Getting famous on YouTube


Nobody can guarantee you to give you a potion that can make you famous overnight on YouTube. However, there are distinct patterns that can be followed if you want to become famous in this largest social media network. As compared to the rival social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn, YouTube holds a prestigious position. More than billions of users all around the world use YouTube for searching videos. If you want to become famous on YouTube, you need to adapt right tactics and techniques for your YouTube channel and your videos that can make you famous. Becoming famous will not only benefit your brand, but it will also improve the chances of conversion. So you will have more potential customers.

Going viral just like the other YouTube stars is not impossible! If yo want to be like one of these stars that have millions of YouTube views on their videos and people recognize them worldwide, you should be making attractive and creative videos which can make your followers go crazy. Well, before you start your journey to becoming popular on YouTube, keep in mind that Rome was not built in one day! There are no magic and no formula for success and it will take time and a lot of patience as well as real effort on your side but once you master the art of becoming famous on YouTube, you will reap the rewards and become famous like one of these YouTube superstars.

Have a glance at these tactics that can ease your way to becoming famous on YouTube.

Endeavor your brand

The first step for using YouTube like a star is to create a brand channel that represents your passion and desire. If you are an emerging singer and you want to become famous using your singing skills, and then choose a relevant category and style for your channel that is a representation of your singing passion. Your YouTube channel should be like an open book. It must include your raw videos of singing, your journey information, and your relevant blog that has quality content about your brand. Just keep it directed to your brand and show people what you have for them using your channel.

Build your community

YouTube and other social media channels are like communities of people. Similar persons with similar interests gather and make a community so you can take advantage of making your community on YouTube. You can reach out to get more fans by commenting and liking videos that are related to your channel. You can build your community by encouraging them to view your videos and channel. Don’t ask them directly or don’t insist anyone for watching your channel on YouTube. Just give them a reason come to your channel.

By making your community, you can spread your brand name and improve the online traffic towards your YouTube channel. It will help you become popular and people will recognize your name.

Collaborate with your fellow popular users

The best way to become popular on social media websites is to encourage others to promote you while you do this for them. Many popular YouTube users have friends on YouTube, who are also equally popular. These users share videos and links of their fellow users to promote them and ask a favor of getting promoted through their channel too! This is an awesome idea as it will build your trust in people, and you can get promotion and followers of your fellow YouTube users too.

Supplement personal touch in your videos

Making a viral video takes nothing more than just an impressive idea! So offer your YouTube viewers something that they have not watched anywhere else. You can also go personal in this matter as a lot of YouTube stars share their personal videos and get millions of views.

Sharing videos like product reviews and songs will not get you anywhere if you want to become famous on YouTube. Everyone else shares the same content! So there will be nothing new in your videos if you will follow the herd. Make sure your videos represent you and your brand specifically so that people talk about you after watching the video; not about any product or a celebrity. Be a celebrity yourself.

Be consistent and be creative

Consistency is the key to becoming popular on YouTube as if you will not post original videos consistently, you cannot grab the attention of YouTube users. You should be living in your YouTube channel if you want to become a YouTube star!

Don’t disappoint your followers who come to your channel to watch something new and crazy. Keep them interested and engaged, and you will start noticing the difference in your fan base.

Upload a video response to a viral video

If you are a newbie on YouTube and you share, the same passion like other channel owners do; to become famous, post an interesting response to a viral video that recently went popular. People will view your video to check out what do you have in your box!

This method is extremely beneficial if you respond to any video related to politics or have a sense of humor. As a humor attracts social media users more than anything, you can use this factor to promote your YouTube videos. You might get more views and comments that the original viral video!

Post reviews of popular trends like movies

People want to know about latest news and gossips about movies as movies are always in trend. If you want, YouTube users to check out your channel and recognize you, post reviews for anything that is trending. For example, any new movie review can get you popularity as people will be searching for the keywords relevant to the movie and your videos will also appear in the search. If you have reviewed the movie using your skills and creativity, people will like it and spread the word. Posting these reviews as a video response to modern trailers and related videos can also help you become famous.

Just don’t forget that you need to keep your identity while you try to become famous on YouTube. Don’t copy anyone else and don’t get lost in the crowd. People should know you from your name or brand; whatever you want them to call you, and they should expect that this man will post a review or post a response video. Make them expect from you and remember your name! That is your best strategy to becoming one of the most popular YouTube stars. It might take weeks or months, but once you will be at the top, you can be there for long.