Increase your IPhone or Mobile App Sales by Marketing it on Facebook

Nowadays there are approximately around 1.5 million apps or more that are available in the iTunes and the Google app stores. With such a greater number of apps it has become hard to figure out which one to use but most importantly how to make your app to get noticed. I discussed some of the ways by which you can market your app in an effective way and make your app get noticed.

  1. Make a Business Page

Your Business page is essential if you are planning to start marketing on Facebook. Create one of your own if you do not have one. I believe that it is one of the most important things which you really need to do if you want to start marketing on Facebook. Your business page depicts your business as a whole. You must include all the relevant information about your business and also about all the different apps which you are offering. While you create your business page on Facebook just keep in mind to keep it as generic as possible. Let’s say for example you are planning to market various apps which you make on your Facebook business page. So you must post some brief but interesting information about your apps on it.

Try to post after a regular interval. It can be some unique facts about all your apps. You can mention regarding different aspects. This can include the app atmosphere, the app stores, and even about your experiences in the app marketing. In addition to this you can make your Facebook business page a discussion platform as well. So that people can come to your page and talk about different things including some generic issues also. This can increase a direct interaction between you and your customers.

App Facebook Page

In addition to the above aspects there are some other important things which you need to remember. First of all you must always remember to brand your Facebook business page with your company or business information. Mention each and every information that you can. This can include your business information, the information about all your apps, your contact information, geographical addresses if any and so on.

Secondly you must always remember to link your homepage to your Facebook business page. Even if your homepage displays the information only about a single app just link it.

Thirdly you must enter all the relevant information about who you are as a company or business. It is very important. In addition to this you must also include the information about your location that where it is actually located. This is essential in the case if any of your customers wants to visit your office personally or just to check out the actual location.

I strongly recommend you to include all the information which is relevant to your business, company or products etc. In this way people can know about you very easily.

  1. Make an App Page

Next, create your App page on Facebook. This is the next important thing which you need to do after you have created your Facebook business page. Here I recommend you to create a second Facebook page. You can keep this second page exclusively for your apps. This means that you can display and post everything about your apps on this particular Facebook page. You can greatly brand your second Facebook app page with all the app imagery. Let’s say for example, you can keep your app image as your profile picture. This can probably be a high-resolution image version of your newly created app or it can be related to an icon which you use for your app.

Just try to display an attractive one. I am saying this because your cover photo is a way to display some attractive an interesting images and artwork. So I think that you have a great opportunity to display the best images as you possibly can. It is the first mean of attraction by which many users get attracted towards your Facebook page. If you do not display a high quality and attractive profile picture then you might not be able to attract most of your audiences.

I have seen many such users who get attracted towards a Facebook page just by viewing its profile picture.  In addition to this I suggest to fill your second Facebook page with all the information about your app which a user could want. You must also make sure to include the links on your Facebook page so that people who view these apps can directly download the apps as well if they want.

  1. Link Your Page to Marketing Channels

Always link your other marketing channels like with your Facebook business page. This is an important factor. And you should not forget it. Your other marketing channels can include your website or any other active social media sites which you have like Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Vine and so on. You can link all of them with your main Facebook business page. Believe me in this way you can attract quite a lot of users from different social networks to your main Facebook page in a short time.

In addition to this you can link your individual app page with any other useful sites as well. You can also use the subpage or a microsite for your apps and mention it on your main Facebook page just like Here I recommend that you should refer all your customer service by using only one particular portal. In this way you can answer all of them efficiently and also you can keep a track record of the queries. If in case you have more apps and a lot of traffic on your main Facebook page then in this situation you can affirm the support services for every available app individually.

  1. Submit Your App to App Reviewers on Facebook

If you want to get your created apps reviewed you can do that too. Nowadays there are quite a lot of available websites and brands which review apps on a regular basis. You can submit your apps to them and they will review your apps. I think that you must follow this approach as a part of your general marketing strategy. For example you can submit a non-game app to a general app reviewer. Similarly you can submit a game app to a game reviewer.  And as a result they will consider your submission and will possibly provide you with the reviews.

iPhone App Reviewers on Facebook

You can do it in a simple way. To start off you need to submit your apps to them on their Facebook account directly from your Facebook page. First you have to send a message from your Facebook page requesting them to be considered for an app review. In your message you must also mention the details about your new app as well. They will provide you the reviews after your request acceptance.

