How Google News Can Increase Your Social Traffic

If you have a blog or news website, a required goal to succeed would be to get included in ‘Google News‘. But in order to get included in this publication system you will need to meet some requirements. If you do meet these requirements from Google, then your social media presence will grow substantially.

We have seen sites and brands multiply in traffic after being included in Google news. This means more readers for you and in term, more ad revenue. If the news stories are great, they will be displayed on the Google News homepage where your articles will get highly cited. This is why Google News is a powerful and mandatory tool for any serious blog or news website.

So you’re probably wondering, how can I get my site on Google news?

It’s simple, yet lengthy. It will only be simple if you follow these steps and do everything correctly. You will also need to be patient with this process.

The first step would be to have an established news or blog website. It doesn’t have to generate 100 articles a day or have a skyscraper in New York’s Time Square. You will need just a good looking news or blog, along with a team of writers and editors. You will also need to generate at least 3-5 articles a day. The more content you put out, the more consistent readers you will receive.

You would need to also have high quality standards in your work too. Google doesn’t play around with this rule. Google reviews every site that gets submitted and checks to see if the quality is great for inclusion. If your articles are full of grammar errors or is advertising, then don’t even bother submitting it for inclusion.

Google staff wants to see news and strong journalistic material on these submitted news sites. They don’t care if you can report 500 news headlines a day, if your stories are poorly written, your news site will get rejected. So make sure that you check all the grammar in your articles before you submit.

The next step would be to verify or add any contact information on the news site. Having your staff member’s personal information, including contact info, will make readers like your site even more. A short biography wouldn’t hurt either.

This is something that Google news takes into consideration when they are reviewing your site for inclusion. A physical address and phone numbers are also required for inclusion to Google news. According to many news sites, this contact information does not get verified or checked by Google staff during the review process.

The design of your website is also a big plus when your site hits review time. There are sites that have gotten included with basic designs, but those with big fancy designs have a bigger chance. With so many news sites included, its best to attract as many readers as possible and bite the other competition.

From the time that the article gets submitted for review, it can take up to a month. It can literally happen any day and can be a really anxious wait for some. If your have good content and followed the rest of the steps, then you should be fine.

Other reasons of why your article can get rejected — could be technical issues.

Common technical issues are problems with the URL format or the structure of the article. The title of the article has to be on top, with the author name and date right below. The category should follow somewhere near it and so should the description or subheading.

For the URL format, the links are best indexed better when they end with “.html”. Also, the URL format would need to have archive style organization (ex. “04/20/”.) This can be achieved on WordPress by configuring the “Permalinks” settings in your admin panel.

Besides these technical or content issues, you should be good to go. When you do submit your news site for inclusion, you are required to submit a publication name. MAKE SURE it is not trademarked or it can get removed from inclusion.

It is up to you whether the submitted news publication will get the desired readers or achieve your required goals. Being included in Google news will definitely boost traffic and authority with any news publication. It will increase the chances of the publication becoming bigger.

The social presence of these publications that are included always skyrocket. So if you got a worthy blog or news site that you see a future in, go ahead and submit it for inclusion! It’s a wonderful journey and can definitely be the open door that you have been waiting for.