Increase Your Facebook Photo Likes by Using These Easy Steps


A picture speaks a thousand words which text can’t say. Using different attractive pictures or images is a good thing. I believe that by using various pictures in your posts you can attract a greater number of audiences.

I have mentioned some of the following ways which you can use to get maximum number of likes on your images by sharing them on your Facebook profile page.

Frequent Sharing of Your Photo

Share attractive images on your Facebook profile page as much as you can. No one can see any of your contents unless you post them on your Facebook page. So it is the first step in starting up the whole process. You need to post a particular picture or any related image on your Facebook page and then share it with your friends. Your friends will see that image in their newsfeeds and respond you by liking your picture. It is as simple as that. Just remember that you need to post various attractive images very frequently so that people can see it and like them.

Now if you desire to take another step further in this process then you need to share the particular picture again after some time. Let’s say after a week or so. In this way all those users who were unable to view your image previously can see it now. If you want some more exposure then you can even ask your friends and followers to share your image with other users too. I am sure that everyone who will see your picture or image will surely respond by clicking on the like button

Collaborate with Curators

You can find various accounts on Facebook which are basically working as the content curators. Some of these are meant specifically for images. 1MPhotos is one of the most famous options which you can use. You can use these types of curators to curate your images in an efficient way. These curators will inform you about those accounts which have hundreds and thousands of followers on it. You can share your image on those accounts. This is also an effective way of getting numerous likes.

Tag the People in the Photo

Another way of sharing your pictures or images with other users is by tagging them. You can take a picture of an event which you and other people attended and then share it on your Facebook page. Just don’t forget to tag the people who are in that picture. In the same way you can capture the pictures of an occasion too. This can include the fireworks display on the New Years Eve or snowfall on Christmas and so on. You can then share those pictures on your Facebook wall as well. You just need to tag your friends and followers if you do. In this way every one whom you tag the picture will get a notification that you have posted a picture by tagging them. If you are running a large business then another idea which you can use is to post a particular picture of an event and then ask them to spot themselves. You can even ask your buyers to share their pictures while using any of your products.

Share Albums on Other Social Media Platforms

You can also share you images and pictures on other available sites too. You can easily do this by linking a particular picture with the preview thumbnails. If you cannot do it then you can upload your images directly on these sites as well. For example, you can attract many users very easily just by linking your Facebook pictures with your Instagram account. You can experiment this thing with your other social pages too.

Work on Expanding your Reach

By expanding your reach, you can increase quite a lot of followers on your Facebook page. This is a simple but an effective way.

Host Contests

I have already mentioned in my previous articles that contests are a great way of attracting a large number of audiences. You can start a contest by just posting a picture. That picture can either be related to your business offerings, your brand or even your logo. You can post a certain image on your Facebook profile page and ask your audiences to like that picture and share it with their friends as well. In response of this many people will start liking your picture just for the purpose of entering into the contest. Moreover in order to make the contest more appealing you can set up a reward for the participants too. By doing this I am sure that you will get a lot if likes on your image which you have posted on your Facebook profile page.

Post a bit of Controversial Content

Post some slightly notorious content on your Facebook page too. Now don’t get too surprised by this. I am saying this because debatable contents are a great way to boost up the number of likes on your Facebook posts. Now is the right time to change your directions if you are posting the same traditional images on your Facebook page to get more likes. Try posting a slightly controversial image and see your user’s response for yourself. You can post stuff like soccer rivalries, political benefits of politicians and flood disasters and so on.

Curate Quality Content

I suggest you to maintain your Facebook profile page as per your user’s demand. Try to focus on the aspects which your audiences like to see on your page. Your Facebook profile page must be persuasive enough so that each and every user who visits you’re your page gets attracted towards it instantly and enjoy reading the contents which you have posted on it. Posting some random contents on your profile page is fair enough but if you are posting according to your users choice and demand then there is no stopping you from getting a maximum number of likes on your Facebook posts. By using these methods you can increase  likes on your photos drastically.