Importance Predicting “social signals” for Increasing your Search Engine Ranking

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Social media has faced many challenges in the past, and many people had criticized it for many reasons. People used to think that social media website are just for entertainment, and only teenagers and youngsters need them for having fun and to connect with each other but time has proven these concepts wrong as now internet marketing is considered to be a vital thing for success of any business or organization that is operating in this planet. The rise of social media as an effective marketing platform has changed the trends and views of the people. Now you could see grannies running blogs and making money out of these.

Same is the case with SEO; also known as search engine optimization as many people used to confuse this term with wrong methods to get online benefits. Even now, very few online marketers understand what is meant a real SEO campaign as it is not easy to understand. Search engine optimization is a blend of all techniques and tactics that are required to improve your online ranking and visibility. It could be video marketing, content marketing, visual marketing, indexing, back linking, demographics or anything that comes under the umbrella of having a successful online presence of your brand. Well, fortunately, the increasing awareness among online marketers has made it possible that more people understand this term now.

With the growth of social media marketing, more and more social media websites came into being and now you have Facebook, Google +, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Vine, Twitter and a long list which is not possible to compile here. Online brands have been taking advantage of these social media websites to promote their business and to improve their sales. Not to mention, Google + is among these websites that are at the top and have billions of active followers on a daily basis.

The Google+, a social media platform introduced by Google has become a hot topic nowadays. Google has a monopoly in the internet market, and that is the reason internet experts are telling people that using Google + could benefit them instead of other websites like Facebook or Twitter. You might have noticed that YouTube videos are shown in top search results in Google and Dailymotion, or Vine videos are shown after those. What is the reason for this segmentation? Well, that is clear that Google owns YouTube, so that is why YouTube videos are given a visible preference. So this means that if you have a social media presence on Google +, which would affect your search engine optimization in positive ways.

Can social signals increase search engine rankings?

If you would ask any internet expert that social signals affect SEO of your blog or website; he will tell you that yes this is right. The basic reason of this YES is that if more people will share your posts, like your images, share your videos and talk about you online, you are definitely going to get more online exposure; which is necessary for having a successful SEO campaign. The main thing that matters here is the tricks and techniques that are used to improve your SEO include everything; from your posts to your social media presence!

If you have more re-tweets on your Twitter account, you will get more visibility that will improve your search engine ranking as Google will suggest your website or profile to users who will search for relevant keywords. Google search engine works best for suggesting relevant content to internet users. If you have more discussions and more clicks on your blog or your social media profile, you will be shown higher in search results. Similarly if you are using Google + and you have a lot of people in your Google circles who like your posts and share your videos or images, then Google will definitely show you in top results of search. You could get preference because of using Google + too! So the benefits will be doubled.

Is sharing on your social media channels beneficial for your SEO?

Yes, definitely! Your social media channels are a way to boost your online website and blog. You are using social media to link to more customers and to make yourself more visible on search results. So this is a good thing for your SEO. By sharing posts on your Facebook, you can add back links to your website or blog. Your Facebook fans can open the link and land on your website so when your website will get more clicks and visits, it will be shown on higher search results. This thing works for all social media websites as every brand has connected its social media network to its original website or blog.

Can you improve your social signals to boost your search engine ranking?

Well, if you want to improve your social media signals for improving your SEO, you can take some of the following steps that are highly effective for any online brand whether small or big.

  • By having sharing buttons like Google + button, Facebook likes button and Tweet option, you can drive more traffic and more social signals to your website as well as your social media channel that can eventually improve your SEO.
  • Having an active blog can also prove helpful in generating more social signals that could improve your search engine ranking as more clicks mean higher ranking.
  • Having active social media channels, as an active Facebook page, Twitter profile or Instagram account with active followers could help you in building your social signals.

With so many changes in policies and terms of social media websites and giants like Google + and Facebook, anyone cannot say that what will happen in the future. However, the latest trends and the current scenario suggests that social signals will become more important for having a better search engine ranking as Google + has changed the trends now. Now everyone is more social and more aware of what’s happening around them. People spend more time on social media than they did few years back. The world has gone mobile, and everything is in reach of everyone so easily that there is no difficulty in searching or clicking anything. Nothing is same as it was a decade ago, and it will not be same after a decade as changes are coming so quick that nothing can be said for sure. The websites with more online followers and clicks have better search engine rankings so it could be said that in the future, social signals will affect SEO more!