Improve Your Page Relevance Score: The Complete How to Guide



By Nazia Khan-Ahmed

Nowadays many businesses whether large or small are up in a contest with each other. They present their best items and images to the audience in order to get famous among them. In accordance to this they get into an unseen competition of becoming best of all.

This can be done in a number of ways. One important feature by which the grading can be done is through Page Relevance. It is good feature through which the worth of your ad can be measured. Some of the important points are discussed below.


What to know about Page Relevance?

Page relevance is a measuring dimension of the significance of a particular ad to the audience. It is totally based on the analysis of how pertinent the audience finds an ad to be. This relevance can be measured on a scale from 1 to 10 from which 1 can be considered as a good one whereas as the scale falls down it indicates a bad result.

Apart from this you cannot simply compare the suggested ranks to the actual quality of an ad which you have promoted.  For example, the image that you have places on your ad, the quality information that you have provided, the context etc. all these cannot be measures through relevance. On the other hand, the page relevance just indicates the number of audience who has actually watched your ad and also who have their interest in what brand you are promoting to the audience.

The process to check page relevance is very simple. First of all, go into your Ads Manager and then click on the ad set. When you open that as set you will see different metrics of multiple ads in it. This ad set includes the expenditures, CTR and attained score of relevance. Now you have to click on a particular ad and then in order to check the complete relevance score and related metrics you should click on the tab of “relevance score”.

At first, you are given an estimated relevance score when you decide to create a particular ad or are in the development procedure of creating the ads. As you go along the process of creating the ad and then publishing to your audience, you will find many of the users leaving their comments or feedback related to your ad.  From here on wards Facebook will record the actual ad metrics.

This recording is done in relevance of the feedback of users that they left. Then Facebook will adjust the total score of the ad relevance accordingly which you can see in the relevance score tab. This estimation of the score is actively done by Facebook. You can find only a slight change of numbers in the estimation score and the actual one.

In order to be informed about the presence of your ad that you shared among the users the relevance score is very important. It is considered as vital because you get to know the worth of your ad that either the users liked it or not. The higher the relevance score is the more views an ad has. In addition to this, Facebook will select the ad having highest number of relevance score if they decide to select from a range of 20 ads.

Moreover, it will not be wrong to say that an ad is considered as privileged if it contains the highest number of views by the audience. This will also show the interest of the audience in viewing a particular ad which can help in increasing the relevance score.


How to Improve Facebook’s Relevance Score?

If you want to improve your ad relevance score, it is very necessary that you must also make the required improvements in your ads too. Some unique ideas and some simple steps can be very helpful in improving the ads that you have created.  This may help in the improvement of CTR, expenditures, rate of accomplishments and many other important aspects.

You can increase your ad popularity as well as your ad relevance score in many ways.  Some of the vital points which help in increasing the relevance score are discussed below.

First of all, audience interaction is considered important. It plays a vital role in increasing your ad popularity. They tend to intermingle with the basic concept of the ad that is presented. As a feedback, they will give their constructive views so that you may be able to consider them and make the specific ad more interesting and according to the demand of your audience.

This is considered as a positive interaction of audience in response to your ad that you have presented. Furthermore, appositive interaction also includes a large number of clicks, installing of the specific application that is presented, viewership of videos, and many other forms of interactions.

Similarly, a large number of viewers also share a particular ad if they like it or find it interesting. Most of the viewers also leave their comments in response which shows their likeness.

On the other hand, if in any case the users react negatively after viewing your gives some harsh comments in response. It would lead to reduce your ad relevance score. In many cases most of the users do not find a particular add up to the mark and they lose their interest in watching it.

This leads the viewers to be annoyed. If the user gets annoyed there is a possibility that they respond to it negatively. For example, the viewer might mark your ad as a spam or they can also possibly go to the option of blocking an ad by choosing the option of “I don’t like to see this”.

This option would discontinue presenting the ad for viewing. As a result, this would result in decreasing the popularity of a particular ad and it might be possible that your ad loses its place in the relevance score.

Apart from this, there are a number of ways by which you can make improvement in your ad relevance score. Some of them are discussed as follows.


Decide the Aim of Your Ad!

One of the most important idea by which you can increase the relevance score of your ad is by deciding the main purpose or intention of your ad. This aspect plays a vital role. It helps in targeting the exact audience which you have planned. When you keep in mind a specific set of audience which includes their likes and dislikes and other requirements.

You can create your add accordingly. This will help in targeting the exact set of audience that you desire. For example, if you want to market accessories that are particularly related to women including bags, shoes, dresses etc. You have women as a major audience to target.

In this way you can attract a large number of women. Similarly, if you want to advertise regarding the new technological innovations, it is important that you focus on targeting the tech personnel and businesses rather than targeting the uneducated people because they will not have any interest in the innovations if they do not know to operate them.  These are some of the vital aspects that you must keep in mind.


