Give Access to others to Your Facebook Page


Facebook’s Role

There are many ways in which you can grant other users to your Facebook page. I have discussed some of the ways below

How to make a Page Visible?

If you are new to Facebook and want to create your new Facebook page. While you create it, you will see that it is hidden by default and remains unpublished at first. This is a preventive measure by Facebook. This preventive measure is very useful. It does not allow any user to access your Facebook page until you have filled up all the relevant information that is required by Facebook. In addition to this you will also need to make your first post if you want your newly created Facebook page to get public.

Publish Page

At the time you have entered all the required information on your Facebook page and completed the process of setting up your page. Now you are ready to make your Facebook page visible to the other existing users. This is very important step. You need to make your Facebook page visible to the other users so that they are able to access it. For making your Facebook page visible to others you just need to take a simple step. That is to click on the link of “publish page”.

You can easily find this option at the top in the banner. If you cannot find the banner visible on your Facebook page, then in this case you can simply click over to the option of Settings. At the top of your page go to General settings. Under this option you can see the Page Visibility button. You can now click edit option on it. Moreover, just make sure that you uncheck the box of “unpublish page”. When you uncheck this box you will see that your page gets published now. This means that all the other available users can see your newly created Facebook page.


The settings menu is an important menu. So it is important that you must pay attention to it in case if you want to make or change any further settings of your Facebook page.

Special Permission Granting to a User

While interacting with the other users on a Facebook page you can have a total of eight roles through which you are able to interact with the others. I have mentioned these eight roles as follows:


Banned users

Banned users are all those users who are prohibited to view a particular Facebook page. These users are not allowed to interact with the page as well.

Not Following

All those users who do not follow your page or those users who do not interact with your page in any way and do not have the permission to do so are included in this category.


Every time a user follows you on your Facebook page they are given extra permission to do so. This generally includes the ability to check in your available Facebook page or post anything on your page. They can all these activities only if you allow them to do it.

Apart from the above there the five remaining roles are mainly considered as the administrative roles which you can assign to a social media team.

Page Analyst

Analysts are those users who are able to view your Insights which take place on your Facebook page. The analysts can also see who in the administration posted from the page account.

Page Advertiser

Advertisers are those users who mainly create and manage all the advertisements on your Facebook page. These advertisers also have the same permissions just like the analysts.

Page Moderators

Moderators are the mainly those users who are permitted to ban the unwanted users. Similarly, they can also remove any banned user too. Moderators can respond to posts, delete any posts, and send messages as the page. They are permitted to use your page just like the advertisers.

Page Editors

As like the moderators, the Editors have the same permissions to use your Facebook page too. Editors can create and delete any posts as the page, they can edit the page itself which also includes adding different apps on your existing Facebook page.

Page Administrators

The Administrators are very good at managing your Facebook page. They have the same permissions as editors. The administrators are also permitted to manage your page roles and settings. Here it is important to know that only the page owner is a moderator. This is by default but you can also set additional moderators for your Facebook page.

If at any time you are planning to set up a page role on your existing Facebook page. Then it is important that a user must either be connected to your page as a personal user. If not, then it is important for you to know their email address.

Now just follow the simple process.

First of all, go to your Facebook page settings menu. Click on the page roles section on your page settings menu. Now you need to type in the person’s name or their email address. You will see a role drop-down options. From these role options you can now choose one of the five administrative roles. Finally click to save the changes after selecting the role.

 How to Choose Administrators of Facebook Groups?

Admins play a vital role in managing a Facebook page. On your Facebook page if you want to add someone as an admin then you first need to search them in the user list. Now click the gear that is under their name and then select the option of “make admin.”

Allow Check-ins

There are numerous users who want to check-in to your Facebook page. For this purpose, having a physical location is really important for you. Otherwise users will not be able to check-in to your Facebook page. And I know that you don’t want this to happen in any case.

It is important that you enter your geographical address into the system in order to permit the check-ins. When you save the address of your geographical location on your Facebook page then Facebook will give you the option of displaying a map. Moreover, it will also display the star reviews and check-ins on your page. You just need to enable this option and you are done.

Permit Users to Post to Your Page’s Wall

If you want to allow users to post on your Facebook wall you can do it too. For this purpose, go to your page settings and then click Posting Ability. You will now have two options. One is enable and other is disable user posts. Enabling a user will allow other users to post picture and video posts on your page.

Making Collaborative Ads Groups

The collaborative Ads groups are those groups which allow ads access to multiple accounts by using only a single account. By this you can manage your ads from your primary account for all your other social accounts.

Allowing Others to Access Ads Accounts

To allow any user to manage the advertising of your Facebook page you need to go to your ad account settings. Now click to add a user. Type their name or email address. Finally select their access level and submit the changes. That particular user will be informed of their new access.