greatly help you in getting verified in a short time.


Brand Website is a must

Another possible way which you can use is to have a brand website. If you do not have one, then I suggest that you create one now. In this way you can easily link your brand website with Google+ or with the Google Webmaster Tools. This is a great and simple way through which you can tell Google that what you are claiming is correct. For this particular purpose I will recommend that you use the feature of AdSense. You can use the same Adsense account as a link between your existing website and your YouTube account. In this way you can link both of them in order to make your account look more explicit. Here each and every addition which you make like including your social profiles, your website etc. will surely help you out to get a verification badge easily.

Google uses the webmaster tools verification is a process that is used by Google for the purpose of verifying different features of your existing Google+ profile. Most importantly it includes the website link. One important thing which I would like to mention here is that Google+ is one and only social media channel which contains two verification checks. These help Google to verify different aspects. Most importantly it includes the aspect of “confirming your email is real and actually exists.”

If you desire to get verified on the YouTube channel, then you will have to overcome two major requirements which are set by the YouTube management. The first one includes the requirement of having 20,000 circles on Google+ level and the second requirement is of having 100,000 subscribers or followers on your YouTube channel. I have gathered some important tips for you which you can adopt in order to overcome these requirements.

Google+: How to Reach 20,000 Followers

If you really want to increase the number of your followers on your account, then you should try adopting some useful tips and suggestions. I have compiled some important aspects which are useful for this purpose. These are discussed below.

 Division in Categories

Categorize your circles into circle lists. The first important step which is very useful in increasing your number of followers is to categorize them into a specified list. Try to include all those accounts which you follow centered around some variety of interests or different keywords. Just try to spend some of your time every day or a specific day in a week on which you can browse each of the related item.

This will greatly help you out in curating different type of contents from each of the item that you have included in your list. Now this is a great thing which you can adopt. In this way you are able to keep your posts updated with the relevant and some unique contents. You can easily do this by using the circle labels. The circle labels are basically a private thing. You do not have to publish it among your audiences. In this way you can have some very well organized features. More importantly, your followers will not know in which circle you have put them in. So due to this, there is no chance of some mishaps.

Engage with Users

Don’t be afraid to engage with more users and more communities. Never be afraid of making new friends. Now this aspect is really important. I will definitely recommend you to increase the number of your audiences even if you are using any social media network. For this purpose, you will surely have to get engaged with a large number of audiences.

Try creating some activity in your group or posts. Invite more and more users to join. You can also ask them to give their feedbacks on the stuff which you have posted. This is a great way of making your audiences get engaged.

I recommend that you must always work harder to strive to get into some larger communities or different groups of those people in particular who were not able to see your posts in previous times. Try joining some large communities or large circles of people. In this way you can easily reach and get engaged to more and more users who may be attracted to your content.

Focal Point

Focus on the appropriate means of curating and timing your posts. This is another important step which you can adopt in order to get a large number of followers which can further help you to get verified. This point includes two main aspects. The first and the most important aspect is the social media timing. Nowadays different types of apps which include the apps like Timing+ work for Google+ are very useful in order to figure out at what time your audience is active. This also informs you about the accurate and proper time to post in order to reach those audiences. This is a great feature which you can use.

Curation Scheme

The second important point is the curation scheme. If you ask my point of view, I will recommend you to use the Pareto scheme, or the 80-20 rule. This is because I prefer these too. It is because whenever you make any post on your social networks say you make 10 posts in a day. From these 10 posts 8 of them must be genuinely valuable and also brand-agnostic. These posts are just the general posts which you can make every day. These type of posts are very useful if you want to increase the number of audiences. Particularly, these type of posts presents your thoughts or they are related to promoting your business as well in a different way. Just be confident that when you post such stuff your audiences will surely like them.


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