How to Grow Your YouTube Video Thumbs Up?

If you have the talent to make videos, YouTube is a very powerful platform to engage your audience. It isn’t rocket science you just require a video editing software and a microphone. You can use formatting, animation, music and some creative vocals and you won’t have to hire anyone to do the acting.

There are some tips and tricks you can use to improve your videos, best to start from the basics and move forward as you go.

In this day and age, we look for quality. With modern equipment it is very easy to make high quality videos. When I am watching a video, If I come across a distorted video with poor sound quality I close it within 3 seconds. On YouTube HD videos are being uploaded and I’d rather watch an HD video than a video of bad quality.

Your Channel on YouTube acts as a Core for viewers who want to know more about your business. You need to customize your bland default banners and backgrounds along with Featured Videos and Sub-Channels.

Cross-promotion is a vital tool you can utilize to promote your YouTube channel amongst other Social profiles.

From Facebook and Google+ to your blog and also on your LinkedIn page.

You can pin the videos on Pinterest and put them in blog posts, share them on Facebook and on every other platform you’re using to promote your video which will eventually result in the promotion of your brand.

YouTube is not only used to host videos, if you’re solely using YouTube for the sharing of your videos then probably you should give it up and find a better content distribution network. There are so many features of YouTube you can explore and put to your best use.  For example, by monetizing your channel you can earn money, by social commenting and videos replies you can promote your brand, don’t waste these amazing features.


  1. Off-Site Posting of Videos

There are hundreds of thousands of videos uploaded and searched on YouTube every day and your one video has to be unique to rise out of the waters. It’s wise to promote your video on YouTube is just the first step, you have to make it stand out for your viewers. You will never go very far by using these primitive methods of promoting your brand.

Always use a custom thumbnail for your video while sharing it on Facebook, the next step is to encourage engagement. You can also post them on Google+ and LinkedIn, if your target audience is using these networks. You can also post it as a new video announcement on Twitter. You can send press release to your industry bloggers asking them to comment on the video, they might not write the comment directly but can write an article based on your video, if you’re lucky they will also embed your video in their article. It will broaden your chances of getting engagement from other networks.


  1. Frequent Posting

Let me explain through an example, if you are 100% sure that 100 people will visit your video. 10 will give a Thumbs Up and the same with another video you have posted. Well this robotic traffic doesn’t exist. The Thumbs Up rate isn’t constant either.

It works this way, the most videos the more views you gather. Many people will end up exploring your channel. The more ‘quality’ videos you have available on your channel the more people will be interested.


  1. Call to Action Segment

You can ask your audience about their experience, you can set aside 5-10 seconds at the end of your video to call to action. You can ask your viewers to click the link to your website in the description, if you’re trying to get thumbs up ask them to click Like. You can also encourage them to subscribe or share.

Call to Action videos can lead to higher level of engagement. Your viewers will respond and might spark up your comment section. If someone posts a comment of Thanking you for uploading, it’s wise to reply. This way your viewers will be able to communicate with you.


  1. Video SEO Application

YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world. Google owns it and works in the same ways as Google would. You have to optimize your video’s SEO, doing this will draw in more viewers and subscribers.

You call take note of these pointers in order get more Thumbs up

  • You title should include a Keyword.
  • Description should include Keyword and can be around 200-300 words. Utilize this space to explain to your viewers the purpose of this video and your inspiration. It’s not a good idea to put the transcription in that space, this function is served by the CC(Closed Captions) option. Include link to your blog, website and your social media pages.
  • Include relevant tags and plenty of them, be careful that you don’t spam tags.

You don’t have a lot of options to optimize videos – Google doesn’t explain video and you don’t have a lot of text– but you can do quite a bit with the space already available to you, put it to good use!


  1. User Engagement Promotion

The sources of user engagement on YouTube are

  • Share your video on other sites and start a video sharing network with other bloggers in your niche.
  • You can encourage your viewers to embed your video, share it on their own pages and write a comment on it.
  • You can share your video on your Facebook Page.
  • Encourage your viewers to post a comment on your videos, the call to action 10-15 seconds will give you the necessary pocket to communication first hand with your viewers. Always be polite in communicating even if the comments are not up to your expectations.
  • You can mostly ask for Like Comments, Link to your subscription page rather than your channel page it will make accessing your page easier for your viewers.

The users who actually enjoy your work will always be there liking, commenting and sharing your videos, make sure you keep them giving them your best.