How WorldstarHipHop Can Generate Lots of YouTube Views


Here’s a website that has influenced the Hip Hop culture since it first launched. A site that features the latest unsigned hype and trending videos. It is also a secret weapon that can be used to generate thousands, if not, millions of natural YouTube views on your video.

Those who have used WorldstarHipHop to the best of their advantage have all but gone viral. Rappers such as Chief Keef, Trinidad James, Bobby Shmurda have all broken into the music industry and became millionaires overnight. Many people think that this is just pure luck, but its not. Its all pure marketing strategy.

We don’t believe that any rapper can achieve the same success if they were to put out a music video and pay to put it on front page. Its all about content and the quality of it. You can pay $500 for front page and it will never blow. Always work on the content that you have to offer before you start paying for any marketing or promotion.

When an unsigned artist or user submitted video is uploaded on WSHH, it can receive anywhere from 1000-1 million views. The videos that are on the top, are the ones that get the most views. Since WSHH only posts its fresh videos on top, its important to get it to blow up before the day is over. Once the day is over, a new pile of fresh videos are put at the top and your video is no longer visible. Its all a timing game.

If your video starts to go viral in other sites, then your video can be uploaded on WSHH by a staff member without doing anything. It has happened where a video was never submitted and it has gone viral accidently. This shouldn’t be your goal though.


What should be done is to be sure that your content is good. Once your content is very great, then pay for submission on WSHH and pray for the best. Do your best to spread on all forums, blogs and social media sites for best results.

Viral potential videos are those that perceive strong emotional response from its audiences. Whether its a LOL, OMG or WTF reactions, these are the ones that will make people want to pass the video to their friend or relative. This should be the goal for any future viral video.

So this means that a good video on WorldstarHipHop can transfer about 50,000 to 3 million hits to your YouTube video, if its embedded. This is a very good jumpstart. Its a chance at going viral for any unsigned rapper out there that is struggling.