How Buying Instagram Followers Can Get You Laid

Rantic Presents: The “Instagram Challenge”

UK — Let’s face it, being a man is hard work. All guys want to do is get laid all day and females are starting to make it easier. Yup, females are starting to become more promiscuous.

Recently, Rantic, the notorious marketing site that has dominated the media since early 2013, has been researching the psychology and science behind Instagram followers. During the research, we came to the conclusion that there may be a secret way to getting laid. This one is for MEN ONLY.

We’re talking about “Buying Instagram Followers”!

It might sound crazy at first, but the psychological trick was perhaps seen on a Sam Pepper YouTube video by over two million people. Check it out.

It seems like women from this generation are depending too much on social media for self-esteem. This means that low self-esteem is looked at by a significant amount of men as a form of exploitation. And this is where buying fake Instagram followers comes in.

One of our staff members bought 53,000 fake Instagram followers and a few hundred likes on his photos. We set his profile up to make it seem like he was “Insta famous”. After talking with a couple of strange women, it worked.

Our staff member only socialized with the females that were ‘very active’ on Instagram and other social platforms. Some had almost every photo on their Instagram account look like a model shoot. Some even take about 15 pictures an hour, everyday. It was crazy how females can get attached to a social platform.

Most of these girls were just plain narcissists!

We looked up random active female Instagram accounts and had a staff member start spitting game with a few of them. When it came time to share each others Instagram for a quick follow exchange, the atmosphere changed. It seems like most females who are addicted to social media, are desperate for attention and will do anything to seek it.

Its the same thing with money, except think of the online attention as a form of ’emotional rewarding’ or ego boost. From one moment the female was acting the opposite of clingy and the next she’s acting very desperate for my attention. It was interesting to see how much a Instagram followers count made a quick escalation in a social interaction between opposite sexes.

We don’t encourage any dudes out there to get laid using this trick, but we thought it was an interesting discovery. Although we tried it with other social media platforms, it was easier on Instagram because the fake followers are less susceptible to being spotted.

Out of the 15 Instagram conceited females, 8 gave us their phone numbers and four were DTF from seeing our followers count. We used 53,000 fake Instagram followers, but our other staff member used only 15,000 and still had success. If anyone is going to try this out, be careful of being caught with trying to buy Instagram followers to get a girl’s attention. I mean, because that would just be plain embarrassing.

Good luck!