Get Your Video on YouTube in These Easy 10 Ways

  YouTube is one of the leading video sharing sites these days. Today it has around 1.5 billion active users who watch different videos using YouTube. That makes it to a total of around 5 billion videos that are viewed on YouTube every day. That is why is YouTube is ranked as one of the best social channel when it comes to videos.

Generally the algorithm of YouTube relates to the dissimilarity between a video that fade away before reaching up to a total of 500 views and a video that is continuously viewed by the audience. It does not fade away with the passage of time. From the time when you post it on your YouTube page its journey starts. These particular videos get like from the audiences, gets various comments and most importantly these videos get quite a lot of views as well. Here time does not matter. These videos still get succeed to get a lot of responses and views from the time they were posted initially. In other words this journey of a video is termed as “video trending”.

In this article I have mentioned all the possible ways by which you can make your videos to trend and get more exposure on YouTube for a long time.


  1. Get Current Subscribers to View the Video Swiftly

Try to get as much audience views as you can. This is undoubtedly one of the most effective inclinations which you can do. After you post any of your video on You Tube just remember that the first three days are the most crucial ones. Perhaps these days can really decide the fate of your video. So I would recommend you to get the best out of your video. Also try to get a maximum number of viewership essentially in the first three days after posting your video.

Here I am not talking about which target group you are attracting or from where you are getting the views from. My point is simple. You just need to focus on getting as much views as possible on your videos. Nothing really matters more as long as these views are real and valid ones. I believe that one of the quick and easiest way of getting the maximum numbers of views are particularly from your YouTube page subscribers or your followers.

I am saying this because I think that your subscribers are the ones whom you can trust. They are the ones who already like you and your YouTube page. Moreover they like every video or contents which you post on your YouTube page. This means that they are already fond of you and what you have to offer them. That is why they are following you and have become your subscribers.


  1. 2. Boost Relatively Longer Views


Try to encourage longer views of your videos. The Longer views are relatively better as compared to the shorter views. That is the reason why the complete views of a Vine-length video work very well unlike any other length video.

Well longer video also tend to work well in some cases. That works particularly when you are more anxious about marketing rather than thinking of just producing the meme.

So what should be the actual length of a YouTube video?

There are many different views about the length of the YouTube videos which you create. In view of some experts and marketers your YouTube video should be up to a total length of somewhere around 2-3 mins. This is quite ideal length of a YouTube video and many people prefer making their videos up two to three minutes long. On the other hand there are some opinions related to the ideal duration of the YouTube videos. If you ask about my point of view I personally think that any video which you create in order to run on your YouTube channel should be up to the duration of 10 minutes. It can be a bit longer than this too. That is totally up to you.

I prefer creating longer videos to run on my YouTube channel. The reason why I am saying this is because YouTube is basically a video sharing website. People use it to watch different types of videos that may include music videos, advertisements, tutorials, and movies and so on. So by posting longer videos I believe that they probably get something to watch all the way through. There is no harm in creating longer videos and then posting them on YouTube. Moreover I recommend you to search out for an interesting and informative topic and make your videos on that. This can greatly increase the number of views of your YouTube videos.

  1. Get People from Off-Site to Visit Your YouTube Channel

You really need to get people to browse your YouTube channel. Try to brainstorm some possible ways of doing it. You can think of any possible ways as there are probably no restrictions really. It is totally up to you that how you actually do it. You must try out every possible method which you can to refer as many people to YouTube. I believe using a landing page for this purpose is quite a good option to use. You can easily do it using your landing page.

Here the main point on which I am stressing on is to get more people to browse your YouTube page. There are various ways of doing it. Let’s say for example you can post some very interesting videos. You can post entertaining and funny videos for the people who prefer watching humorous videos. In addition to this you can also post some creative videos as well as tutorials for the teenagers too. I recommend you to post more often so that people tend to browse your YouTube page and also stick there for some while.

  1. Keep Your Audience Engaged Outside of YouTube

Engaging more and more people to your YouTube page is not that easy. You really have to give your best in order to attract them. Off course you cannot post on your Facebook profile page and ask them to visit your YouTube.  That is not something likely to do. There are possible chances that people will ignore such posts and probably will not even bother to visit your YouTube page.

