Implement These 4 Online Marketing Trends to get Ahead of the Curve


Online marketing is a world that is extremely fast paced and fluctuates. These factors make online marketing a very challenging task for business owners. It doesn’t need to be this way; the fact of the matter is business owners should never feel that they cannot online marketing of their brand.

Online marketing is becoming very user-friendly and helping business owner to feel more in control. Consumer’s preferences dictate the direction of online marketing as an industry.Businesses have a wide variety of tools to reach new avenues and stay ahead of competitions.

These trends will make sure that your online marketing strategy is both popular and effective.


  1. 1. Use Videos as a Tool

Nobody can deny the importance of videos when it comes to content marketing. It has become the future of online marketing on Facebook and other major platforms. Facebook and Bing are now offering video options for users and Google is also testing with in-Search Engine Results Page aka in-SERP advertising that involves video advertising.

These advancements indicate that audience is growing and now looking for videos rather than text for advertisements.

Already video has dominated the marketing and it accounts for more than 70% of user internet traffic.People trust a brand more when the watch a video of their products being used.

Mostly the marketers also trust video to do the marketing for them and they prefer video marketing over other strategies.Now think about YouTube which is owned by Google, it is video Search engine, think how many people you can reach by uploading a video on YouTube considering a billion people are using it on daily basis. Only Facebook surpasses this reach otherwise YouTube is a captain of this industry.

So you might think that what’s in it for small companies who don’t have the budget for making expensive videos.

When a video’s shareability is strong more viewers get engaged and share it. These same viewers will spend more time on your website and post comments and reviews about your product.

It’s so sure that if you’re looking to start a social media advertising campaign video marketing is the way to go. Since the new advancements in this field and low price of equipment and production due to various editing soft wares the cost has gone remarkably down.

Now you might think how can I use videos to get the maximum Return On Investment? The first point to consider the whether the content is relevant to the demands of your audience. All the businesses should offer content that can be viewed easily.

You can use social media to boost your content everywhere, never rely on one channel for the promotion. Link your one platform to all the other to get maximum benefit. You can also use your marketing for mobile users as well, because most people are using social media on their mobile devices. Device a plan where users can see your videos on the go and they are not too lengthy to bore them as well. The new trend that has gotten everyone’s attention is vines and memes. These are probably very effective marketing strategy if you are looking to promote your products to a relatively younger audience.


  1. Marketing Automation

It is undergoing a lot of changes. Usually marketers are not happy with the software available for automatic marketing. On the other hand, the importance of having something that works for marketers cannot be denied.

There is a shift in prevailing marketing platforms and it is increasing. This platform is based on prediction, recommendations and then embracing open programs.


  1. Digital Advertising Expecting Transformation

Have you ever seen the ads that completely block your screen while you are trying to watch a video? Your answer must be in Yes and I will have to ask whether it is annoying or not and your answer will be in Yes again. Well good news for you these kinds of ads are now facing a crackdown. You, me and hundreds of thousands of users are utterly sick and tired of these kind of ads. Google has announced to permanently get rid of these ads on the other hand Apple’s iOS 9 provides you with an app that blocks these types of ads.

These ad blockers are giving the marketers a challenge to find user friendly type of marketing solutions. It is also encouraging them to use subtler ways rather than shoving huge ads in their faces. You can use high quality content that attracts the attention of your audience. Click-baiting is also a way to roll, I am not saying you should use misleading headings to trick your audience into clicking your link. The aim is to create temptation for your users.


  1. Applications

The apps have won the battle of being the biggest, most exciting and innovative ways of digital marketing. Each day the consumers to turning to mobile phones, tablets and smart watches. This is changing the scenario of online marketing. App developers are now catering to the needs of mobile device users.

Now you would ask why do app attract users? The answer is pretty simple and is summarized in these points

  • They are more user-friendly
  • The size of app screen is completely fit for small screens and wearable devices.
  • Apps offer more detailed and precise search results to users.
  • You can use the voice search function, which will save a lot of time on behalf of the users.

To ace online marketing, you have to create apps that are completely suitable for mobile phones. Mobile business transactions are on the rise and it is more convenient, there is no doubt about it. You can sit in the comfort of your own house and do all your transaction on your mobile phone. So as the technology is advancing you have to update your system accordingly. You can offer online payments or cash on delivery option to your customers. This will be really lucrative for your business and it’s a more user friendly option rather than going to a bank each time you have to make a transaction.