Grow Your E-Cigarette Page Without Using Facebook Ads

E-Cigarettes also called as E-cigs and vapes holds an exceptional position in today’s marketing world. Both these features are much healthier and less-dangerous alternatives to a dangerous addiction.

Since there are tons of advertisements and campaigns going on to help people get rid of the habit of smoking tobacco, the need to have legit E-Cigarette pages is rising.

The audience need to know where they can purchase E-Cigarette and the accessories. It is very important to advertise the page to the right audience if you want a good response. The more you advertise the better the turnout. It would be really helpful if you have a physical location. Otherwise an online store is good enough for you to start advertising.

Generally, if I talk about the e-cigarettes the very first thing which comes in your mind is the concept of restriction or harmful thing.

Well here the case is somewhat different. Here you are focusing to attract your Facebook audiences who undoubtedly love to use Facebook. These people use Facebook for different purposes like as a mean of communication, a source of marketing, a source of interaction, or a source for your business promotions and so on. Along with this there are some set restrictions which you must not forget while using your Facebook page. These restrictions include using prohibited Tobacco products, alcohol, firearms, prescription drugs and illegal drugs etc. All these are restricted items which you must not use in any case. In addition to this you must also not use any of the prohibited content as defined in the Facebook policy.  Otherwise you might face a long term ban on your Facebook account.

Nonetheless Facebook still ranks the highest among all the other social networking sites in terms of marketing and advertising of your business or products. It is the best platform to advertise your product in best way possible

Make an Awesome Facebook Page

 Vaping Facebook Page

Do you have a complete Facebook profile?

No? Then I suggest you to complete and update your profile now.  Fill out all the information required.

On the other if you have already entered all the required information and updated your Facebook profile then you have done an excellent job.

It is quite essential for you to have a complete Facebook profile.  Just be aware that your Facebook profile is the first and the major step which you take to promote your business. It is basically your identity by which people get to know about you as well as your business. It does not really matter if you are an individual running a business, a newly established company or running a large business or an organization. You need to enter all the required information on your Facebook profile page. The main reason behind this is because people know about you from the information which you provide on your Facebook profile page. You can enter all the information which you want. There are no restrictions.

Generally you must include all the information which you have to give or want to give to the audiences about your business, products or services. You can also include some information about yourself too. Well this is totally up to you. If you want to enter any detail which you feel like you can include that as well. Otherwise this is just optional. Here I strongly recommend you to enter all the relevant details about the physical location of your business. It can include your office address, your factory address, or your outlet and so on. In addition to this you must also include your contact information because that is a must. This includes your telephone number, your mobile number, and postal address and so on.

Moreover, I feel that you must also include the address of your website and also the addresses of your social media profile pages as well. Including your website address is a must because a website is an essential part of your business promotion and information. On the other hand, the social media profiles are also a great way of interaction among you and your audiences. These social media sites have become a primary part of marketing today. There are several social networks available these days. You can create your social media profiles on different social channels and then include the addresses of your social media profiles like your Facebook account, your Twitter account, your Instagram account, your Linkedin account, your YouTube profile and so on.

I believe that the more information you include in your profile page the better responses you will get from your audiences. It is because all this information opens up the ways of interaction among you and your audiences.

Now if on the other hand you want to cater your audiences as an e-cig shop then you must think of some other additional options as well. Let’s say for example you are targeting a younger audience. Then offcourse, you will need to focus on marketing some stylish and trendy stuff. You cannot just present some old, traditional or the stuff that is out of fashion these days to them and ask for their attraction. This is not possible. You need to think of some unique and trendy ideas in this case.


How about attracting them with some creative graphic designs and imagery?

This is a good idea isn’t it?

You can simply start with an attractive cover photo and your Facebook page profile picture. Now at this point it is totally up to you that you can post whatever images or pictures which you want or like to post on your Facebook page. Just remember that every image which you post must relate to your business or the products which you are offering to your audiences.

You can upload an attractive and colorful cover photo on your Facebook page. This is really helpful in attracting a maximum number of audiences to your page. An attractive and colorful cover photo plays a major role in catching the eye of many users and attracting them to your page. If you ask about me I only click those Facebook pages which contains an attractive an appealing cover photo.  I prefer clicking on those pages which preferably display their stylish products as their cover photo.

