How to Run a Successful contest on Twitter

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Twitter is a social media website that brings a vibe of fastness and preciseness. The 140 character limit of Twitter posts is the feature that makes this website a unique one in all other social media websites. It is a channel that is utilized by professionals and business organizations to communicate with their online customers and clients. Unlike Facebook or Instagram, this website does not offer much for entertainment but its effective features can be utilized to make your business online marketing a successful one.

Twitter is famous for its HashTags and contests that are the heart of this website. People tag their friends and other people on this website and encourage others to tag them in return. You can just use this website using your smartphone as it is so easy and quick to use via mobile. You can say that it is a mobile website that has a computer version. Well, while talking about the twitter contests, you must know that by running a contest on Twitter, you can get maximum exposure and drive more traffic to your online website or your popular blog. Contests are loved by people of every age, whether they are adults, kids or teenagers! Contests are a great way to attract new customers as well as build better relations with the old ones. It does not matter which social media website you are using as all of these are equally famous for running contests because online users  are same on all social media channels.

Well, the Twitter contest is different from contests of other social media websites in a way that it can bring potential customers to contest holders on this website. Brands and organizations that use Twitter are most likely to get more customers using these contests because they are a best way to make your customers happy and satisfied. Earning long term loyalty from your online followers is not easy whether it is about Twitter or Facebook followers so contests increase the chances of getting this loyalty easily. So all in all, running a contest on Twitter is like a win-win situation in which you will be going to triumph the hearts of your followers.

Before you run any contest on Twitter, whether it is related to your brand or not, you should keep in mind the outcomes of the contest! You must outline the reasons for running the contest, and you should try to hit the targets as high as possible. Here are some of the tips that can help you run a successful contest on Twitter with maximum results. You can check these out and apply them to your next twitter contest.

Don’t forget the rules of running the contest on Twitter

Although there are no hard and fast instructions for running any contest as flexibility is the key to a successful contest, but you must comply with the rules defined by any social media website. It is always best to reduce the chances of getting banned or limited by any website so you should do this by going through the list of contest rules and regulations that are stated by Twitter. This will not yield much time, but it could help you in preventing you from making mistakes that could bring disastrous effects to your Twitter profile.

Convey the message for running a twitter contest

All brands and organizations that use social media websites have their rules to follow. All of these have some targets that they want to achieve using social media marketing. Contests are also part of social media marketing strategy so the message that why you are running a contest should be clearly stated in front of your customers and online followers. The details regarding your contest rules, your budget, rewards, rules to follow, rules to avoid anything and everything that could affect your contest in any way should be clearly written in the description of your contest before you start it.

For example, if you want your Twitter followers to enter in the contest just for one time, you should state that in contest details that by entering multiple times, they will get banned. This is important to avoid any inconvenience later on as you cannot fix anything every time during the time your contest is running.

Don’t forget to create an attractive landing page for your Twitter contest

If you are running a Twitter contest, the best thing to do first is to create an encouraging landing page. You can simply tweet about your contest using relevant HashTags and right keywords and then link it back to your landing page. By creating a customized page for your contest, you can simply direct the online traffic to your page and users will find you easily as at a single time, many contests will be going on related to your category. Make sure your followers and other people who are interested in taking part in your contest land on the right page that is holding your contest.

Reward multiple and surprise rewards to participants

It is best to encourage people using rewards from time to time so before the time ends; you can reward your followers using small gifts and discounts. The winner would be getting a bigger award, but you can encourage other participants by offering multiple rewards to anonymous participants to improve the excitement level to win.

Encourage contest participants to discuss the contest

After you tweet about the upcoming contest, start an active discussion on your tweet about the contest and re-tweet the posts of your followers regarding the contests. This will encourage your Twitter followers that you are following them back, and you are also active like them. They will respond you back in better ways, and you will get more traffic and more publicity online.

Promote the winners and share happiness

The contest winners should be clearly announced on your landing page, your Twitter profile as well as on your relevant blog and website. This could be the best way to inspire your followers from all of your social media channels to take part in your future contests as they would also want the same promotion as the winner. Ask the winner to post a picture that you could share online with your audience. It will make your contest participants happy, and they will take part in your upcoming contests with a better hope to win and get a promotion by your brand

The purpose of any contest is to encourage online users to like and promote your brand. You must include your personal touch and your uniqueness to contests like rewarding your products or offering coupons for your services. This way, you can sponsor your brand, and you can offer people a chance to use your products too!