   5. Run Wider Range Ads for Maximum Awareness

Always use your main Facebook page if you want to run any ads. In this way you can easily keep all of them well organized.  And also all the users can be attracted on one main page rather than joining any other sub page.

  1. Target Previous Users of App

Targeting your custom audiences can bring some great results for you. These are the people who have already used your apps earlier. You can advertise your products or apps as retargeting in order to promote your products.

  1. Run Ads Targeting Users of Apps by Your Competitors

A competitor targeting ad is also a good option to use. In this way you are able to generate a list of users who use a competitor’s app and market your apps directly to them.

  1. Run Ads for New App Installs

You can also run generic “pay for installs” CPA campaign. It is a good option which I recommend you to use. Facebook basically has a robust ads system which allows you to run different ads. You can run the App Install AdsNew app installs ads on your Facebook page because it is probably the single best type of ad which you can run to market your apps.

  1. Target Mobile Users

Target the mobile users exclusively while marketing your apps. I believe that it is something very essential. Just remember to market appropriately. You cannot market an Apple iOS app to the Android users.

  1. Frequent Posting

Post your contents on a regular basis.  You need to focus on both the pages that is your business page and your app page. Just post on both of them in order to keep the activity going. You can post your contents 1-2 times a day. Just keep it regular.

  1. Solicit Reviews on Facebook and from Everywhere Else

Getting reviews on your Facebook page is a good thing. And what can you ask for more if it is a positive review which someone gives about your app. It is a good practice to ask your users or customers to give their reviews about your app if they have used it. This gives an insight of your apps to all those users who have not yet used it. The reviews which you get can both be positive as well as negative. Positive reviews are good and this means that your app is working well and people like it. On the other hand you might get some negative reviews as well. You do not need to worry about that. Just try to go through those reviews and focus more on the weaker areas. Try to fix them.

  1. Incorporate Facebook Sharing into the App

I recommend you to test out different methods using your apps. Try to make its working as smooth and proficient as you can.  This can only be done by testing your app every now and then.

Personally I do not like the apps which do not run smoothly or contain a lot of pop-ups which cause interruption. This is an annoying thing for me. So you need to try out some new and different things. By testing different things you can surely get some great reviews as a response. And even removing a simple pop-up can create a huge difference for you.

  1. Keep a Reward for Users Who Share and Invite Others

Rewarding your audiences or customers is undoubtedly a great idea which you can use.  You can reward them in many different ways. For example you can reward them for liking your Facebook page, for sharing your contents with other users, for inviting other users to your page and in many other ways. Another idea which you can use is to reward your users for sharing your app with others or reviewing your app. I think it is a good idea as well.

  1. Be Active and Respond to User Messages

Always respond to your user messages. Do it as quickly as possible. You need to do that every time any user leaves a message or feedback for you or about your apps on your Facebook business page. Here I am not relying on Facebook only but rather I recommend you to respond to all the messages which you receive on your other social media accounts as well. This can include your Twitter account, your Instagram account, your YouTube account, your LinkedIn account, your website or any other channel. Try to reach out to your audiences and contact them yourself.  Ask them the issues which they are facing and work out to resolve them in every possible way.

     15. Make Corrections in Response to User Feedback

Always value the responses and feedbacks of your users or customers. Trust me that this really gives you an insight. I think that it is needless to say here because I have also stressed on it in some of my previous articles as well. Generally the app development is not really a once-and-done process. It needs time and changes to develop. Once you create it you have to look after it. You cannot just leave it as it is. With the passage of time you have to update it, add up different features to it, fix the bugs, and also you have to push new contents as well.

Nowadays there is a lot of competition out there in the social media world. You can find numerous different apps created every day. In such strong competition it is not possible for a simple one-time or one-use app to survive. It just won’t. So you need to update it regularly. This can be efficiently done by keeping In view the responses or feedbacks of the users who have used your app.