A Guide How to Get More Facebook Likes – 5 Easy Steps

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Facebook is always in the news whether it is about changing policies or introducing new features. Among all of the other social media websites, including LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube; Facebook is the best platform for sharing and caring. You can use it for dealing with your online customers in better ways. If you want to improve your social media presence, Facebook should be on the top of your list as it is growing so rapidly that now every internet user has an account here. Well, overlooking the importance of Facebook for your social media marketing strategy is a big mistake, and you must not make it at any cost!

Well, having a Facebook fan page is an easy thing but the important part comes when you start using it for promotional purposes. Just by having few hundred fans, you cannot say that your page is a success as you need more likes and more fans for making your page successful. That is right that all of the people from your community, your college and your family circle like your page and giving you support but is that enough to make any online marketing strategy successful? Not! You need more likes and more fans so that you can give a tough competition to your rivals on Facebook. The importance of having more likes for your Facebook cannot be denied, and you must admit that your page is nothing without likes. If you want to get quick results, you can invest in buying fans for your Facebook page. However, keep the following facts in your mind before you consider buying fans.

Is buying likes a good idea?

Nowadays much internet marketers are using different methods to buy likes for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. Well, that is not 100% legal but it is one of the techniques for improving your online presence and to brag about your popularity. This is a fact that people follow the crowd especially when it comes to online trends! If a page has more likes, people will join that page instead of a page that has a lesser number of likes. The number of likes is more than just a number. It brings credibility, visibility and trust among your customers. So buying Facebook likes can be a great idea.

However, have you ever thought about the drawbacks of buying Facebook likes for your page? Well, here are few of these which can open your eyes and will help you decide whether this risk is worth taking or not. Buying likes will just improve your fan figure but not user engagement on your page. It can decrease your EdgeRank, and that can affect your Facebook ranking. Other than that, it can make you lose trust in eyes of your real followers as a sudden increase in your fan number can make people suspicious about your credibility. Well, sometimes it is a good idea but you must not always try to buy fans and do some effort on your behalf too.

How to improve your Facebook likes organically?

Here are five methods that can help you in getting more likes for your Facebook fan page.

Add a like button to your popular blog

Now you can add a like button to your blog that can connect your online visitors to your Facebook page directly. This way, you can capture Facebook audience from all around the web. This is a great way to convert your online visitors to your Facebook fans. Liking this button or dialogue box is pretty simple, and it just takes a click to do that. Many online users use Facebook so if they like your blog or any online post, they will like to connect to your Facebook page. Having a like button will be convenient for these users who want to follow you on Facebook. This will directly increase the number of likes for your fan page.

Always complete your social media profiles accurately

If you own an online blog or website, you must connect it to your Facebook page with exact details. The benefits of filling out right details can help you in many ways. When people will search you online, they can find your blog, your website and your social media channels including Facebook page. So if they use Facebook, they will like you easily without making any efforts to finding you or your brand.

Connect your official website with your Facebook page

You must link your official website with your Facebook page with the name and the same logo that you use on your website. This way, your online customers can like your Facebook page if they want to! This is a great idea of you have started using Facebook recently, and you need more fans for your page on Facebook. You can also ask a favor from your friends and customers to like your Facebook page by showing and sharing your posts on your website or posting content that is present on your Facebook page. When your website visitors will click that link, they will be directed automatically to your Facebook page.

Focus on what your audience likes to read and watch

If you are consistent I providing content to your online audience that interests them, you can expect to get more likes for your Facebook page. When people will like your posts and updates, they will suggest your page to their friends and community so you can get more likes. Happy customers and followers are the biggest way to get more likes for your page as nothing is stronger than the power of real feedback.

Collaborate with other Facebook page owners

Well, the last but not least method of increasing your Facebook likes is to interact with your fellow Facebook page owners. No doubt they are your rivals, and you want to cross them in terms of success and popularity but they can provide you many benefits. You can ask them to share your posts on their page and in return promise them to share their posts too. This way, your community, as well as their community, will merge, and you can make a massive fan base. It will have an optimistic effect on your online reputation too!

Getting Facebook likes is a great idea but don’t forget that likes are just an idea of your popularity. In reality, your potential and loyal customers are your online strength. You must work harder to convert these likes to your customers.

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