Let’s say for example if you are offering any sports related products then you can post an attractive image of a sports kit, a bat, a racket or even sports costumes as your cover photo. This can make a great impact on every user who views the cover image on your Facebook page. On the other hand I think that these cover photos are inclined to work better for vapes as compared to the e-cigs.

Meanwhile you can also display a logo design as your cover image. Although I think that the logo design normally works best if you display them as your profile picture. You can also display the image of your product in use. This is another good option which you can use.

 Participate in Germane Facebook Groups

 Facebook Vapor Group

Attracting a larger number of audiences is undoubtedly the key to success. Try thinking of some unique ideas. I know it is not an easy thing but it is really essential for you to attract as much audiences to your Facebook page as you can. Generally one of the most effective ways to attract your audience attraction is through displaying different types of ads. It is taken as a major way to market your businesses, products or services or any other thing which you want.

Now what if you do not have that option?

I mean how would you think of attracting your audiences if you do not have the option or permission of advertising your business or products?

Well another way of attracting your audiences is through E-Cigs. This can be done by searching around for all the available active groups about e-cigs which have different sets of communities. You can easily gain access to some large communities just by joining the e-cigs groups.

Write and Post Informative Blog Posts

How to Use an eCig?

I know you must be thinking about how you can use an E-Cig.

Well in order to use the E-Cig the most important things which you need is mainly a website and also a blog.  You need these because this is where you can post all the contents which you want. Here one of the most essential things is the content. The content holds a vital place when it comes to Facebook. It is the only source by which you can keep your Facebook profile running. Otherwise it will not become stagnant.

The content which you post on your Facebook page is a way of communication among you and your audiences. You can post different contents on your Facebook page and share them with other people you can tell them what to feel just by posting different stuff on your Facebook page.

Search out for various tutorials on the internet. You can get all the information about creating a high quality website, a blog, and ways of creating some unique contents and so on.

Here I strongly recommend you to search out for the educational posts. I am saying this because nowadays due to various unofficial sources you might end up getting into a lot of misinformation. This can include a lot of politicized information, and also quite a lot of propaganda that is available out there about the e-cigs. I know you do not want to get into any of that propaganda right?

So in order to avoid all the fake information it is better that you search out some educational posts related to the e-cigarettes.

Write and Post Blog articles on Current Trends

 Vaping Trends

Meanwhile you need to think of some useful ways to keep attracting and building the interest of different users. I know you are probably busy in targeting fence-sitters with all the educational contents but that is certainly not enough. You need to promote your business and products as much as you can.  Try to post on a regular basis. One or two posts will not be effective in making a great difference.

I advise you to keep your Facebook page as well as your blog updated. You can only do this by posting regularly. You can posts 1-2 times per week on your blog page.

On the other hand, if I talk about the e-cig market you need to post more often than this. Posting 1-2 posts per week is not enough when it comes to e-cig marketing. You need to do something special in this case. In case of e-cigs I recommend you to post your contents which are up to 750-1500 words in total. This can totally depend on whichever topic that you are writing on. Try to schedule your posts around 5-7 times per week.

Well this is not the limit. If you can post more you can do that too. The main idea is to attract the audience and keep your Facebook page as well as your blog going.

Create Infographics with Precise Information

 eCig Infographic

Generally, Facebook does not like infographics which are specifically related to e-cigarettes. I am not saying that you cannot create them. You can create them. You can further use these infographics just like you use any other contents on your Facebook page. Just remember that you cannot promote a post with e-cig infographics on Facebook.

Basically the Infographics are highly visual. On the other hand, the E-cigs are generally taken as a controversial subject that typically appeals different users to comment. And this further gives a boosts to your reach and the rate of engagement.

Here one of the disadvantages which you might face is that just like Facebook there are many infographic aggregators which do not prefer to curate content about the restricted content. All of this extends to e-cigs in many casesYou have to understand that growing a page organically is a slow but steady process. Once your page gets the attention it really deserves there is no going back.