Test Every Aspect of Your Ad Individually

In order to successfully increase your relevance score, it is important that you must do split testing of your ads. Facebook has a variety of options through which you can change your target audiences at any time. For example, through split testing, you can change the picture that you included in your ad, amend or make changes in the headlines, change the context, offer other items to audience and many other similar things.  In this way you will be able to provide the variation to your audience. This can result in leading to great response.

If you want to do the split testing, you can adopt an easy way through which you can effectively do it. This can be done by making up two similar ads. After creating both the ads you can change one particular item among them. This item can be the image, the headline, or anything. In this way you can make a variety of changes that you like. Nowadays most businesses use this typical tactic in order to get the idea about what their users want in actual.

It is highly recommended that you make only one variation at a time. It is due to the fact that through this you will be able to know the exact response of your audience whether they like the change or not. Whereas if you will add up multiple variations at a time this would confuse you to get to know which change had the good or bad response. This would lead your split testing to result useless.


Use Interest Intersection Features Intelligently

Another way of improving your page relevance can be done through Interest Intersection. You can use a combination of two things on order to create the interest of the audience and engage them. For example, you can advertise a dress with the combination of a branded bag to your audience. In this way you can develop the interest among your audience. This will further help in increasing your page relevance.


Monitoring Frequency of Ad

It is very important that you manage to control the ad frequency. It is a great way to know about how many people viewed your ads. Nowadays to be an active part of the market many large businesses use to calculate the viewership of their ads. It plays a vital role in the promotion of any business. It is important to maintain the number of viewers. In order to be successful it is important that the quantity of your viewers should increase. Whereas, if the you will not monitor the frequency of your ad it may result in the constant decrease of your audience. If you monitor your ad frequency you can come to a result of how many people viewed your ad. For example, if the frequency of your ad is less then 1, it states that a large number of audience were not able to view the ad that you displayed. If you find your ad frequency up to 1 it states that some users viewed your ads. Any frequency of 2 or above states that a large number of audience viewed your ads. In this way you will be able to know the response.

In many cases if the ad is displayed many times many people would have negative views regarding it and may mark it as a spam. So it is recommended that the frequency of your ad viewership must not increase from the frequency of 2.


Reporting: Try to Avoid it

In many cases there might be some viewers who report your ad. This can be a cause of increase in frequency. This means that your ad was displayed many times to your audience due to which they got annoyed and reported it. In another case your ad can be reported due to having some misleading or offensive content that the user finds disturbing. It is important that you must try to avoid certain negative things so that your ad does not get reported.


Use Call to Action (CTA) Strategy

It is very important that you should give a boost to the CTA. It plays a vital role in order to attract the users. You cannot create an ad without creating some buzz. If you want the audience to get engage and respond positively you should try to make it attractive.


Connect Your Ad and Your Page

Another option to increase the page relevance is by integrating your ads with your brand. It is very important aspect of marketing. Both your page and the ad you have created should be closely connected to each other. For example, if you want to market a pink dress in your ad your Facebook page should also depict the pink theme. This would have a positive impact on your audience. Similarly, if you offer a discount on your shoe brand of 15% then it is also important that the same should be published on your Facebook page.  Having a page of blue theme and your ad of black theme will not have any interconnection.


Keep Refreshing Older Ads

To be considered as an active participant in the social world, it is important that you must keep your page and your ads updated. For example, if an add contains a travel trip offer that is due in summer season should be changed or deleted as the summer season ends. If it will be placed in the winter season it will have a bad effect on the audience. This can lead to a drawback. So in order to engage the audience it is very important that you should manage to update your page contents as well as your ads regularly.


Retarget, Retarget, Retarget

Finally, one of the most important feature of bringing the relevance to your page is through re-targeting your audience. It can be considered as the second-stage marketing. At the first place if your created an ad and published it, then most of the audience viewed it and gave their responses as a feedback. For once you can get an idea of the people who show their interest in your ad. In accordance to this, you can consider the option of re-targeting. This would help to target all those audiences who were left over at first place. It may be due to the fact that they were not able to view it at first place, they did not require the particular product or they did not had interest in the product previously. Re-targeting can also be considered as to dropping a reminder to all those who were left out. It is possible through re-targeting that they view your ad which can boost up their interest.


About the Author 

Nazia Khan- Ahmed is a Social Media Writer who has majored in Textile Designing. Also Holds Bachelor’s degree in Education and English Language Certification. Finds it impossible to discuss herself in third person but is doing so as per the demands of this bio. She is a home-maker and teaches Textile Designing to degree classes at the same time. Being nocturnal has taught her to manage her work in the night and her home at day time.