Increase Your Facebook Video Views Now!

YouTube is one of the biggest platforms for video hosting Facebook is a runner up in that case. Although plenty of people still post their videos on YouTube because it’s a better place for the content.

On Facebook business is growing by leaps and bounds and the competition is minimal. You don’t have to worry about getting a million views in order to be recognized. On the other hand YouTube requires to be on top of your game to be recognized.


The Advantages of Facebook Video


Some people must be against Facebook’s videos on the other hand some people aren’t. It is bringing in a lot of revenue and marketers are still working on Facebook even if there aren’t much organic followers.


What’s in it for Facebook?


Facebook videos caters nearly a billion views in a day. It is growing and bringing in more views. More people are using Facebook for video sharing than YouTube. It is the main reason YouTube is no longer the lead platform for video sharing. Social reinforcement was basically the problem with Facebook video early on. Videos with a million views really attracts the attention of many people. I mean if I see a video with a million video I have to watch it, because so many people have watched and appreciated it. A popular video is socially checked and there are many people who like them. Like that video in which a 13-year-old girl was being ‘in da hood’ and she said the phrase ‘Cash me ou’side how bout’ dat’. It has 10 million views and I had to watch it no matter how bad I felt after watching.

Due to the Autoplay option being extremely annoying Facebook has applied a rollover Autoplay on all of their videos. If a video is on your screen for more than a second it starts to play unless you are scrolling past it. Users can save their settings on their video players for example you can mute all the videos or unmute them. It is probably the most convenient setup.

You can select a specific objective to track, when you run a promoted post on Facebook. It is more like Pay Per Click. These PPC ads only charge you for how many times the video is viewed. Accompanied with Autoplay features it’s a disaster.

How will you know what you have achieved? There is one way ‘Facebook’s Insights panel’ and all the information is displayed there.

People use mobile devices more than they use computers. More than half of the videos are uploaded through mobile devices. It means their videos can be played on any mobile device. YouTube player on the other hand had different versions for different mobile devices.

There a stigma attached to YouTube’s never ending thread of annoying and ignorant comments. Facebook on the other hand doesn’t have this kind of stigma. Facebook has really interesting feature like ‘Tagging your friend in a video’ and the tagged friend and their friends will be able to view the video. The exposure your video gets among your friends will sky rocket if you use Facebook. It is better to tag them on Facebook than directing them towards YouTube.


Ways to Uplift Facebook Video Views

Videos are really important and their purpose is not only entertainment. You cannot post a video and let it run wild without serving any purpose. Give your videos the necessary boost they require to thrive and get you the engagement you want!

There are certain points you should consider while posting a video

People these days don’t have time; they have a lot of content on internet to go through. Even I scroll endlessly throughout the night and watch the videos that interest me only.

It is vital that you offer something more than entertainment in your videos for example emotions, goals, knowledge or humor. This will make people stick around to watch your videos till the end.

The idea is to make something unique. You might not be using your video to gather customers to buy your products, you are producing the videos to get attention of people.

Don’t post videos that only interest you, consider a video public property and share your ideas with the whole world. The thing is if people don’t click on your video Facebook will stop showing that video. Then even later if you post something phenomenal nobody will be able to see.

You just have 10 seconds to lure people into watching your video. Those 10 seconds done right and you’ll get pretty much high engagement levels.

If in this 10 seconds slot you’re unable to attract their attention your video will be left un-played and your potential viewers will move on to other videos.

If you include an introduction which is more than a few seconds People will move on. Include a few seconds into the content like how TV shows do, include your brief intro and then continue to the rest of the video.

It’s like the entire world is suffering from ADHD, people don’t pay attention to lengthy video that’s why the ‘Vine’ trend picked up.

So keep your videos under two minutes, it is known that shorter videos get viewed and shared a lot.

Shorter videos, when completed, give the viewer a faster reaction they can post as a comment. They can immediately share it after watching it. They can give the video a Thumbs Up it instantly.

You have to select the best Thumbnail for your video Facebook doesn’t have the option for setting a custom Thumbnail as yet, you can right-click on videos and you can select the Thumbnail offered by Facebook.

You can’t create a full-on video end cap on Facebook like you can on YouTube, since your videos don’t have links embedded in them through comments. Instead, just state something direct; Don’t forget to like and share! Subscribe to our mailing list if you like what you’ve seen! Don’t forget to follow our page for more awesome videos! It takes very little time and it gives you boost to engagement.