How to Increase Likes & Comments on YouTube Videos

If you  want  more people to watch your videos that you share on YouTube, then most importantly you will have to build the number of your followers. The people who watch and follow your videos, leave their comments for them and then most importantly refer them to their friends are commonly known as Subscribers. The more subscribers you have the more powerful subscriber base you will be able to build which will help you to increase your viewership in coming time. The greater number of views will also lead the viewers leave their comment either good or bad, and even like your videos which you have uploaded. To build a strong and greater viewership you should consider the following ten beneficial strategies that can be easily implemented


Consistency is the Key


Updating your profile on YouTube consistently is a major and common aspect that can easily take you to a greater number of viewership.  If you take a look at the strategies of most popular channels, you would know that these channels follow strict and consistent schedules to update their contents which lead in building their audience. Another important thing that you must keep in mind that your video should be one of its kind exhibiting remarkable aspects and interesting for your audience. otherwise people will not waste their time in commenting if it is a boring one when you are efficiently posting them.


 Use Call to Action


The option of call to action should be available whenever you upload any of your videos. For example, you can request a viewer to subscribe your video by using annotation feature in order to stay updated whenever a post is made.  This can be done by placing a small box on the top left corner of the screen during the video for the whole time.

This simple act can help remind the viewers to subscribe your videos if they like. Similarly, you can also link your channel page easily by adding another annotation box.

When the subscriber log in, the videos will appear on their dashboard which can result in getting more likes and comments for the videos by them.


Adding the Widget


YouTube widget can also be beneficial for your website or blog that will let your followers know that you also have a You Tube channel. This can lead to increasing the number of audience for your videos. You can download this widget easily by downloading a plug-in for your blog otherwise you can copy a simple code that can be positioned on your website.




You cannot deny the fact that there are other people who have more followers that you. Only a few people know that on YouTube channel page you have a choice through which you can add other YouTube users. In your recommendations page, other audience can also view when you add different page creators.




Interaction with your viewers can create a difference. According to an overview in the past, it shows that connecting with your audience can lead to far better results than just being a silent and non-corresponding webhost that post videos. You should manage to take out time to respond to those users who have left a comment after watching your video.  Your interesting and fascinating comments can lead the viewer to click your profile link to get knowledge of what you have to offer.


Coming up with Attractive Headlines


Meta Data is an extremely important tool through which you can perform different tasks such as, creating a title for your video, descriptions and tags for your videos.  It can be considered as a helpful and vital tool if you want to thrive on YouTube.

While completing this process, it is very essential that you tactfully optimize your tags, write a convincing headline and be as comprehensive as possible.


Effective use of Keywords


Keywords play an important part. People type different keywords to search the information that they require. It is a fact, 60% of new subscribers are those who come through YouTube searching. So in order to drag more audience you should describe your work like creating description and keywords as much as you can.



Marketing Your Videos


The marketing of your YouTube video is essential when you upload your videos. This can be done by performing as follows

  • Submit your video to social bookmarking website
  • Post the video link on your social media website
  • You can send the video link to your mailing list
  • Add the video link to the video search engine
  • Make comments or replies through your YouTube URL

It will not take long to spread and gain more views if your video is of a good quality.


Purchasing Subscribers


This tactic can be extremely great in helping those people out who desire to become popular. Often it is seen that most of the followers who watch your videos are hesitant to post a first comment if they do not see any other person`s comments on the video. On the other hand, you can use the tactics of fake commenting on your videos or blogs personally.  By doing this you can get a kick start and are able to attract other users. If you decide to use this type of tactics, then you should not exaggerate to buy thousands of views and likes. If you exert to use these things, then it will create problems for you in future and your YouTube accounts can be suspended by the authority.



A Great Thumbnail Goes A Long Way


Having a great Thumbnail is also important as having the headline. For example, if you want to upload the video related to cat, it will be interesting to show the cat`s action rather than simply showing the image of a cat. To catch the eye of the viewer and to make them click onto your video, it is important that your Thumbnail must be interesting. In order to choose the right paths, you should also have a look at other popular videos that people have uploaded in order to have an idea of what kind of Thumbnails are used by them.