Ideas of Giveaways to the Winners of a Facebook Contest



by Nazia Khan Ahmed 

Facebook contests are a great way to keep your audience engaged. You can run it in many different ways by applying some simple steps. You just have to start up with a unique idea and end up by rewarding your audience. This can result in easy promotion of your page in no time. It is as simple as that!

The most strenuous part of a contest includes deciding the reward. Choosing the right reward plays an important part in any contest. It can be helpful in connecting with the audience and then engaging them in a particular activity. The more unique and attractive reward you select the more audience will be engaged. For example, when you start a simple contest of any type, all the entry requirement would be the same as like others including filling up a form, uploading you picture and then submitting it. It may seem monotonous to many users. On the other hand, when people see a big reward set up for a particular contest, they tend to participate more. So it is important to choose the right option as it plays a vital role to boost up any type of contest.

There are a number of options that you can select according to the set contest. Many large companies or business choose from a broader range of options that are available. Here we are discussing some of the general options from which you can select the appropriate reward.


Latest Technology

When you start a contest you think of setting a reward for it too. Many companies prefer to put some piece of new technology as a reward for their audience just to grab the attention of more and more contestants and also to involve them in the contest. You may be right.

On the other hand a bunch of marketers think that it is not a good idea to keep the new piece of technology item as a reward. They are also right in their own way. This logic can be considered reasonable because the main purpose of creating a contest is to attract and engage the users to your page. Here we can take an example of Lenovo. If Lenovo sets up a contest for the audience and put a laptop as a reward in this situation many users who plan to participate in their contest are the ones who require a laptop for themselves. Lenovo will end up having millions of people willing to participate in the particular contest in order to get a winning chance. These people desire to win the laptop rather than having any interest in their business.

Besides this, there are many users who really do follow particular brands. The companies set up a contest for those who are already the ultimate fans of their brand. These people do not mind what you are offering rather than they focus on what the company has to offer. This is a positive sign for a company because these people stick around in all the situations either they win the contest reward or not.


Your best-selling Product

Nowadays, it is commonly observed that many companies tend to reward their best products to the audience who participate in a contest. These mainly include the tech companies. They provide their best and latest products to their audience as a reward. Some of the reward items include a high end graphic card, processor, or a full built PC. These items are also related to their brand. An important point to be noted here is that all these companies set these kinds of rewards in order to attract their audience. In addition to this the viewers can also relate it as a strong marketing strategy that the large organizations use to get engage with their users. If we take an example of a renowned brand like Dell, it is already a very famous company. They do not need any recognition for their product promotion but instead they also use these marketing tactics to gain the user attention. Dell also set up different types of contests to engage people and then set their best products as a reward for their users. They know what their user want from them.


A Gift Basket

There are many companies having a variety of products which offer a gift basket as a reward for their audience. This gift basket contains a number of small items which the company makes. This is neither too expensive and reach out to more people than just the winner. The user gets to know about the variety of different products offered by the company too. Apart from the big and expensive prizes, this can only be used by a single person. These small varieties of items can be used by others too. Moreover the users do not engaged in the contest just for the reward purpose.


Gift Cards

Giving away the gift cards as reward is another great way of engaging people. This can be considered as an inexpensive way of rewarding. A company can use this alternative when they have a low budget or do not have any particular item to reward. There are a variety of gift cards that can be used. Some gift cards can include the ones offering a discount for the users or some can offer the purchases of small items. For example, if you want to buy a dress for $ 1000, this may seem very expensive to you. If you are given a gift card of $500 discount then you can buy the dress at once.

There are number of ways by which you can offer some attractive gift cards. You can make it a cash card on which you can offer some discount rates for the users. This will increase the interest of the user to buy anything they want from the cash prize you reward them.


Special Discounts

Offering a discount to the participant is another way to reward them. This discount can be availed by the winners. It is the simplest and cheapest way to reward the users without loosing anything. For example, many companies like the retail stores offer a percentage of discounts on their products. For getting the discount the participants have to do what they say. For example, they can request you to like their page, to download their business application, to share what they offer etc. This could lead you to get the discount on anything that you purchase.


A Session of Free Consultation

A consultation session can be a reward for those who prefer a personal presence of their favorite celebrity or personality rather than any expensive product. For example, some companies can reward a dinner with you favorite actor whom you desire to meet. This would be more valuable for you rather than getting a basket full of goodies. Similarly some advertising companies offer the winner to meet up their favorite sports person whom the user has only seen playing on the screen. This reward can be  fulfilment of their dream for many users.


