Increase Your Revenue by Making Custom Landing Pages for Facebook

iFrames is something new to the Facebook users. With the help of the newly launched iFrame feature, you can easily entrench any of your documents in another HTML document. You can do this by simply using your website. This is an easy thing to do.

 Landing Pages

Now let’s talk about the landing pages. After launching the iFrames features, Facebook stimulated into new a new system. Through this, the “Facebook Landing Page” reached to some significant acclamation too. With this significant change taking place, many marketers as well as the web designers hoped for some better results. Many web designers praised this new change and made hopes to hoist more revenue for developing the sites for their clients. Additionally, you can simply use this option yourself too. It is not that hard. If you want you can easily switch from FBML that is also the old Facebook landing page. Moreover, you can use the iFrams too. Now if you don’t know what iFrames really is then don’t worry I will explain you here.

The iFrames, that is considered as a new customized Facebook page having numerous tabs. By using the iFrames you have the ability to generate the income just by using your Facebook account.

If you have ever created your own Landing pages for Facebook. Then you must be aware of the fact that the Landing pages are mostly used as a tool for increasing the lead generation. When any of the users see some short pauses while browsing the page, this leads to attract the page visitor. I have seen most of the users who get attracted to your page when they see some interesting information, an attractive image or an email form on your landing page. Nonetheless, when you create your landing page on Facebook it allows you make your Facebook monetized. This is also useful because it helps you to stay connected with all you audiences and followers on Facebook.


The Function of Landing Pages on Facebook

How does a Landing page works? I know many of you might have this question in mind.

Landing pages are commonly used to get the attention of the page visitor. This can be done just by using a single sentence or phrase, an image or a link. With the passage of time, you can simply do it by using the tabs. You can choose to put whatever you like on the available tabs. It is totally up to your choice. What you choose to put on this tab is up to you. Moreover, if you are planning to use your Facebook account and landing page to make money. Then in this case you will really need to come up with some unique and appealing marketing strategy. This is really important if you want to get some great results.


Make really creative Landing pages on Facebook

I have told you about how landing page works. Now I will tell you about the ways in which you can create your own landing page for Facebook. As for a start, if you are new to Facebook and you do not have any know how of creating and designing a landing page. Then you don’t need to worry about it. I have mentioned some of the ways in which you can do it.

First of all, you can use the third party applications for creating and designing your landing page. It is better to use the third party apps if you are a newbie or an inexperienced user. These apps are very useful. You can design your landing page in any way that you want. You can search out for numerous third party apps for this purpose. Some of the famous applications which you can use are the Pagemodo and UnBounce. Believe me, these are very useful apps by which you can easily design your landing page. Sometimes I also use these apps to design my landing page too. When you will use these apps you will also know that these are probably the best for designing the landing pages.

Give Something in Return, Too

There are great benefits of creating the Landing pages. These landing pages are very useful too. Once you use them then you will get to know it. You can promote many new things or items by using the landing pages. Similarly one of the major aspects of these landing pages is that they play a great role in getting more and more likes on your Facebook page. Now this is something great.

Now I am going to tell you a simple trick here. If you are getting numerous benefits then I suggest that you must offer something to your audiences in return as well. I am not saying that you offer them any big or expensive rewards in return. Rather you can give them some small offers. These can include some discount offers or you can offer some deals too. For example, if you are running a business which sells shoes. Then you can offer your audiences a discount offer of 20% or it can go up to 50% also. Don’t just give away the discount offers. You can ask your audiences to like your Facebook page if they want to avail the discount offer. You will see that in a very short time you will get a large number of likes on your Facebook landing page.


How to make Landing Pages for Email Lists

Another useful way which you can use to generate leads for your Facebook business page is by using the option of Email subscribers. Generally it has been noticed by many experts and users that email marketing has some great results. This works really well if you want to get a large number of users to your online stores. You can get some good results in a very short time by getting the subscription through emails. These can be gained when a large number of people buy from your available online stores through your Facebook landing pages.

There are some other benefits of landing pages too. By using a Facebook landing page you can propose a way for all the visitors who visit your Facebook landing page to click on the link of “Subscribe for Updates”. You can use this option to build a larger email list for your business than you already have. Now this is a useful way in which you can monetize your Facebook account through the landing page.