How Google+ Can Benefit Young Authors in Building their Careers?

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Google launched Google +, a social media networking options for loyal Google users a year ago. Since then, its all about Google + everywhere as it has been influencing every field of business and online marketing. From changing policies to bringing new features in the market, Google has been in the news for past few years. So when it comes to writers, who want to build their career online, Google + is also a great choice for them as it can provide them many opportunities.

People have been comparing Google + with Facebook but this does not make any sense as the purpose of Google + and Facebook is entirely different. Facebook cannot compete Google + in some matters and similarly, it is not possible to compete with Facebook regarding some features.  But if you are a young author and you want to publish your books, build your career as a writer and want to emerge as one of the most influential writers on internet, and then Google + should be your first choice. Choosing good + can be a wonderful thing for any new writer to connect with existing authors, readers, publishers and online editors. Google + is a vast platform, and everyone is using this for various purposes. From using it for sharing personal photos to connecting with your online customers, it has been providing best results to online marketers since a year and hopefully, it will continue its legacy in the future.

Well, if you think that in this world of internet, you could make your writing career successful without using social media channels, you are not going to succeed. Although many people still publish their content without using social media but here is a matter of improved visibility and publicity. Without spending any money, you can advertize your writing and your books. Moreover, with using a little investment, you could reap bigger benefits that advertising in physical forms like posters, books and in magazines!

Using Google+ as a young, and new author can help you boost your career in following ways;

Build up your personal author profile

Using Google +, it is now easier to build your brand with customized personalization and your unique touch. You can use much networking tools to help you in this matter. If you want to make an earning from a writer job on Google +, having a personal brand is important as a first step towards building your career online. You should focus on making your profile and fill all the details exactly like they are filled up with your other social media networks. You must remember that by filling out your Google+ profile in right words and spellings; you could improve the chances of your getting found online by your followers and chasers. Don’t lose the opportunity of coming up with search engine results just because you have not filled your profile correctly. You can build your profile using your preferences and personal touch so that online followers would know you by your theme or your logo.

You can also improve your own Google + profile by adding relevant links to your profile from  other websites, blogs, books stores and online magazines. Other than that, you must add relevant posts, images and videos to your Google + profile that could improve your image as an experienced author.

Use Google + communities for building new contacts

By using Google + circles and Google communities, you can just make new relationships with online authors and other publishers who might get interested in you work. Google + is a great tool to connect with your relevant communities that could benefit you in improving your online brand presence and online visibility. Just like attending new parties could help you in socializing, Google+ offers opportunities for meeting with new authors, publishers, editors and writers using these mutual communities. You can choose these communities depending on your style and preference or your location too.

Take advantage of coming up in search results

Everyone knows about the authority and monopoly of Google over other search engines. So if you are using Google+ to market your authorship and your work, you can expect that your Google search engine would show you in higher search results and you can get the advantage of coming up higher in rankings. You would not have to work harder to improve your online rankings by considering search engine optimization for your profile or your blog in this way. Although SEO still matters and you should be focusing it but by using Google +, you will be preferred as compared to other online authors and writers who are using Twitter or Facebook for promoting their online brand.

Appear more visible using Google+

Google is, after all, an Internet giant, so the public posts and content that is shared via Google is shown on all websites and search engines with a clear preference. You can target a bigger audience with your writing using Google+ public posts and circles.

Use hangout to connect with other Google + authors

Google has another amazing feature, Hangouts, which is a chat app. You can get it automatically when you use any Android phone. It allows users to connect up to 10 friends from Google circles in video chat. This feature is not presented in any other social media network so now you could clearly say that Google + is no doubt the best! You can add anyone from your circles to your chat and talk to them. Making new friends and relationships were never so easier as it is now. Thanks to Google +!

Sign up for Google authorship

Google users have a great advantage of signing up for authorship of their published content on different online websites. If you are an author, you can set up your Google + account and claim for your content on Google. It could help you avoid plagiarism for your content, and you could get benefits from improved online visibility and connection with other Google + authors.

Well, now you could visualize about the benefits you could get by building your profile on Google + as an author. Google was always best in its services and products, and now it is even more competitive and beneficial to all young entrepreneurs out there who are working hard to become successful.