I know that Facebook is one of the best social media channels these days. And people use it for different types of promotional stuff. Since it just a social networking channel and all you can post is your YouTube video links on it and nothing else. Moreover Facebook has introduced its own video links. Due to this factor Facebook deceitfully plays a role in demotion of your YouTube video links too. So you need to think of something better than this.

Nonetheless you have quite a lot of other options. One of the major one is to simply start getting engaged with your audience. Believe me this can really get you along in attracting a maximum number of audiences to your YouTube page and become your followers.

  1. Stick to Bringing Repeat Viewers

Try sticking to a narrow niche. This can also help you out in making people to view your videos which you post on your YouTube channel right away. Along with this you also need to choose a unique and interesting style of content.

Try to become a generalist rather than focusing on a multiple niches. I have seen many such users who just stick to a single niche and post their stuff accordingly. For example posting of rock music only, or focusing on creating just funny gags or just sticking on posting tutorials. These are all examples of some narrow niches. These kind of selective niches do succeed a lot.

So I recommend you to keep your niche as narrow as possible. Despite of selecting multiple niches at a time and posting some boring and useless stuff it is better that you stick to just a single one. Think of any one niche and search out different stuff related to it. Also think of different ideas of how you can make that particular niche sound more interesting to the audiences and keep posting on it.

    6. Don’t Use Bad Videos

Stop experimenting with contents. I know that experiments are good but not in everything. Especially not at the point when you have something that works well. I am saying this because most of the audience comes to your YouTube page just to view the contents which you posted. And in this case if you start uploading any new type of content that does not counterfeit with all of your other videos then probably your new videos which you just posted on experimental basis might not work well.

  1. Improve Video Impressions for Concentrated Interest

Optimization of video impressions is another great option which works out really well. Here “video impressions” means the fragment of the video which appears the recommendation list on your YouTube page.

This is further categorized into two things. First one is the thumbnail and secondly the first handful of typescript of the title which you use. I think that titles are more simple and easy to use as compared to the thumbnails.

On the other hand the thumbnails which you use must be interesting, vibrant, colorful, and consistent. I’ll give you an example of an optimized channel here. They use very stylish but similar thumbnails. These thumbnails are so different that you cannot figure out if you have viewed a particular video previously or not. Additionally these thumbnails are branded which you can identify them.

  1. Post Consistently

Post your videos as frequently as possible. Your followers are waiting for it. I recommend that you try to follow a consistent schedule in this regard. Let’s say you can post your videos two times in a week that can be on Monday and on Friday. Just post on a regular basis.

Here the trick is that you should train your audiences or followers to expect a video on a definite time of the week. This practice can last up to several weeks. This is important for you to do. Do not let your audience to fall out of the habit of waiting to view your new video. This can really bring out some great results.

  1. Pay for Short Bursts of Promotion

If you are really trying hard to get exposure for your videos, then you also use the option of paid video promotions. This can be useful in getting the required exposure which you want. Although the YouTube algorithm does not really stick upon the paid stuff only but you can surely succeed getting quite a lot of exposure of your videos and also in getting ahead of all the others.

Well in my point of view I believe that it is a good idea to pay for your video promotions. You can ideally promote your newly created videos to your existing audiences by paying some amount of money. Here I would suggest you to pay for the short three-day window by which you can get some instant views. This can undoubtedly give a great impact to your audiences. On the other by doing this you will not be required to run extended promotions by paying a large amount of money.

Similarly you can also start a small ongoing campaign of your own. That can be set for building wakefulness of you YouTube page as well as your content. This is a very good method that is useful in increasing the number of subscribers on your YouTube page. Additionally it also works in showing up your YouTube videos organically.

  1. Be Extremely Famous

Being incredibly famous can take you a long way. You just need to focus on building an audience in millions and there you go. Do you think any of the famous celebrity or those having high end Vevo accounts care about what sort of videos to post on their YouTube page? Absolutely not. The only thing which works is the total number of followers on your page. The more followers you have the more views you will get just instantly after posting any of your videos. People become fan of everything you post once you make your place. This is what all the famous people do. So you better start off thinking of increasing the number of followers on your YouTube page.

Hopefully these methods will help you building a presence on YouTube. Once you have established this presence it is very important to maintain this by keeping up the work.