What The Hell is The Social Media all about?

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Social media has come a long way in the past few years and now it has attained a visible success and stability. Unfortunately, it was just viewed as a craze among the teenagers during its early years. Well, now teenagers interact with their grandparents on Facebook and grannies love to upload pictures of their vacations on social media websites. Don’t get shocked if your granny asks you to share her album of her recent trip to Malaysia on your Facebook page. Every other person perceives social media according to his own mentality. For some people, it is a sheer time waste whereas some use it for making money, in fact a lot of money! So it depends that how you are using it!

Social media is magical in its working and it can mesmerize you if you start using it for right purposes. It can make you earn millions while sitting at your home. Have you ever heard about bloggers who are millionaires and do nothing but just blogging! Well just blogging will not make any profits for you unless you apply social media marketing strategies in right directions. But whatever, social media is a wonderful world where everything is quick, fast and bright. Do you know there are more than 10 million applications on Facebook? Yes, just on Facebook! So there is a big world out there beyond your friends and family members added in your Facebook account.

Internet marketing, a choice or a necessity?

You may feel surprised to know that more than 93% of marketers use social media for marketing their products and services online and many companies have hired full time bloggers whom they pay thousands of dollars. Yes, just for blogging! So you still think blogging is a time wasting activity?

New to mobile internet advertising?

If you have an online website and a great blog which you use for marketing your products and to talk to your customers, but your website and blog are not mobile-ready, do you know you are lacking a most important thing when it comes to internet marketing? More than 91% of mobile users use social media and 73% of smartphone users look for online purchases using their phones. More than 16 billion photos are uploaded by Instagram followers and still you think you can make profits with a non-mobile-ready website?

No time for checking updates?

Twitter has 55-64 year age bracket, with the fastest growing demographic and in recent few years, it was increased up to 79%. So more adults and elderly people now use Twitter than teenagers. And still you think internet is just for girls and boys? Where do you live if you don’t know that more than 23% of Facebook users come online more than 5 times a day! World has more smartphones and mobiles than people on the planet. More than 4.2 billion people use social media using their mobiles! This is social media that we are talking about!

Want to sell anything?

If you are not using social media channels for you online business, you are definitely making a big mistake. Well, you must know that more than 46% of internet users use social media to get reviews and feedback before making any online purchase. If you are targeting audience from all around the globe, don’t forget to use social media for effective sales and improving your profits. More than 1.1 billion users of Facebook are just from China. Google+ has more than 693 million users which are active and can be your target audience. Twitter comes next with 554 million active users every minute. So do you really want to sell your products without using social media channels?

Is food the new cool?

The social media stats are just crazy and they can make you feel like WAOO as sitting idle at your home will not make you any smarter but using social media for your benefits can definitely make you smarter and quicker. Food lovers now check Pinterest for new recipes and new meal options as food is the most discussed thing on Pinterest. Have you ever thought a group of people just discussing about food? About baby food, toddler food, gluten free food, raw food, cooked food and thousands of categories which are unlimited and it is not possible to list them here. Well, this is social media!

Moms on social media?

If you are a mom to an adorable kid and you tell your friends that you don’t have time for checking your Facebook updates, you must know that moms of kids under the age of 5 are the most active users on this social media channel. Mom’s blogs are highest grossing blogs and they have websites with highest ranking on Google and Bing. There is no excuse for not using social media whether you are a mom, a doctor, a granny or a businessman.

Bigger than T.V and radio?

Do you know that around 18-35 years old age people spend more time with social media channels as compared to T.V and radio now? Social media has forced people to throw away their televisions and get smart TVs and smartphones.

Easy to share anything you want!

If you are a Pinterest user, you may know that everything happens so quick there that you just cannot imagine. More than 805 of all Pins are just Re-pins! What else can you expect when Google+ button is hit around 5 billion times in 24 hours? 58 million tweets per day? Are you crazy? This is what social media is all about! Next time you visit Foursquare, don’t forget to check-in and get in the race of 2.83 million check-ins during every single minute of each day. Sharing anything was never so easier and simpler as it is now. You can upload a picture of whatever you are eating exactly at the moment and start a discussion instantly. So social media is about sharing and telling others about your experiences and new choices. It can be a new bag or a new hairstyle to make you get thousands of re-tweets on Twitter.

So this is all about social media and these crazy stats are mind-blowing in real terms. If you want to make best use of social media, don’t forget to grab your customer’s attention by using right tricks and make them want more. Make an effective internet network of your social media channels and just keep up to the latest trends. This can be your best to make more money and to get to your goals.