Branded Products

There are a number of companies which often set up different types of contests for their users. To create their brand awareness among users, they tend to set up these contest occasionally. For this purpose they also set up different types of rewards. They prefer to offer those rewards that are not too expensive due to their occasional reward policy. These rewards typically include bulk of bags, shirts, caps etc. These items can be easily stored and can be given away on specific occasions. The participant may think it as unique branded item.

These types of rewards are basically meant for brand recognition which the companies use. It is also considered as the simplest and effective marketing tactics.


A Collaboration offer

A partnership bundle is considered as an exclusive type of reward. It totally depends on your business relationships. If you are partnering with some other companies or business then you should set up a reward that should be a composition of items from each brand. This can be done in multiple ways in order to engage the audience. Every company that is a partner can set up a grand reward for the winners. They can also set up some exclusive prizes for the runners up too. The higher number of rewards will attract a large crowd to participate and get engaged.



A luxurious paid vacation to an exotic place is beyond comparison. Many large companies offer a dream vacation to their audience. The lucky winner is offered a luxurious dream vacation that is all paid by the company to enjoy. This can include a luxury cruise trip, a hotel stay etc. This is considered to be an expensive gift which any company offers to the winners.


Specific Time of Free Service

Many companies that specifically provide any sort of services to the users tend to reward a subscription service for a period of time. These services may include any cleaning service, laundry service, web application, home delivery services and many others. These services can extend to a further renewal by the company.

Some people might think this sort of reward as trap for the users. For example, if you accept a particular service and use it for more than the limitation time of 10 hours, then in this case you will have to pay the total amount of the service. This would lead you to a disaster and there will be nothing that you can do to overcome it rather than avoid accepting such reward.


A Voted for Prize

There are a number of companies who set up a voting contest for their audience. This is also considered as a simple and easy way to engage with the audience. In the voting contest the audiences are given a set of options from which they have to choose the most relevant one. All the users who vote for a specific option will be counted. Many users select the one of the given option by making a guess. At the end of the voting contest if the company receives a large number of audience with correct answers, then in this case they can decide the winner by a conducting a draw. This is a way to select a winner if there are a large number of participants.


Donation by their Name

 Another great way to get engaged with the audience is by starting up a charitable contribution. If you want to support any organization through charity you can ask the audience to propose some needy organizations. These can include charities for children, women, animals, the war infected etc. The users will provide the options for which you can hold a survey in order to support the most deprived one. You can also select a particular organization by conducting a draw. Finally, you can reward the winner who proposed the selected charity organization.


Items for Pets

 Pet lovers prefer to buy different types of items for their pets. It is usually observed that the pet lovers do not bother about the other variety of products that the companies offer rather they would go for items that are suitable for their pets. Giving away the rewards related to pets is a usual way to attract the pet lovers. These rewards include animal food items, animal accessories, cages etc.


Enhancement of Lifestyle

There are a number of companies who offer lifestyle enrichment rewards. People get attracted to these unusual rewards very easily. They prefer getting engaged just to win and achieve the prize. These prizes can relate to a specific theme. For example, soccer mania, chilling in summer, freshness spa etc. These unique ideas would result in engaging a large number of audiences.


Items for Children

Parents usually explore some potential items and unique activities for their kids. Many companies keep this thing in mind and offer the reward items that purely relate to kids. These includes toys, kids clothing, kids accessories, video games for minors and many others. This is a very simple and attractive way to target the parents as well as the children themselves. The kids urge their parents to participate in the contests so that they could win the prize. Many companies also start up different contests online as well as in the schools so that a large number of kids along with their parent can get engaged.

Nonetheless, you have the right to choose any kind of reward you want for the contest that should adaptable. The only thing that matters here is the engagement of a large number of audiences.


About the Author 

Nazia Khan- Ahmed is a Social Media Writer who has majored in Textile Designing. Also Holds Bachelor’s degree in Education and English Language Certification. Finds it impossible to discuss herself in third person but is doing so as per the demands of this bio. She is a home-maker and teaches Textile Designing to degree classes at the same time. Being nocturnal has taught her to manage her work in the night and her home at day time.