How Entertainers Benefit From Using

It’s performing time for musicians or actors who are aspiring to be the next big thing. Most upcoming musicians are likely trying to find ways to promote their music and sell out shows. For some musicians, the life of trying to make it in the music industry is frustrating. Musicians are used to seeing artists who’s YouTube videos skyrocket with views and it seemingly happens overnight.

Most musicians are always left wondering how the 1% is able to find a way to break into the industry. Unsigned musicians never find out how and why these artists get so much attention online. A big portion of these overnight sensations are not even all that talented.

As in the case for actors, a big chunk of ‘undiscovered’ actors are waitresses in LA, waiting for the big moment to happen. The big sad reality is that for most of these upcoming actors, their chance may never happen. It is said that you need to know somebody to break into any of these entertainment industries.

But the real fact is that this is not true!

Musicians and actors have found success breaking into either industry by utilizing the power of social media. Well, actually only YouTube. This powerful video-sharing platform has made normal people into overnight celebrities. Whether it’s acting or music, YouTube has broken artists into the industry.

YouTube views are perhaps the most important factor for anyone that is hoping to use YouTube as a marketing platform. Almost every musician who promotes music on YouTube are glued into the view counter. Most people are rated on the site and ranked based on how many views the artist has. The more views, the more respect the artist has.

Same goes for actors, except actors are in the form of YouTube vloggers. Most of these YouTube vloggers that make consistent videos every week — are in reality aspiring actors or actresses. It’s in the best interest of any entertainer to utilize the YouTube view counter as the most important tool they will ever use. Not only have we seen these artists guest star on Ellen, MTV, VH1, Comedy Central, CBS, BET, Jimmy Fallon & CNN, we placed some of them in there. We never really booked them in there, but our marketing was the reason why they appeared on those TV channels and shows in the first place.

YouTube views are a powerful thing when it comes to entertainment marketing or promotion. Record label companies are not focusing on using social media as its primary basis for marketing and digital advertising. These record companies know the real structure and ability that social media platforms can produce. That’s why you now see A&R’s becoming more interested in online trending artists rather than musicians performing at bars.

Basically, the internet has made the music industry’s job a better place. Everything is basically done for them. The artists are ranked on the YouTube charts, Billboard Heat Seekers and even on news media outlets. All A&R’s have to do is hand pick which ones they want to sign and the entire artist-scouting job is done.

The same can be said about actors who are vlogging on the video sharing site, but these artists just rely on news media for exposure from talent agencies. Yes, there has been countless YouTube stars who were aspiring actors or comedians who have gone on to transition to television. FRED, Shane Dawson, William Ray Johnson, Lia Marie Johnson & Miranda Sings are just a few of them. They have all used YouTube’s platform to build a fan base and grow into a strong massive online phenomena.

Musicians on the other hand, have used YouTube to get A&R attention and go on to sign million dollar recording contracts. These recording contracts sometimes include modeling, business or acting additions in them. A&R like to sign the YouTube musicians who have millions of views, news buzz and a study subscriber base. If you are a pop artist, your subscriber base should be at least 500,000 to a million. In a different case, rappers don’t need that much subscribers. About 25,000 could work for an unsigned rapper.

As long as the views are in the millions or approaching, all heads will be turned to you. YouTube can easily benefit almost any type of business or goal that you can imagine. Musicians who are not looking to sign a recording contract can easily make revenue off the site. Putting your song independently on YouTube and sharing the link to your fans – can generate intense revenue opportunities. The same goes for actors or vloggers that want to sell merchandise.

YouTube is practically a place where entertainers can now generate revenue and pay their bills. Get paid for doing what you like, doesn’t that sound great? It’s basically a dream come true for some, but it’s because of social media. Social media continues to connect and bring innovative ways to generate revenue doing the things we love.

We hope that social media continues to connect us and give everyone some new job opportunities.